Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 4

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Pravathi was sitting and talking to dayal.

Dayal:- Maa did you observe that doctor. I don’t know why but I just feel like she was close to me like someone we knew pretty well.

Pravathi:- that’s true… I remember janaki and Ajay to. I knew I saw him only one time but don’t knew why.

Just then ragini entries with files and sits next to Pravathi.

Ragini:- how are you doing now aunty any pain or feeling of dizziness.

Pravathi:- no beta and I am perfectly fine thank u from coming from London just for my sake.

Ragini:- it’s my duty aunty and I have work too so it’s OK.

Dayathi:- what your parents are doing beta.

Ragini looks on and says :- dad and bhai are doing jobs in software and mom was housewife and I u knew I was doctor.

Pravathi:- you can call me dadi as I am your dad I age.

Ragini:- I will try aunty as now I never called anyone like that. As dad as on one accept Nani and mom house walla were not here. They are so far from us.

Pravathi:- it’s OK you can call me dadi.

Ragini :- OK I will give you injection now and it will make you sleep so don’t worry.

Pravathi nodes.. While she injects after few minutes she will sleep.

She checks her pulse while Laksh and around entres by shouting dadi. Ragini turns and signals by keeping her finger on lip saying shhhhh.

Ragini :- can’t you two be quite and in what way you both are entering in special ward like this.

Laksh:- OK OK sorry but what happen to dadi why she is sleeping at this time.

Ragini :- I gave injection that’s why..

Laksh and arjun nodes their heads and sits next to dayal and sees him observing her.

Arjun:- what are you doing dad why are you seeing doctor Ragini like that. I will say to mom see.

Laksh and dayal hits his head at a time.

After checking she sits next to Pravathi.

Dayal:- Beta what your parents name.

Ragini:- why uncle.

Dayal:- just like that..

Ragini:- and harish saxena and Sameera saxena.

Laksh:- so at least will you come now our house to freshen up or you will be like that only.

Ragini:- I will come but I should return immediately as tomorrow we will discharge dadi.

Laksh:- whose dadi going to discharge tomorrow.

Ragini:- your dadi. Mrs. Pravathi maheswari.

Laksh:- then call her like that ok don’t call her dadi as if she was your dadi.

Dayal:- Laksh Maa said her to call like that she was feeling uncomfortable while she was calling her aunty and don’t behave like possessive pota OK.

Ragini pouts and says in mind:- kadoos as if he buyed dadi permanently don’t call her dadi.

Her thought were disturbed by her phone ring.

Ragini lifts call and goes away from them.

Ragini:- Maa did you check I send their whole family vedio.

Janaki:- no one changed Ragini as we’re like that only and no one doubted you na and how is Maa.

Ragini:- dadi was fine and you knew why I was addressing her as aunty she said to me to call dadi and you knew your elder brother elder son is so kadoos he said me to not call her as dadi as she was only his dadi.

Janaki laughs and says from childhood he was so possessive about his loved ones.

Ragini:- what ever anyway I am now going to their house to freshen up and tomorrow dadi is going to discharge.. Anyway mom before leaving I have to meet Atul uncle bye

Ragini and Atul were talking..

Ragini:- I said my mom name is Sameera saxena and dad name is harish saxena.

Atul:- I will keep that in mind and be careful no mistakes and try hard no Punjabi and I knew that you don’t knew that much hiding so use only English and if you use Punjabi that’s it next minute you will be out of that house and all our planning will go in vane.

Which plan uncle..

Ragini and Atul turns and gets shocked seeing Laksh and arjun standing at door..

Laksh:- about which planning you were talking about.

Ragini :- planning about your dadi health diet and medicines. We are planning about to give less oily food and medicine in time otherwise health will spoil and our planning of making your dadi fit and fine in one month will go in vane.

Laksh:- then what you both were talking about Punjabi.

Ragini:- matter is I knew Punjabi and Atul uncle is saying that you don’t like punjabi’s so he is saying that don’t use that language their..

Arjun:- who hates punjabis in our home I don’t knew and do you knew anything about this bhai.

Laksh:- even I too don’t knew but Punjabi is just a religion and language so no worries.

Ragini?:- excuse me Punjabi is language just like bengali and punjab is a religion just like bengali OK don’t say any language or religion just like that.

Laksh:- why are you getting hyper like pressure cooker just chill OK.

Ragini:- you said me pressure then then you were..

Arjun:- come on come on Dr. Ragini Jim you can say it.
Ragini:- ahaaa boiling pulses..

Lake and arjun Atul together :- what..
Boiling pulses.

Ragini:- haaa builded pulses why don’t you knew meaning of hiding words in English..

Laksh :- we knew but this one is different boiling pulse what might be arjun in hindi .

Atul:- do you mean Uggla huwa dal..

Ragini:- yea that one only and you were that Uggla huwa what ever..

Laksh:- how mean..

Ragini shows her teeth ??..

Arjun:- guys clam down and Dr Ji can we go home now..

Ragini:- ya and you can call me Ragini no need of Jii and all.

Arjun and Ragini smiles looking at each other..

Laksh:- shall we go..

Arjun and Laksh were at front seat and Ragini was sitting at back..

Precap:- Ragini entering at maheswari house and remembering janaki

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    Awesome dii
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    and then it striked me it was f9 not 9 hehe
    I hope i am ri8
    post soon
    love you

    1. Sindhura

      Lol u could have asked me instead of thinking about it whole day.

      Thank you

  3. Saghi

    Awesome di loved it…

  4. Shrilatha

    Boiled pulses seriously..haha…akka I want to know whom plays arjun…he is so stupid..

    1. Sindhura

      I didn’t think about Arjun charactr

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  6. Loved this episode dear, yaay am the 1st to comment

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    Nice interesting keep going

  8. Awesome episode

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  10. Amazing

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    awesome akka….raglak fight r supper akka….loved it alot…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….plz update ur raglak grownup kiddo ff akka….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Sindhura

      Thank you
      And I posted it just now

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