Gustakh Dil 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 14th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha talking to the taxi driver and arguing about the fare. She meets the same guy who taunted her in the bus. He asks the taxi driver what happened. The taxi driver says she is denying to pay the fare. Ayesha says what are you doing here, are you following me. He says I don’t have time to follow you, I was helping you. She says I did not ask for your help. She pays the taxi driver.

He scolds Ayesha for being a spoilt brat and asks her to value money. She says you are full of pride, if you like to distribute money, donate it to old age homes. She asks him to get lost. Nikhil is with Veer and his wife and says Lajjo is unwell, I have given her medicines, she will be fine.

Veer challenges Nikhil for badminton game. He says we will see tomorrow. Nikhil

says done. Nikhil comes to his room and looks out for Lajjo. He sees her sleeping on the floor and lifts her and makes her sleep on the bed. He calls Ishaana and talks to her. He says I m missing you. Lajjo hears this and cries.

Aparna comes to meet Samrat. Barkha hugs her and says Samrat is not at home. Don’t worry, I will give him the jacket when he comes back. Aparna says I will leave now. Barkha asks her to have tea with her. Aparna says next time. Barkha says you should be here like a family member. Aparna says I need to as I have an urgent meeting. Barkha says see you and Samrat, your relation is like its there and its not there, as you have not given it any name but its necessary, why are you going, I know you want to avoid Rishi and Gunjan. Aparna says no, I don’t want to trouble anyone, they won’t be happy seeing me here. Barkha says think about yourself once.

Ayesha comes home annoyed with Inder. She tells Barkha I have to talk to him. Barkha asks Ayesha to greet Aparna. Ayesha greets her and Aparna leaves. Barkha asks Ayesha what happened now. Ayesha tells her about the guy and that she can’t bear him. Barkha says I will talk to Inder, you will go by your car from tomorrow. Ayesha leaves. Barkha asks Chaya to keep the jacket in Samrat’s room.

Veer and Nikhil are ready for the badminton match. They start playing and Lajjo looks on. Veer says I used to win against you. Nikhil says I won’t lose today. Veer says can we play doubles with our wives. Nikhil is tensed. Trisha says sounds good. Lajjo looks at Nikhil. Trisha says come on Lajjo, lets play. Lajjo says I know how to play badminton, I will also play. Nikhil asks where did you learn. Lajjo says in my village. Trisha says don’t discourage her, if she is saying she knows, let her play. Veer asks Lajjo to go and change.

Lajjo says why to change. Trisha says how will you play in this clothes. Lajjo says don’t worry, I used to play in my village in a saree. Nikhil says you can’t play in saree, I will buy you some clothes. Lajjo says I can play in saree and insists. Nikhil says you will fall if you run in a saree. Lajjo says no way and goes to play. They start playing. Lajjo falls. Nikhil says I told you not to play in saree. Lajjo says I slipped and fell. Nikhil says come on, get up.

Lajjo sees her saree has come out. Nikhil asks what happened. Veer and Trisha look on. Lajjo thinks everyone will laugh, what should I do now. Nikhil comes to Lajjo. Trisha says Omg, her saree. Veer says this would have happened with anyone Nikhil. Trisha says it looks like Lajjo does not wear anything else than saree. Lajjo says I will go and change my saree. Trisha says I will come with you. Veer says we will go and change. Lajjo comes to her room and does not know how to open the door. She cries.

Aditi talks to Kunal’s dad about Kunal and Ishaana’s marriage. Ishaana is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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