Ek Boond Ishq 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 16th December 2013 Written Update

The ME starts with Raghu kaka’s famous dialogue that ‘MJ is the Kalyug’s Raam’, he then leaves from there.
Nandi blurts out the truth that MJ is accused of heinous crimes and is a prisoner..Aradhna never believes her and instead gives a Slap to her..
On knowing the truth that her MJ is innocent she resolves to fight for him..she wonders for what reason did he take such a big n terrible accusation upon himself?
Tara’s mind echos with Raghu kaka’s words… she get reminded of their first meet- trip fall catch wala..etc etc..

Aradhna doesn’t trust Nandu’s envious words.. Then Nandu shows ehr MJ’s pic in the Jail magazine edition.. Aradhna is devastated to know that fact that Tara hid such terrible thing from them..she feels cheated.. now it dons

on her why Thakru sahab came alone in the wedding.. how they where taken from another road.. Tar would have gotten to know the truth on the very first day itself!She gave away her whole life for bring some happiness in their lives…

Tara ponders abt Mj’s reason to cover for someone..she finds Vasu doing a champi to Mj’s head..he asks her to be gentle, but Vasu never listens, he says that she is jealous of is hair.(sure Viffy ka he dialogue hogaa). Tara finds him adorable while having his cute moment wid his little sister..Tara feels the guy is a wonder.. even after bearing so much pain he laughs.. who is he covering up for..(remember the scene where Tara observes MJ laughing wid Vasu – pic wala secen– this is its contrast version) Tara now determines to bring justice and save an innocent one.

Aradhna swears to save n get her daughter back from that prison..

Back here Tara paces in her room..when Meethi n Vasu comes with a surprise for their Tara Bhabhi.. they deck up MJ in a new sherwani… (Mj kinda shys like a new bride)
Tara appreciates it.. they have a cute moment here…when MJ wishes to change.. Vasu insists him to hear Tara’s comment.. on asked how is he looking.. Tara says ‘ache say he achee- bilkul Raam jaise’ Vasu taunts Tara.

Nandu is hurt as she gets pain even when she tells the truth.. Yug consoles her..

Tara, Vasu n MJ are confused as they hear Aradhna screaming… she calls for Jayraj.. everyone assemble in the hall… Tara asks whats the matter n so does Jayraj.. Aradhna bahses Jayraj for cheating them.. for taking advantage of the situation and their poverty..

She gives left, right n center in terms of bashing to Jayraj for marrying her daughter to is criminal son. She will not let her daughter suffer her whole life making her stay there.. she packs tara’s clothes.. Tara tries to tell her the truth that er husband is innocent.. but the hurt mother never listens. Jayraj tries to convince her that they’ll prove MJ’s innocence as he is one…

Kala gets to know that Rashu kaka was seen at the address from where she gets the threat calls.. she suspects if Radha is alive..or is he involved..she’ll solve this puzzle wid her skills..

Tara goes to MJ and begs him holds his hands to let her stay there…but he takes his hands off and asks her to go as they dnt have any future..Adi n Nimmo exchange looks MJ has wet eyes.. and lots of pain within She recalls her marriage with him.. her first step in the house..

Tara tells that she was her daughter..but now she is a wife and a DIl.. this is her house and she’d stand by her husband’s side. She will prove him innocent..she says that she won’t step an inch out of her in-law’s house..the wife determines to stand by her husband.

The wife begs to let ehr stay at her husband’s place… Aradhna rants Tara that for 20 yrs she has taken care of her and she fights her now for the family which sh knew for 2 months!
Arashna in anger breaks all her bonds with her daughter.. Tara is deeply hurt knowing that her mom has disowned her.

Jayraj, MJ, Vasu feel relived to know that Tara would stay back,..she decides to go against all odds and fight for her husband’s life.(Chavvi… extra ordinary performance)
A ravaged Tara sits in her room remembering all those moments spent with her mom.. she is pained.. she cries a river

RP gets a mesg that one of the place where he is gonna figt for elections has a bad image of his family due to MJ and thus have very litttle scope of getting votes from.. RP is vexed to the core… he decided to get some public sympathy and plans to scarifies a life from hiw own family.. he blind folds himself n chose from the family pic n his finger stops at Jayraj.. he’s gonna kill- harm Jayraj.

Here comes one of the Best scene..

MJ at UC.. recalls of Tara’s brave decision.. he too is as devastated as Tara is…
“How shall I explain you.. yes I do want to LIVE with YOU.. and your LOVE won’t let me die.. but I have to die…!”
He cries his name ‘TARA’
He envisions his wife’s images..her memories on the walls of UC.. ‘why are you laughing.. just go away from here’ saying this he breaks down..

Aradhna tries to conceal her hurt from Nandu and tries to divert the topic.. on Nandu’s insists Aradhna tells not to talk a word of Tara..Nandu is perplexed to hear such words for Tara from her mom.

Jayraj consoles Tara n asks her to be strong… MJ adds that she is a mother..its expected of her.. MJ says that her mom loves her to the core..
Jayrah thanks her for doing his for them..he assures that MJ too would stand by her as she did today…n wishes their jodi be safe.
Mj feels guilty as his MIL has left her (his wife) in anger..
Jayraj replies that, he understand that MJ feels for Tara but iid Aradhna’s Pov is right then so is Tara’s.. she has fulfilled both the duties of a wife and a DIL. Jayraj assures everything will get normal.. MJ says what is the use..anyway nothing is gonna change (anyway he’ll go to jail..lolz he feels so sad for taking that decision n not being wid his wife)saying this MJ leaves.

Tara clears her tears and swears to change things for good…she shares wid baba that his belief on MJ is right- he is innocent.. and one day he’ll say that himself.. he has to tell the truth to her.. after all she is his wife.. Tara utters with a reassuring strength.

Nimmo shares her thought of sympathizing wid MJ n his wife…RP tells that MJ is tricking her, by snatching away her nears ones from her..
RP poisons Nimmo’s mind by quoting Ramayan’s concept of saving her won son and sending MJ (Raam) fro 14 yr exile..RP then reminds Nimmo of his promise when she first come to the house.. this is the time that she fulfills her wish..

Tara goes to the dark room, MJ gets a hint that she is after him with her viva.., he runs off from there..
Then on the way he finds his sis..asks Vasu to put the broach Tara comes and says that she;ll do it…,she puts on the broach n tells him that he is acting price cause she is gonna ask him quests.. before she could say anything he shouts ‘Jospeh’ Dayima tells that Jospeh is not home..she’ll help him..

then MJ makes an excuse that he can’t find his photography book. Dayiji tries to find it in his room..but now the wife literally chases him for the truth.. she asks dayima to carry on as she’ll help MJ..

MJ shuffles books to avoid Tara..but Tara holds the books which he has held..and constantly nags him for answers..she says one or the other day he’ll have to answer her…he says not to expect any answers from her.

Tara too is resolved to know

MJ leaves n is resolved not to disclose the secrete for anyone..

Tara bugs MJ with the same quests…MJ leaves wid some stuff of his.
MJ-Tara in UC with a few bags.. (Tara wears a new dress)
She says that she won;t leave from thee n gets herself a bag n
she utters that he has sworn to be with her for all the seven births as they did saath phere around the sacred fire.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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  1. No I don’t want you to die
    I hate Nandu 🙁

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    Show is gettn more intrstn day by day

  4. thanks for the wonderful update………

  5. thnx dr 4 updating this serial’s episode…m sure the main culprit is Aditya bt MJ has taken all the blame just to save Adi coz he loves his family..Or may b its like ehsaan ka badla coz ts adopted him..

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