Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla asks Abeer to move from her way else she will shout louder. Mannu comes to Abeer and tells him that if Amla or Mando ask him where is he, tell them that you haven’t seen me, I don’t want to drink milk. Abeer nods. Bablu asks Dev about the canteen fight. Dev says he don’t want to talk about that matter. Bablu asks him to work good and be happy with the salary. He gets Viren’s call and asks him to stay away from Dev. He says he needs a man who is trustable and can go to jail for 4-6 months. Bablu says ok, work will be done. Viren asks him to find a person who is not having wife or children and asks him to give advance. Bablu says ok. Viren asks him to gift a smart phone to Dev and make her passport. He says I will send him from here soon and want to make him Malik’s loyal who can give his life. Bablu says ok.

Mannu comes to Abeer and asks him to tie thread to the kite. Abeer says your Bua will get angry. Mannu says she don’t know about this. Amla looks on. Karuna tells Mando that she is not getting ticket and it seems she has to take a general coach to go to Dharmshala. Mando says we can’t board general coach. Karuna says I was also thinking same, but how to go, land will be snatched by people then. Mando is also tensed.

Abeer asks Mannu to come with him to market and have milk first. Mannu says ok and goes to drink water. Mando tells Amla that Mannu drank milk on Abeer’s saying. She says Abeer handles kids well. Amla says small children doesn’t know about people’s truth. Abeer comes back home with Mannu. Mannu shows binoculars to Amla and says this is the best gift which Abeer bought for him.

Abeer gives air ticket to Karuna. Mando gets happy and says now I will go in plane. Karuna asks from where did you get the money to buy this and asks if he has taken it from his friend. She says I hate you and throws ticket on his face. Mando says he bought ticket for us and you are scolding him instead of kissing his forehead.

Karuna says she don’t want anything bought with their money. Abeer tells her that he sold his phone and bought the ticket. He says he has never used his friends’ money or Viren’s money. Karuna asks why did you sell money? Abeer says I know it is having a difficult time if the land is snatched by someone. Mando gets happy and tells Raghu to take care of Mannu, and plans to pack her food.

Bablu gives a smart phone worth 25000 to dev and says boss gave for you. Dev asks why for me. Bablu says you are loyal to him and do work nicely. He asks him not to play video games. Dev nods. Abeer calls Viren and asks him when will be his passport be ready. Viren says next week. Abeer says ok. He looks at Amla, picks the stick and runs towards her. Amla gets tensed. He gives her stick and asks her to beat him. He asks her to listen to him. She refuses to listen and asks him to go. Abeer says if you are stubborn then I am stubborn too, and says I will tell you one day.

Suveer and Dev are in the same building. Mannu tells everyone that he is angry with Abeer. Karuna calls Abeer. Abeer comes and asks why you are angry with me. Mannu says you brought tickets for everyone, but not me. Mando says he will take everyone. Abeer recalls telling Amla that he will tell her one day. He says we all will go for an outing at the place decided by Mannu. Mannu gets happy. Abeer tells Mannu that Amla will not come. Mannu says he will bring her. Karuna hears them and smiles. Suveer and Dev collide on the stairs.

Dev asks Suveer why your name was published in the newspaper when you didn’t do anything with Amla. Suveer is speechless. Amla sits in the park train. Abeer runs and sits in the train. Raghu asks Karuna where did he take Amla? Karuna asks him not to worry. Abeer tells Amla that his mum is not alive and nobody is important to him than her. He swears on his dead mum and tells Amla that he didn’t touch her that night. Amla is shocked.

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  1. i really want amla to find out the truth right now

  2. Hmm.mannu is so irritating.pls replace the kid.again dev,you are a brilliant actor.watching this show for you only.the way you express your agony,helplessness ,i just love your acting.wish you are the male lead.


    Finally i m getting curious that how will amla react after knowing truth. As i doubt amla will not easily believe on him, but abeer is swearimg on his dead mom, so she mighy give it thought..
    But was sooo cute that both of them were looking at each other through window.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    nice ep … still waiting for Mahi to find out truth … also did not see Evan, am interested to know what the foolish Rishan is going to tell him …
    Abeer, I am so happy you are free from the guilt …

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