Ek Boond Ishq 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ finding his grandpa in Shekhawat Villa and he is relieved. He gets emotional and asks him if he ate anything but his grandpa has his eyes on his broach recollecting his past when he would have given a broach to a young MJ and tells him he is the true heir of their family and this broach is their pride and little MJ hugs him back Dadu caresses MJ’s face and just then Tara’s voice is heard. She says she is looking for a shawl but not able to find it. MJ sees around the house and realises that nobody is at house and maybe thats why they didn’t see dadu and he wonders where they are.

Aradhana tells Nandu that is trying Tara’s number but she is not getting the line and asks Nandu to try from hers. Aradhana notices that the Nandu’s chain is missing

and asks her where it is and Nandu tells her what happened. So she says that its fine if they lost the chain as long as they are safe. She asks her if she got hurt and Nandu says she is fine. Her mom says thank God Yug was there to which Nandu says what could he have done since he is crippled and he can’t behind those goons. Her mom chides her for speaking so low about Yug and asks Nandu to apologise while Yug fakes his disappointment and Nandu too tells him sorry.

Tara comes down with the shawl but is unable to find dadu. She looks around but doesn’t find him and wonders if he went inside. MJ on the other hand is driving dadu back. Tara meanwhile has finished searching the house and wonders where he could have gone and chides herself for leaving his side and though she got the shawl she couldn’t give it to him and wonders how he will withstand the cold. Nimmo and Jayraj come with Vasu who cribs that she could have come on her own and she isn’t a kid. Jayraj notices that Tara is worried and asks her is she is fine and Tara tells him she is all right and that she had been to market with Vasu when Vasu interrupts her and asks her where she went and she looked a lot for her. She adds that it was good she took a taxi and went to her friend’s house. Tara tells her that she saw an old man who was struggling to cross the road and he seemed all lost. When she helped him she heard him mumble incoherently and he took the name of their villa. Rudra is listening to all this from behind. Tara says that she couldn’t leave him alone, so she brought him here and when she went to get shawl for him he wasn’t to be found and maybe he left. MJ walks in at that time and Tara continues that he didn’t seem to be mentally stable and says that though he was a stranger he didn’t come across as one. MJ says to himself that he is one among them but got seperated. Jayraj prays for his safety and Rudra turns back to find MJ standing behind him and both of them throw each other cold glares and Rudra goes from there.

Yug is talking to a guy who sells guns and is showing him the one he found in Tara’s house. The guy shows Yug few models and Yug tells him he isn’t looking for this brand. He says that he doesn’t have much knowledge about bikes and shows the gun and points to the symbol ‘K’. The guy tells him he is in this business for over 20 years but he hasn’t seen anything like this and Yug asks him if he knows anyone who makes such kind of guns that have this symbol. The guy tells him that the symbol may be related to some family and they got it done specifically and asks if he wants to see something. Yug declines and thanks him. He wonders how he can find out about the person who wants to kill MJ and its necessary for him to find him now.

Rudra enters his room and wonders whom did Tara bring. He turns on the lights and is shocked to see that its been turned upside down. He is angry and thinks who could have the guts to do something like this. He sees that his photo is torn and recollects Tara’s words and concludes that it was indeed his father. Rudra vows to bridge the distance between them and scatter his life just like he scattered his room.

Tara is in her room worried over dadu and just then MJ enters the room. He comes close to her but Tara is frightened. He holds her by shoulder and makes her sit down and feels her temperature. He tells her that she shouldn’t have gone out when her health wasn good and that her fever has still not gone down. She tells him that her fever will be cured by medicines but if she hadn’t gone out how would she find grandpa. MJ is shocked to hear that and asks who. Tara tells him that he was lost and it was she found him. She says that he blessed her and for the first time she could see affection for her in some stranger’s mind. MJ tells her its late and asks her to goto bed.

Yug runs into Nandu who has come there with a bouque in her hand. She tries to talk to him but he sulks He asks her why she came and Nandu flirts with him saying that the flowers wanted to meet someone more beautiful than them. Yug remembers that he had used those same lines on Nandu. She apologises to him and pleads him to forgive her and Yug tells her that when was he angry and that he was headed to her place to have tea. She laughs and tells him that he will never improve and he says is he does then who will irritate her

Tara is looking for something in store house and comes across some photographs. It will be the pictures of a masquerade ball and she wonders about it.

Aradhana is missing MriAra ans she praises MJ. She says that all her anxieties were put to rest after she met him. She hopes that Nandu too gets a good guy, then all her worries will go away. Nandu thinks that there can never be a better guy than Aditya for her Aradhana asks Yug if he knows somebody among his relatives for Nandu and Yug says he does know some of them but he isn’t sure if Nandu will like them. Aradhana tells him to introduce them first and later they can think of likes and dislikes. Yug gets a call from police station informing them that the theif was caught and chain was retreived. Yug Nandu leave from there.

Tara comes to meet Jayraj in the hall and says she got some photographs of a party from store room. Jayraj is shocked upon seeing them and Tara tells him that everyone is wearing masks too and everyone seems to be enjoying and asks him when they will have such a party. Faheem tries to change the topic by saying they are old snaps and he will keep them back but Tara tells him that they are the family pictures and she wants to have a closer look. Everyone seem tensed. Tara continues that everyone looks happy but wonders where is MJ and thinks maybe he was sulking in some corner She finds the picture of a girl in a yellow dress wearing a mask and wonders aloud as to who it is and everyone are feeling nervous. One by one everyone leaves the room and Nimmo says that everyone are tired and they are going to bed. Tara turns to Jayraj who is the only one in the hall and asks him when they will have such a party and its nearly been a year and the date is 27th nov. Jayraj tells in an annoyed voice that this party will not happen in the house and walks away. Tara sees MJ and thinks she will ask him only. Tara asks him why they can’t have the party and why everyone is keeping mum about it. MJ too doesn’t say anything and Tara asks him what happened on 27th nov. MJ stares at her and Tara asks him why is he staring at her like that and tells him she wants to know the truth and even if wont tell her anything she knows Radha was Raghu kaka’s daughter and she worked in the same house and requests him to tell her. MJ asks her why she is doing all this and what she wants from him. Tara replies she wants answers and asks him again and he tells her that her fever has affected her brain too. Tara says that she will find the answers to the questions no matter what and she knows how to get them. Rudra and Adi look at all this from above.

Nandu and Yug are in police station and inspector asks one of the constable to get Nandu’s belongings. He asks them to have a look and sign the registry. Nandu is about to go when Yug stops her and goes himself. Nandu picks up a magazine on jail inmates and is reading it. Inspector tells her that an NGO publishes this magazine to help the prisoners get a new lease of life.

Tara comes to her room and she sees that MJ has scattered the whole room and she taunts him that even in a market will not look this bad early in the morning. MJ retorts back that its his room and he will keep it however he wants and Tara reminds him that its her room too. MJ tells her that she has no rights over his things. Tara grumbles that he is always rude and wonders when he will change to which MJ loses his temper and tells her this is how he is and he won’t change. Tara too gets angry and tells him that fine even she won’t change and starts throwing his clothes everywhere making the room dirty and throws some on MJ’s face too She asks him is he happy and walks out huffing in anger.

While reading the magazine Nandu sees MJ’s photo in it wearing prison uniform and she is stunned to read the headline that says that MJ won some prize at an event held in the jail. The constable hands Nandu her chain and she then asks the inspector if the pictures are of prisoners to which he replies that in a jail magazine if prisoners won’t get their photo published then will models do it for them? Nandu is shocked to learn that her brother in law is a criminal.

Precap – Tara sees MJ’s file and gets to know that the incident happened on 27th nov and thats why nobody wishes to speak about it.

Update Credit to: Mandy

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