Gustakh Dil 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil and Lajjo checked by the CBI officials. Lajjo asks what did he do. The lady asks Lajjo to ask Nikhil. Nikhil says you don’t know me. She says we know everything about you. Nikhil says he is appointed as a salesman and he was trapped in smuggling. Lajjo is shocked. They ask him for any proof he has, any job appointment letter. Nikhil thinks about Khanna that there is no proof against them. The man takes out a gun and aims at Nikhil. The lady asks DK to let Nikhil have some time to think, one day time, and he has to come CBI officer at 11am and no one should know it, as he has to be safe. They leave.

Lajjo asks Nikhil how are they and why are they asking this. Nikhil gets angry. Lajjo says I want to know. He says just up, please get into the car, lets go home. They sit in the car. She says stop, don’t drive in anger, look at me. Nikhil cries. She says I trust you and I know you did not do wrong, it’s a bad time for you. She consoles him and reminds his words that he won’t hide anything from him, so tell me what happened. He says I would have told you lone time before, I tried but I got late.

Barkha calls Karanveer’s mum and says I can’t believe she does nto want to talk. She tells Ayesha see what you did, this is second time your relation broke, first time it was not your mistake, as Sid was not the right guy, and we said yes when you asked us to proceed, what I fail to understand whats in your mind and what do you want. Ayesha cries. Barkha asks her to say anything. Nani asks Barkha to calm Ayesha first. Nani defends Ayesha and asks her to go to her room.

Barkha says she wants to know the truth from Ayesha, that whats her relation with Adhiraj. She says I felt he is not just your friend. Ayesha says I never expected you will ask this. Barkha says why not, I have a right to ask you. Ayesha gets annoyed and says she does not care what she thinks about her and Adhiraj. She says did anyone think about me. Nikhil tells everything to Lajjo. She asks did you not doibt anyone. He says no, dad warned me something is wrong, but I did not listen to him, I was idiot and thought they are impressed by me and promoted me, then finally I came to know I m a carrier to smuggle diamonds.

They cry as she gets worried. He says I felt everything will be fine, we will be together, but my foolishness ruined everything. She asks him not to worry, as CBI will understand he was trapped. He says I wish it was that simple, my life is over now, away from family and you. She consoles him and says she will always be with him. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj and asks why did he come her home to stop her. She says I m not doing this as I love you, but to support truth.

He says I don’t want you to get defamed. She says the case is on you, not me, I m safe, I don’t have expectations from you, that you love me and accept me. He says I don’t want you to ruin your name, I love you. She smiles. She hugs him. He asks her to agree to him, as she does not know those people, they will ask bad questions and insult her. She cries. He says you won’t be able to bear it, even I can’t bear it, your family is good, and have big name, they will also be dragged in this.

He says only you are the one whom I can’t control. She says I can’t control myself. She says I love you, He kisses and hugs her. Its night, Lajjo tries to make Nikhil normal and away from worries and asks what is he hiding now. He says there are few things which are fun to hide, it’s a gift for you. She smiles. He says I thought to make you wear by my hands, but who knows I stay with you tomorrow or not. She gets upset. He asks her to enjoy this moment and asks her to close her eyes. She asks why. He says as its your husband’s order.

Lajjo smiles. He says don’t open eyes till I say and makes her wear earrings. He says see now. She sees the beautiful earrings and asks how did he get this. He says don’t think that now, jusy thinks only for my Lajjo, and promise me that you will not keep this special gift far as it’s a sign of our love, if anything happens to me tomorrow, keep this with you. Lajjo and Nikhil cry. She says nothing will happen to you and hugs him.

Its morning, DK says we did not get any proof against the diamond smugglers. Nikhil and Lajjo come to meet CBI officers. Nikhil says he does not know anything about smuggling racket, I m completely innocent ad I m trapped. The lady says I believe you. He asks will you not arrest me then. She says I did not say this. She asks him to know that crime done unintentionally is also crime. She says I can arrest you as you did smuggling. DK says if you help us in getting Ranawat, we can make you our helper, we know him. Amit looks at Lajjo and smiles.

They show Ranawat’s pics to Nikhil. DK says he is very smart and strong, he has many connections. Nikhil says if you know he is real culprit, then arrest him. The lady officer says where is evidence against him, its all against you. Lajjo is shocked.

Lajjo enters Ranawat’s home as a maid. His wife scolds her for coming in their home without permission.

Update Credit to: Amena

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