Ek Anokha Rishta… (episode-24)

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After a few months
Suh is in the labor room after the delivery. Sou comes with twins in her hand and she gives them to Suh. Suh gets both happy&emotional on seeing the babies
She kisses both of them and says “Yuvraj doesn’t even know that he has two kids now, that he’s a father(she cries) He’d be very much happy to see them.He’ll play with them and you know….” Sou gives her a side hug and says ” They’ll get their father’s love soon. Don’t worry”.

After 6months
Suh is seen trying to put the kids to sleep, while Yuvan cries
Suh: What happened to my baby? Don’t cry..(she takes him in her arms and sings the song Nindiya from the film Sarabjit

Nindiya yeh legi tujhe thaam re
So ja de de aankhon ko araam re

The sleep shall hold you
Sleep and let your eyes rest

Ke saara din chal ke hai guzaara
Tu uljhanon ka maara
Ab ja ke aayi hai yeh shaam re

For you have passed the whole day walking
You are surrounded my troubles
Now the evening is here after so long

Arey aa re aa re aa
Arey aa re aa re
Teri woh baatein aa sunaaun
Baithun sirhaane loriyaan main gaaun
Raahein takti hain yeh ataari
Teejon ki ghadiyan sooni hi guzaari

Come, I shall recite you your tales
I shall sit by your bedside and sing lullabies
The roof is waiting for you
The time of Teej has paased lonely
(Teej is festival)
Suh eyes get all teary remembering Yuvraj. The babies are asleep now.
Saare nazaare yeh bahaarein
Hain tujhi pe waare

All the sights and beauties
Are sacrificed for you

Khwaabon ne hai bheja yeh pegaam re
So ja de de aankhon ko araam re

The dreams have sent a message
Sleep and let your eyes rest

She imagines herself dancing with Yuvraj, which brings a wide smile to her face. He stretches out his arms to embrace her she runs to hug him but suddenly she gets reminded of the reality. She sits on her bed and pulls out a pic of them standing together and cries hugging it.
Back in India
Yuvraj is also constantly reminded of Suh and he always has dreams of them together. Sh&Bh are now married and live at Birla house.Yuvraj has resigned from RAW and works at the Birla company.
He barely talked to anyone in the family and made himself busy with work.
Yuvi’s POV:
That night I had a terrible dream and I woke up and shouted out Suh’s name. Then I looked around to see no one except the cricket which made a sound. I got up and drank a glass of water just when I was reminded of something. I quickly went to my cupboard and started to rummage through all my stuff and after a lot of searching I got the box which had the ring Suh that gave me.

FB shows
On the proposal day
Suh: Since we weren’t engaged..I’ve bought two platinum rings..(they exchange the rings) It has a speciality too. We can feel each other’s pulse beat even when we’re away .
FB ends
I thought to wear it even though I knew I’m not going to feel any pulse beat. I took it and slipped it into my finger. At first I couldn’t feel anything so I sighed. But as I thought to put it back I felt it! I could feel the pulse beating! I knew that she wasn’t there anymore but this ring made me feel that she’s alive! But I even thought that these rings were fake. But I regained a long lost hope of her being still alive. I tried to make myself understand that this was just giving me fake hopes though, I didn’t really believe that it was a misconception of mine. I lay on my bed thinking how great it would be if all these were a lie and the truth was that she was alive. I put all those thoughts aside and fell asleep feeling the pulse beat or whatever it was.
Next morning
Suh gets awake hearing the babies cry. She pacifies them and just them Soumya&Srish come there
Srish: Hello Aunty!
Suh: Hi Srish dear.. Please stop crying both of you.. I’ve got to take a bath now
Sou: I’ll take care of them Suh. U can go and take a bath
Suh: But they’ll trouble u..
Sou: No Suh.. They’re babies and they can’t be a trouble u just get going
Suh’s POV:
I brushed my teeth and I was taking a shower when I felt something. I could feel the pulse beating as it used to when Yuvraj wore the ring. I took a moment to realise that Yuvi would be feeling this too. I was very happy that at least he’d know that I’m alive. I then went outside and told everything to Soumya.
Sou: That’s great Suh.. But do u think that he’s gonna believe you’re alive just because of a ring?
Me: I know that’s difficult to believe.. But i’m sure that he’ll at least try to find out the truth
Soumya looks on

Prat: Saurab, Anuj, Yuvi, Sharad come on..
All in chorus: What is it ma?
Prat: You know what, Gowri is coming home today!
All including Yuvi get happy

Hope you all are liking the progress. And I wanted to tell u something about the ring(pulse beat) it is not something which I made up such rings really exist. I just wanted to let u guys know about that. Please drop in your comments.

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