Shivika love part 2

Shivika Love part 2

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So Finallyyyyyy shivay breaks the trance and sees Anika sitting on the bed her bed resting on the upper side of the bed.

He moves towards Anika and sits in front of her.

Anika gets out of her thinking and both stare at each other for sometime.

Anika pov

I wish I could stay forever with you shivay. But this is not possible Atleast not in this life..But I’ll always love you Mai chahe aapke pass rahu chahe na rahu.

Shivay pov

Anika what happened​ that you want to leave Me..Why u said to Sahil about leaving Oberoi mansion.. I will not let you leave

A shivay Kya hua

S haa Anika

A shivay aap aise Kyu dekh rhe hai

S Anika Kuch hua Hai Kya

A nahi shivay kuch nahi..Sab theek Hai..Ab to dard bhi nahi ho rha Bilkul..U too take rest now..You Haven’t taken rest since that nakli shivay came..

S Anika

A ha shivay

S kya Tum Jana chahti ho ?

A jana..kahan..shivay

S Anika it’s of no use of hiding now..I know everything

A shivay what are u talking about..I am not able to get it..

S Anika Maine Sahil or tumhari sari baate sun li hai..

Anika is startled

A shivay vo..Aap pehle baat suniye mere..

S kya Suno Mai Anika..Why u said to Sahil ki ye hmara Ghar nahi Hai..Kisne kaha tumse ye tumhara Ghar nahi Hai.. Tum or Sahil family ho mere..How can you even think about leaving me..

Oh Jana plays in the background

S covering up

S I mean how can you leave everyone Dadi omru prinku

A shivay par isme galat Kya Hai..Aap or Mai hum dono jaante Hai ki ye shaadi kin halat me hue thi..

Shivay reminisces how he manhandled Anika how he forced her to marry him..

S I know Maine bht galat Kiya tha..And I am really sorry for that

A shivay nahi.. Please aise Matt kahiye..aapne Jo Kiya go APNI family ke liye kiya..Aapne apni khushi se mujhse Shaadi nahi ki thi..

Shivay looks painfully at Anika.

Precap the talk continues..Shivay remembers what all wrong he did with Anika…Shivay takes a decision

Sorry guys for a short update next episode soon and long this is a promise but now it’s my study time..

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  3. It’s was an awesome episode??? thank you for coming early. I’m waiting for their full conversation .I hope that shivay realise his feelings towards anika and waiting for his love confession. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon?????

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  4. It’s good but please use more English next time

  5. Amazing…loved it..
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!

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  8. pls write in english

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  12. Plzz update the next part soon. Can’t wait to read what is shivaay’s decision.

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      i think your ff is going to happen in ishqbaaz after watching today’s episode precap……i am mehak bas name change hua ho main wahi jisne pehle comment kiya tha…don’t confuse

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      Same here I too think the same..Today’s episode was nyccccc by I really felt bad for pinky ????
      BT Kal Sahil Anika bonding ????

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    I loved the heart talk. waiting for more. I am loving the concept. shivika scenes and their frank talk always is beautiful.

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