Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2014 Written Update

Radha apologizes gopi and gopi forgives her. Gopi gives koki all the credit as she has helped a lot. Koki says it was her responsibility and everyone has helped her. Urmi wonders that they were playing as a ghost to reveal the truth. At rajpal nagar, jayanth thanks jitthu for helping their daughters. Kinjal and urmi dashes and both argue about breaking the cups. Madhu says she has a plan to pacify the relation between kinjal and urmi. At modi bhawan, everyone will be having breakfast, gopi goes to call radha but she returns worried and tells radha isnt in her room.

At rajpal nagar, urmi thanks god for helping her from umang’s murder case. Urmi will be giving dhoop in the house and finds madhu-kinjal in kinjal’s room and doubts what they are discussing

about. Urmi gets a plan and yells. Kinjal and madhu rushes out. Madhu finds water on the floor and asks kinjal to clean it. Kinjal goes to kitchen. Urmi warns madhu not to give any stupid suggestions to kinjal or dhaval. But madhu says she would definitely talk about it to the couple.

At modi bhawan, koki says radha might have gone to rajpal nagar. At the same time madhu calls gopi and asks about how is radha. Rashi gives a sigh to gopi not to say and rashi takes the mobile from gopi and tells madhu that she is taking rest in her room. In the market, urmi comes there for swami ji and finds out he was fraud. Urmi finds radha going to police station and guesses she might be going to meet tripti. Urmi thinks of informing rashi and calls her. Rashi hangs on the call and tells everyone that radha went to police station to meet tripti.

In police station, tripti will be happy to see radha. Radha asks why she has cheated her and lied to her. Tripti defends herself and lies radha that ahem was playing a game and he did it to save gopi. And again says, as ahem hates umang he has done all this. Tripti again says modis would have been very happy now and they have no sadness for being widow. Ahem and jigar throws away all the trash of umang and tripti’s out. Radha returns modi bhawan and finds umang’s things out and gets hyper again. Radha comes inside. Gopi and rashi asks about where did she go. Radha angrily replies that she went to meet tripti in jail. Koki stops gopi following radha and asks her to leave alone for a while.

Gopi comes to ahem who is playing with mira. Gopi thanks ahem for helping them. Ahem says he believes her and thought to help her as he wants to save her. Mira finds ahem-gopi’s marriage pictures and asks ahem to arrange her doll’s marriage. so ahem promises her that he will do it. Radha looks over this and thinks to spoil gopi-ahem’s life as ahem has spoiled her life.

Precap: Radha again changed her character because of Umang’s wife. Gopi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Soujanya

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