Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer Confesses To Jahnvi

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi walks to Kavya’s room and does not find her or her luggage. Kavya with Arush waits for a train in railway station. Aarush asks her why did not Kabeer accompany them, call him and speak. Kavya asks him to keep quiet, then feels guilty and says Kabeer is busy in work and they will call him later. Kabeer returns from long ride. Dhruv jokes if his car is fine, he is afraid to give his car to army officers. Jahnvi calls Kabeer and informs that Kavya is missing. Chanda chachi like a true junior villain yells to check if Kavya stole jewelry as she has heard a lot of similar stories. Jahnvi asks her to stop doubting Kavya and over phone tells Kabeer that she is coming out and they will search Kavya. PK says no need for that. Dadaji asks family to stop badmouthing about Kavya and asks Jahnvi to go and search her. Jahnvi walks out and rushes in car with Dhruv and Kabeer.

Jahnvi asks Aarush if he needs choc, biscuits, chips.. Aarush says chips. She goes to buy chips. Aarush sees army officers and salutes them reminiscing his father teaching him to salute whenever he sees army officers. He walks behind them. Kavya returns and panics not seeing them. She searches allover. Aarush sees army jeep and reminiscing hiding in his father’s jeep hides in it. Jeep leaves. Kabeer and Jahnvi reach railway station and search for Kavya and Aarush. Kavya continues panicking and searching Aarush and clashes with Kabeer, cries that Aarush is missing. Kabeer asks what does she mean. Jahnvi says let us search him separately. All 3 search for Aaarush in all trains and platforms. Kabeer sees a luggage trolley towards Kavya and pulls her towards him. She feels nervous. They hear announcement about a 5-6 year old boy being found in railway station and is taken to police station, rush to police station.

In police station, officer asks Aarush what is his name. Aarush replies his name is Aarush. Officer asks what is his father’s name. Aarush stands confused. Jahnvi enters and says his father’s name is Vyom Malhotra. Aarush nods yes. Kabeer and Kavya also walk in next. Jahnvi tells Kabeer that Aarush told his father’s name is Vyom Malhotra instead of his name. Kabeer confesses that Aarush is not his biological son, he is Kavya and Vyom Malhotra’s son. Kavya gives evil smile. They go to a roadside restaurant where Kabeer reveals that Vyom was his bestfriend in mary and in fact he helped Vyom elope with Kavya and marry her, even decorated their wedding night bed reminiscing the incident. He continues that during an army operation, Vyom was shot and lost his life, but before dying Vyom asks Kabeer to marry Kavya and take care of her and Aarush. He continues his ordeal and says he knows papa/PK will not accept Kavya and Aarush.

Jahnvi says he did whatever he felt right, now she will do whatever she feels right. She holds Kavya’s hand and says that house belongs to even her and Aarush like Kabeer’s. Kabeer gets reluctant. Jahnvi says he did right by following his friendship, she will explain family and insists to accompany her home now. Kabeer agrees and walks towards car with Kavya and Aarush. Jahnvi with evil expression murmurs some one-liner.

Precap: Ishani asks Kavya if she forgot her motto so easily. Kavya says she never forgets her motto, dances loudly in party and sees PK leaving in his car.

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  1. 100% yeh serial tamil epic serial ANANDAM ka dubbing he. Ye information to kisi page par nai. Why

  2. Same track as Tamil serial anadham, ….

  3. Absolutely same Tamil series!! it’s so bad

  4. Nina

    Kabir was straight with Janhvi and told all true, but that’s what suits her. Certainly, awful Janhvi will take this matter into her own hands.

  5. Chachi is tooo funny???????

  6. I like this show

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