Ek Boond Ishq 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kala is with her workers. She screams and says I am punishing my self. She is walking on the burning coal. She says I am the reason why my surraiya died. I should not have sent her alone there. The workers bring turmeric. One says uou are punushing yourself. Kala says i will punish their leader. I made such a good trick, so police can look for them. I placed surraiya in the caskett and they changed the game in the end. My beloved surraiya.. kala screams. Kala says no, listen to me. Surraiya is not dead she ahs been martyred. We will not let her martyrdom be wasted. We will go for vengenace. no one has seen the leader but have seen goving. I can’t go out as rudra until one of them gets caught. Go and get me govind. Whoever get him, I will change his fate.

Scene 2
Nanda and Adi are in the cafe. Meethi comes there and says so Nandu was right. Adi asks what are you doing here ? Meethi says I was worried there in stable that where has ,my husband gone and you are enjoying ice cream with her. Did you foget that she is the one who treated us like dirt. Adi says meethi did this all because tara said. She still loves me. Meethi says so you agreed what she said ? Adis says why shouldn’t I ? She saved my mom’s life. Methi says so that means you will fall for her. Adi says you should trust me meethi, You don’t care about me like nandu does. Our relationship has ended. Methi says why are you not getting me? Come to me for 2 days and I will make you forget this nandu. Adi sasy where should I go with you ? In that stable ? No way. In fact I challenge you that you can live in shikavat mension and see with your eyes that I don’t love you and i like nandu. Meethi says I accept your challenge but look at nandu her face is pale. She thinks that her magic will fail if i reach there. Adi says you are pale my nandi is confident. She wants you to accept tha challeneg more than me. Nanday says yeah you can come and see your husnband being mine. Nandu hugs adi and meethi smiles at him.

Scene 3
Nirmala, tara, meethi and adi laugh at nandu. Tara says i wanted to see adi acting to. Where is nandu ? Nirmala says she is in her room. Tara says that good meethi will get some time with adi. Metthi says tara forgive me I dind’t trust you. Nirmala says we thought you are deceiving us but we deceived you by not standing with you. Tara says its not yoru fault. I never wanted to hurt you. How is baba ? Meethi says baba was so worried since mom left and after that he heard about rudra;s kidnapping. he has left for ajmer with faheem to pray.
Mj comes there, Adi hugs him and so does meethi. Adi asks what is this ? Nirmala says yes mj is alive. Adi asks how ? Mj says rudra planned to kill me but mom saved me in the end. Whatever we know about him is half of the truth. he tells them everything. He says he is mad after money. Adi sasy how can he play such game ? Mj says we will play their trick to them. This time we all have to be together. They all take a vow.

Scene 4
Tara says adi how dare you to move like this in this house ? what is meethi doing here ? Nandu comes and asks what happened ? Tara says why is adi moving freely and what is mething doing here ? Nandu go anf inject him. Nandu says no I won’t do it. Tara says so you are loving him. Youya re saying no to tara ? Nandus says yes. I can’t do that anymore. You made me do so many wrong things. I won’t inject adi and won’t let you do that. I will report police if you do so. Adi will live here and so does meethi. Tara says so you will go against me now ? I am the owner of this house. You will have to pay for what you said.
Tara leaves. Adi says nandu don’t worry, You fought with tara because of me ? Nandu says yes. What can she do ? She will beat me ? I will bear it. I can fight with whole world for you. Are you happy ? Adi nods. Nanadu says I want nothing else. She leaves.

Scene 5
nandu comes in the room and laughs with tara. She says you proved today that you are my sister. Lets go and see whats going on. She sees that meethi is so close to adi. she says what is this meethi saying to adi ? I am angry now. Are you listening to me.
Tara opens the window. Adi says look meethi nandu loves me even when I don’t have anything. Tara says to nandu that he is mad in your love. Give me something sweet. nandu says no i will party with yo yo singh. Tara asks who is he ? Nandu says yo yo is coming to our place. Yariyaan is coming this sunday.
Tara says in heart this is your defaet nandu. They will come back to home.

Scene 6
Tara says to adi that cops are looking for the leader,When will this matter cool down. Mj says this will calm down till rudra comes back. tara says he won’t until cops get leader. Mj says I am scared that if they catch any of our men and he opens his mouth, what will happen then. Tara says can’t cops find rudra before your men. Mj says he won’t come.
Tara says what can we do now ? mj says we can get him out for some lust. Tara says what will you show him ? Mj says I will show him mj. We have to find kala. For that mj has to go to her.

Scene 7
Kala’s workers are in the market and are looking for Govind. Mj comes there and striked with three of them. She says are you blind and when she looks up she finds it mj. She screams ghost ghost. She tells others to look at mj. They are all shocked.

Precap- kala says how is this possible. How can so many people se ghost at once. Whom have you all seen ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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