Ek Boond Ishq 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 14th January 2014 Written Update

MJ and Taara are in the Taxi. Taara recollects about last night when MJ asks Taara about the lady who wants to kill her. Taara tells him that she is a Kinnar. She tells him about how she entered into Mandir to collect her Key and since then this Kinnar is behind her. MJ is shocked. He tells her about the incident when 3 kinnar attempts to kill him at Taaras place. He says may be they were there to kill Taara but as she was not there, they attacked on MJ. Taara cries and MJ consoles her and says not to worry as he is there. MriAra Hug.
Taara asks him how long he will be with her, he will go to jail and she will be alone. She requests him not to go back to jail and to help her in proving his innocence. “I will be safe until you are with me… Please don’t go back” Taara pleads.

MJ says he will make all arrangements for her safety. And he will take her somewhere where she will be safe.*FB ends*

Taara asks MJ about the place where she will be safe. Taara takes the scarf with which Kalabati had blindfolded her. MJ asks her to thrash it. But, she says this will help her to reach the person. Mj asks her to close her eyes and he blindfolded her. Taara asks why he is doing so and MJ replies he wants to show her the most beautiful scene when she will open her eyes.

In breakfast table Baba informs everyone about the success of Rally and also about MJ. Everyone becomes happy. Baaba informs that MJ and Taara are also returning home. RP gets a call and someone informs him that MJ is missing from Hospital. RP thinks instead of Taara’s death news he is getting news that MJ is missing. He wonders where he went. He is much sure that Taara is dead and thinks that may be MJ is searching for Kalabati.

Mj and Taara are in Yug’s house. Taara is still blindfolded. Mj takes her to her mom. Taara and mom become happy to see each other and hugs. Taara thanks MJ. MJ asks mom if she forgave her or not. Mom is happy and about to take Taara inside and Taara pulls MJ along. But MJ denies coming in. Taara requests mom to ask MJ to come in. Mom says she forgave her but not him. She asks taara to come in. But Taara is adamant not to come there until she accepts him. MJ tries to convince her. Mom becomes sad and shuts the door and Taara walks away leaving her. MJ calls her back but she doesn’t stop.

Raghu kaka is worried for Radha. He is thinking how to find her, as he is not able to take help from MJ, who even doesn’t know that Radha is alive. Yug comes to meet him but Raghu Kaka shuts the door on his face.

IN Shekhawat Villa, Baba and FC are preparing for discharging MJ from hospital. On hearing this, RP is happy as he succeeded in killing Taara and now MJ is also missing. Just then MJ enters. All become happy to see him back. Baba asks him about Taara. MJ starts to tell last night incident, that how she was missing; how he searched her everywhere and later he went to terrace. But, before he could complete his sentence Taara enters and keeps a hand on his shoulder. He understands her signal not to tell any further. He says Taara was doing pooja in temple. Baba becomes happy and Meethi says he was saying as like something big happened. FC, Meethi and Vasu take MJ to room for taking rest. RP is shocked to see Taara alive. But he decides not to accept defeat and to make such plan in next to get rid of Taara, Radha and MJ.

Precap: MJ is reading newspaper headline. There is news on the girl who was gunshot in rally and now public wants to know who that girl is. They raise question on the work of Police and also demands that, it is RP’s responsibility to find the girl out. RP is tensed.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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