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Beintehaa 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya sees Zain playing saxophone and remembers Zain scolding her. Aayath comes there and asks her if she fought with Zain. Aaliya says she did not. Aayath says she can identify when she lies and says she imagines their loves story. Aaliya says they dont love each other. Aayath says they used to hate each other when they married but now are worried and take care of each other. Aayath says Zain is angry now and asks her to console him. Aaliya says she had a misunderstanding with Barkath and apologized her, but Zain still is angry on her. Aayath goes to Zain and says Aaliya is angry now. Zain says he will do something and goes.

Fahad asks Shaziya why is she teaching hatred to children. Shaziya says he is away from the reality and says he has to understand the truth that everything belongs to Barkath here and before he understands, it will be too late.

Aayath creates cartoons of Zain and Aaliya on her tab. Rizwan sees her cartoons and asks about it. Aayath says these are Zain and Aaliya and the reason behind each cartoon. She says Zain is unpredictable and is thinking how will Zain console Aaliya.

Zain says sorry to Aaliya, btu she does not accept his apology. He holds her hand and removes her hair clip. AAliya asks him to give back her clip. He asks her to forgive him first. She tries to take back her clip and they both fall on bed with Aaliya over Zain. They both look at each other romantically. Ishq hai… song plays in the background. Aaliiya gets up. Zain puts hair clip back on her hair. Aaliya goes from there without saying anything. Zain thinks he has to do something to calm her down.

Aaliya sees Zain sleeping. She starts cribbing and says whenever he likes, he scolds and then apologises when he likes. She sleep next to him. Zain then wakes up and removes her blanket. She asks him not to disturb. He then again removes her blanket. She sees sorry written with red lights and gets emotional. Ishq dua… song plays in the background. He then tries to hold his ears and ask sorry, but Aaliya holds his hands and accepts his apology. They both look at each other romantically. Aaliya says she liked his way of saying sorry and smiles. They both then wish good night and sleep.

Barkath sees Fahad having breakfast and starts acting like speaking to a reporter. She says Fahad handles Barkath Royale and she does not have any interference in business. She asks not to interfere in their family matter. Fahad asks what happened. She says a journalist called and asked if she has become owner and Fahad is just an employee. She signals him to execute the will to get his property share. Fahad gets tensed. She says he worked hard to build this company, but how can they think you are just an employee. Fahad says it happens usually and says he will go to office and will so that nobody troubles her. Barkath thinks Fahad will be in trouble.

Precap: Fahad asks Usman and Surayya to execute the will and finish the property partition.

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