Ek Boond Ishq 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tara takes papers from om, he leaves, tara says that your dream will be dream only om, I have find way to bring back mj’s memory. rani comes and says vidant have called you, tara ask rani to say to him that I don’t wanna talk, taara says it feels like he doesn’t have any work, she says but he is a police officer, he can help me, she comes and takes his call, he ask tara how is she? she says I am very happy, tara says I will come to police station to meet you, vidant says om is very good doctor, you are feeling right today, vidant says today I will not be in police station, tara ends call. tara thinks to go to police station todayas vidant will not be there.

Scene 2
nandu brings coffee for vidant and ask why is he smiling, he says I have only one reason to smile, my sister, she was 15 years old when our parents died, from now she is only one for me, I can do anything for her, she was coma and used to say weird things, but now she is fine, nandu ask why there is no pic of her here, he says that she doesn’t like to be clicked so I don’t have her photo, I have her only photo in my wallet, nandu ask him to show it, he gives pic to her, he leaves, nandu sees the pic and sia is hiding her face in it, nandu laughs, vidant says she was vey young then and hide her face, vidant brings cream and puts at nandu’s burnt wound, nandu keeps looking at her, he says I am going to rally, If you need anything then tell me.
tara comes with mj to police station, mj ask why we here, she says just stand here, one police officer calls her sia, tara tells him something which is muted, officer says this cant be done, tara says I came here to meet vidant but e is not here so I have to do my work, you are most important officer here, vidant said that you are most competent, he was saying to promote you but if you don’t do my work then vidant will be angry, officer says I will do my work, tara says yes I have to do photo-shoot here.

Scene 3
laado listens to the siren of police and gets afraid.
mj ask tara what are we doing here, tara says calm down, tara gives him jail dress and ask him to wear it, mj says I am your body guard not servant, tara says I will call your boss, mj says do whatever you want, I know my job, this is not my part of job, tar says mj please listen to me, mj ask her to leave her hand.
laado’s servant comes in house, police siren is ring tone of her phone, laado gets angry on her and ask her to get out, laado thinks what has happened to me, why I am afraid of everything, I have to do something, I have to find some place where police cant find me, what place it should be, she then says I have one place, there people will save me from police, I will be safe from police there that place.
tara says to mj that I am doing all this for you, to bring back your memory, balli says don’t call me mj, tara says by that truth will not change, think once that maybe I am right, tell me what was your life before, mj says don’t know, tara says you don’t wanna listen, don’t you want to know the truth, don’t you want answers, mj recalls how he could read English, how fahim called him mj, mj thinks I want to know the answers but he says to tara says I don’t wanna know the answers about myself, I am happy like this, when I call myself balli, I feel peace, this is my identity, tara says no you are afraid of truth, you think, I can hurt you? I will snatch your smile?, she says please let me try, please give me one chance to make you remember everything, please give me one chance, tara cries, mj says what if you fails? tara says if I fails then don’t see my face ever, even I will not show you my face, she cries, mj goes from there, tara is crying, mj comes and looks at jail dress, mj says you said that I am afraid, yes I feel afraid to come out of darkness, what if there are dark memories in my past, what you think that I don’t have questions in my mind, if I get answers of my questions today so lets do it, tell me what to do, tara says wear this dress, she gives him chains and ask him to wear it too, till I don’t say, don’t come out, please, mj goes from there.

Scene 4
tara is sitting in mandap in jail, pundit ask to bring groom, tara calls mj, he comes in jail dress and chains, flashback of earlier scene is shown, bhajan plays, mj cis coming to mandap, tara looks at him, she sees his feet and his body in chains and recalls how she married him earlier like this, she gets emotional and looks at him, mj also recalls some memories, pundit ask him to sit with tara, he sits beside her, he looks at tara, tara says do you remember anything? he says no, pundit ask him to extend your hand, tara says that day too, you sat like this, you extended your hand so that I cant give my hand in yours, mj extends his hand, tara smiles and puts her hand in his hand.

PRECAP- mj is with tara in bridal dress, vidant comes there and ask whats all this? tara is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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