Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind asking Aastha and Shiv to come. Lakshmi and Shiv looks at the places. Aastha understands and smiles. She asks him to go and says she will come. Govind says I will bring her. Guru maa comes and pretends to get worried for her. She says Balwan told me that you fell in the pit. She thanks God for saving them. Aastha says I shall thank you and says I came to know where is that two boxes. Govind asks which boxes. Aastha says the same boxes which Shiv and Lakshmi have buried 10 years back with their wishes list. She says she wants to celebrate their birthday according to their wish. Govind hopes she gets successful and they give up. He says you have risked your life to unite them and says something will happen and mum and son will unite. Aastha asks Govind to come and says we will get that boxes.

Sharda comes to Ashok and gives her jewellery to him asking him to sell her jewellery and get 2 lakhs rs. Ashok asks why she is accepting her illegal demand. Sharda says we have to accept until she agree. Bhagyashree gives money to Sharda and says she regards her as her saas and asks her to take her money. Ashok says we don’t want money. Bhagyashree taunts him and tells that her brother got him married to a girl who ditched him. Ashok asks Sharda to take the money and says he will repay the money. He calls Gayatri and asks her to take money. Gayatri takes the money and taunts Ashok. Sharda goes. Bhagyashree asks Ashok to select her. Aastha and Govind gets the boxes in which their wishes are kept.

Doctor comes and bandages Aastha’s wound. Jaya and Janki think that they can rest for somedays now. Runjhun thinks she is doing mistake again and again and says she should have been careful. Balwan says you can tell this later, she is in extreme pain. Jaya and Janki says she is right. Aastha says I should be careful. Chacha asks her to take rest and says they will be cutting cake for Shiv and Lakshmi’s birthday. Shiv asks why is this formality. He tells Aastha that he will take her to room. Aastha says she has to do arrangements. Shiv says you remember my birthday? Aastha says yes. Shiv asks her if she wants to tell something. Aastha says no. Shiv gets upset and goes. Aastha thinks she wants Lakshmi to wish him first. Guru maa thinks she knows what Aastha is planning, but Aastha doesn’t know what she has planned and smirks.

Shiv thinks Aastha knows that today is my birthday, but she didn’t wish me, but doing the arrangements. Aastha gives decoration idea to Balwan. Balwan asks Runjhun to come. Shiv sends message to her with a hint. Aastha sends two cakes in the message.

Lakshmi asks Govind if he brought Bengali saree for her. Govind says he didn’t get a chance to buy saree for her. Lakshmi asks then who brought this. Govind says someone who loves you very much and asks her to wear. He goes. Guru maa comes to her and says something is bothering her much and asks how she can do this. Lakshmi asks what?

Guru maa says Aastha is doing the birthday arrangements, but wished just you and not Shiv. She says Shiv is feeling bad as Aastha didn’t wish him. She says this girl is doing mistakes again and again and says why she is doing this. Lakshmi says she is doing this as she is not a good girl and acting to be adarsh bahu. She says she is doing mistakes repeatedly and it is a sin. She says my own daughter is away from me, and my son is going very far from me because of her. She says I will never forgive her. Guru maa asks her to leave everything on God and cheer her mood. Lakshmi goes. Gurumaa takes out the camera and thinks her CD will be played today. Aastha covers something. Guru maa comes and changes the CD seeing Aastha gone. Aastha returns and sees her. She says she got call from bakery as she ordered cake. Guru maa pretends to bless her and smirks before going.

She then goes out and throws the CD in the bushes. Aastha brings Shiv to the party hall. Shiv asks who have done this decoration and asks about the spot light. Govind brings Lakshmi wearing a beautiful outfit. She asks who gave this dress. Govind says you are looking beautiful. Everyone wish them happy birthday. Aastha thinks she will clear their misunderstandings and unite them.

Aastha plays the wrong CD kept by Gurumaa. Shiv sees Lakshmi saying against Aastha and asks Lakshmi what is her problem. Lakshmi says she made me far away from you. Aastha is shocked as they have a heated argument.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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