Dil Dosti Dance 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th December 2013 Written Update

Sharon ,Swayam,Rey and Kriya all are thinking about their current situation .Sharon is happy that Swayam finally spoke to her properly.Kriya thinks Rey is not talking to her and not even looking at her.Rey is determined to open his dance academy.Swayam is thinking about Sharon,how she has changed a lot.He is doubtful if this change is real or only to get him back.They recall their moments when they were happy with their partners.Swayam-Sharon recall their moments in goa beach and chai date.Rey and Kriya recall the happy moments they shared in college campus.

In college ,Kriya is looking for her phone.She remembers its in RH.She enters RH and finds Rey there.She tries to search for her phone .Rey acts as if he didnt notice her and continue his work.Finally Kriya gets her phone

.She feels weak .Rey notices this.Kriya tries to walk but faints on the way.Rey catches her .They share an eye lock.After a moment Kriya tries to stand and Rey helps her.She says sorry to Rey and tells him that she is fine and she can manage.Rey says even if she is not fine she will tell the same.Kriya starts walking and faints again.Rey tries to help her ,she says she is fine.Rey picks her in his arms and tells her to be quite.He drops her till her cab.She says thanks to him.Rey leaves the place without reacting to her.

Next day ,Sharon admires her outfit and thinks she needs to look good every moment .Someone comes and complements her.Sharon says the Diva is back.Swayam comes from behind and notices Sharon is happy.He calls her name and wishes her good morning.Sharon is surprised at his initiative to talk to her and wishes him back.She says excitedly that its a very good morning.Nice weather , flowers in the garden and clear blue sky are making the morning beautiful.Swayam reacts to her says she is looking very beautiful but stop in the mid.He changes the topic saying she is talking too much.He asks if she is ok.She says she is fine and asks about Kriya’s health.Swayam informs her doctor has suggested her to take rest so she won’t come to college .Sharon becomes happy as she can spend time with Swayam in Kriya’s absence.Swayam notices her smile and asks what happened.Sharon changes the topic and says Kriya is ill soon after landing in India.Swayam says she is right.Sharon tells him she will help Kriya.Annual day performance will be a hit.Swayam agrees with her.Sharon suggests to start rehearsal as Kriya is not there.She suggests they should start preparing for their trio act which Swayam-Sharon and Rey are doing together.Swayam says yes to this.He says he forgot about the trio act.Sharon says she will talk to Rey about this.They notice Vicky who is passing by and hiding his face.Swayam calls him but he ignores and leaves.

Sharon tells Swayam its strange.Swayam agrees.Sharon starts admiring Swayam.Swayam feels awkward .He says bye to her and leaves the place.Sharon is happy that Swayam spoke to her nicely.
So morning is truly super good.

Nil is getting ready to meet his new internet friend.Vicky enters the boy room.Vicky tells him that his profile pic is fake so his internet friend will be disappointed.They start fighting over this.Swayam enters and sees them fighting.He tries to solve the fight.Swayam tells them to come for rehearsal.Nil says he is going for important assignment .Vicky says he is going to meet a girl ,but he is a failure in this department..Swayam tells them to drop everything and come for rehearsal.Nil says he will join them in sometime,Vicky wishes Nil good luck.Nil leaves the place.Swayam asks Vicky why he was hiding in corridor.Vicky gets nervous and says he didnt hear him calling.They leave the place.

Nil and Simmi and talking to each other online without knowing the other person.Nil flirts with Simmi online .Nil says he wraps sometimes and Simi says he is multi talented.Nil asks for her picture and Simi avoids it and says she has to go.

In RH ,Rey enters and Sharon says thank god he is here.Rey says Kriya is not there so he came.Sharon tells him Kriya is on rest.Rey tells her she was not well yesterday and changes the topic saying Vicky informed him.Rey says Kriya will set the routine so he dont want to work with her.He is going to tell VP that he dont want to attend the workshop.Sharon tries to make him understand,if Rey will say no for workshop VP sir will think team is not interested.Sharon tell him,Kriya is taking work shop but they can give ideas and she wont let only Kriya decide everything.So Rey cant avoid workshops for personal reasons.Whole team is hopeful about dance academy.Sharon tells him not to say anything to VP sir ,or else he will think they are casual about the exchange program.Rey agrees to her.He wont say anything to VP sir till dance academy plan gets green signal.After that he will tell them that they dont need this exchange program.Rey leaves the place.Sharon thinks thank god Rey will join them or else her plan would have been failed.

Precap: Sharon requests Rey to take Kriya in her place for trio dance.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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