Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-23)

After 5months
The cities and streets of Australia is shown and a couple and their 3year old daughter is shown at their apartment. The couple are Soumya&Krishna and their daughter is Srishti(I’ve kept her real name since it would be awkward to name both of them “Krishna”)
Sou: You have to eat this salad srish..
Srish: I hate vegetables!
Both of them argue
Krish: Oh Soumya ! Jaane do na
Sou: Aise kaise jaane doon? She should eat something right?
Krish: I don’t have any freedom of opinion in this house
Sou: Really? So you’re saying that I don’t give u freedom?
Srish: Mumma, pappa aap log jhagda band karo.. Mein khaati hoon
Sou: That’s good..
The door bell rings and sou opens the door and sees the mailman
Mail: Please sign here mam..
Sou: This mail is not for me..
Mail: I’m sorry..
Sou: Oh wait is this for Suhani? She lives in the next door I’ll give it to her
Mail: Thank you mam.
He leaves

In the next door Suh is seen sitting on the couch with a tired look. Her baby bump is shown. Just then Soumya comes and knocks at the door.
Suh: Come in..
Sou comes and says
Sou: Its actually a mail for you
Suh: Thanks Soumya
Sou: How are you feeling now?(she sits beside her)
Suh: I’m fine… Where’s Srishti?
Sou: She’s having lunch. Btw can I ask u something?
Suh: Sure
Sou: Don’t take me wrong. I’m just asking it to u since you’ve been living here for five months now and as your neighbor and a friend I thought to ask u
Suh: What is it?
Sou: Um…Are u a single mother? I mean are u divorced or something?

Suh’s POV
After she asked me about that I took a deep breath and closed my eyes tightly. My mind was totally occupied with his thoughts, our marriage, Yuvi’s proposal and everything. I smiled remembering it. But then my smile vanished when I thought about that incident which made us apart. I felt tears flowing out of my eyes
Sou: Oh I’m so sorry for asking that.. Its ok you don’t have to tell me
Me: You don’t have to apologize Soumya.. I’ll tell you
I started to tell her everything about our marriage and how we ended up in love.
Sou: That’s great.. But what happened then?

FB shows:
On holi
Michel came really close to Suh while she was all tensed and fell unconscious
Mich: What the hell is wrong with her? Tom, call my private doc at once!
The doc arrives and checks her and says
Doc: I think she’s pregnant
Mich: What?! I would just kill both of them
Tom: Relax Mich..
Mich: All our plans are failing.. They’ve found one bomb and now this. I’m getting very furious
He breaks all the stuff around because of anger
Suh: You cannot do anything to me now Michel.. I pity on u.
Mich holds her neck, which suffocates her
Mich: U don’t have to act over smart now.. (He laughs)
Suh: Why are u laughing?
Mich: U know what? I still pity on u because you’re not gonna see Yuvi anymore
Suh: What?
Mich: Yes.. I had made this plan already ’cause I didn’t want u both to be together..
Suh: What happiness will u get by separating us?
Mich: I will get to see your whole family mourning your death..Ha ha ha
Suh cries
Mich: I’ll send u away from him forever and guess what,you’ll always be under my surveillance. He won’t even know that you’re alive. Isn’t that a wonderful plan?
FB ends

I wiped away my tears and Sou consoled me.
Sou: Why don’t u try calling him from my phone?
Me: No..He’ll know everything I do. I don’t want to put u into trouble
Sou hugs Suh and caresses her baby bump
Me: He still calls me sometimes just to taunt on how he made my life a total disaster
I cried hugging Soumya
Sou: Please don’t cry Suh.. Krish&me are always there to help u. And you know something Krish is going to France after 2days so I’ll say him to check if Yuvi is…
Suh: No Soumya please… U don’t have to get into this. Look I’m just happy for the fact that I’m with people who care for me
Sou: Okay…(in mind) I’ll definitely find out where Yuvi is
After two days Krish goes to France for his job purpose and he goes to the street which Suh had mentioned when she was talking to Suh. He finds the house locked and enquires with a neighbor(Paul) who says to him that he has left to India.

Precap: Suh is in the labor room. Sou hands the twins to Suh and they exchange a smile.

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