Udaan 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Poonam catches Vanshika

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The Episode starts with the maid telling Chakor about Suraj, who is like a Devta for the. She says Suraj loves you a lot. Chakor asks about her marriage. The maid says I know you well, you are lucky, Suraj takes care of you so much, get fine soon, your pics are nice, where is Anjor. Raghav comes and gets shocked. He sends the maid. Chakor asks who is Anjor. He says no one, come with me. She says Kaki was saying I m very lucky to get a loving husband like Suraj. He says she said this right. Prakash teases Sameer about Anjor. He says you both are made for each other, she risked her life to save you, go to her and connect your hearts again. Sameer smiles. Chakor wakes up and holds her head. She thinks how did I come here. She sees Raghav sleeping beside and gets away.

She thinks who is this man, what’s happening with me. She goes and sees their pics on the wall. She gets a vase to hit him and asks who are you, tell the truth. He gets shocked and asks her to stop, he is Suraj, her husband. She says no, you are lying. He says no, I will explain, see these pics. He says we are married. He tells her about the accident. Anjor gets ready. She sees a surprise for her in her room. Sameer comes to her. Anjor smiles. Rang jaun….plays…. Sameer and Anjor confess love to each other and hug. Poonam comes there and gets shocked seeing them.

Vanshika meets Jatin and complains about Kiku. She says Kiku tried to trouble me again. She asks him to give her a job in his company, so that it can help her. He says I will inform you when there is any vacancy. She deliberately falls in his arms and asks for a job. She gets cheap and shocks him. He says you can leave now, I will call you if there is any job. She says I like you and want to be with you. He says get out, it means Kiku is innocent and you are at fault. She says no, just listen to me once. Poonam looks on.

Chakor gets some pic from the drawer. She sees Anjor. Anjor gets angry seeing the stamp and applies concealer on it. She thinks I won’t let Chakor ruin my life again. Vanshika sees Poonam. She asks what happened, I didn’t do anything. Poonam says I know what you were trying to do, stay in limits, I understood your intentions when you hugged Jatin, girls like you can fall for money, I didn’t know you can fall so low, you said you like Jatin, what do you want, I will give you all the money, just do my work. Vanshika asks what shall I do.

Sameer goes to kitchen. He sees Jaya adding the poison in the food. He stops her and asks what’s all this. He throws the poison bottle. Jaya cries. Manoj asks what’s all this. Sameer says mum was adding poison in the food. Manoj asks did you go mad. Jaya says Vanshika has ruined us. Manoj asks what did she do, tell us. Jaya shouts Vanshika is pregnant. They get shocked.

Vanshika apologizes and thinks I have to separate Sameer and Anjor to get myself rich. Chakor sees Raghav. He gets her fav food. She asks him about Anjor. He gets worried. She asks why did you lie, that we have no child, who are you. She takes a knife and asks why did you do this, you are fooling me, now I can’t trust you, did you do anything wrong with her, tell me. Raghav says I didn’t lie, what are you doing, give me the knife. She gets hurt. He asks her to listen to him. He throws the knife. He says yes, I lied to you, the reason is, I wanted you to get fine, I didn’t wish you to get another shock, the truth is our daughter had died, she is not in this world. She gets shocked.

Poonam comes to meet Chakor. Raghav says she is your doctor, she is treating you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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