Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Aastha wins from Radhika again

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The Episode starts with Shiv is about to see under the bed, when Aastha sneezes and he stops. Maan singh asks them to come. Aastha signs boy to stay in room. He keeps his hand on his mouth. Guru maa asks lakshmi to start the ritual. Lakshmi says now we start the rasam of seeing hands. Jaya sneezes. Lakshmi asks Jaya to show her hand and feels the smell. She asks what is this bad smell. Janki tells that Jaya had applied cow dung thinking it to be mehendi. Lakshmi asks Janki to show her hands. Janki shows her hands. Jaya tells that she has done two works and got her hands ruined. Lakshmi checks Runjhun’s hand and says not this year. She then comes to Aastha and sees her hands. She tells that she likes Aastha’s hand and feet, and that’s why she is the winner of this year’s competition. Guru maa suggests Lakshmi to make Aastha compete with Radhika. Lakshmi is taken aback and tells Guru maa that Radhika is not bahu of the house. Guru maa says this competition shall be of Adarsh Nari, as Adarsh Nari will be Adarsh bahu. Lakshmi asks all bahus. Jaya says she don’t have any objection. Janki and Runjhun asks Lakshmi to give a chance to Radhika. Lakshmi unwillingly declares competition between Radhika and Aastha. Radhika and Guru maa smirks.

Prasad, the dog comes inside. Lakshmi asks them to show their hands. She checks Aastha and Radhika’s hands. Maan Singh playing with Prasad and the ball hits on a glass plate and it collides with the wall and breaks. Aastha sees plate piece about to fall on Maan Singh and runs to hold the glass piece before it could injures Maan Singh, but she injures her own hand. Lakshmi and others are shocked. Lakshmi asks Maan Singh to bring first aid box and bandages her hand. Jaya asks what happened, why did you run?

Aastha tells that Prasad was playing with ball, and it hit on plate and broke it, that broken piece was about to hit Kaka, so that’s why she had pushed Lakshmi and ran to save him. Maan Singh feels grateful to Aastha and thanks her for saving him. Aastha asks why he is thanking her. Guru maa says everything is fine. She asks Lakshmi to complete the competition. Lakshmi nods. Jaya says Aastha’s hand is injured. Runjhun says Aastha has lost and Radhika has won. Gurumaa asks who is the winner? Lakshmi picks the belan and says beautiful hands are not the one who looks beautiful, but beautiful hands are the one who is raised to help others. She says Aastha’s hand is injured while saving someone, and the hands which are raised to help others, have the God in it. Radhika and Gurumaa funes.

Lakshmi says this year’s winner in my perception is Aastha…..Radhika gets angry. Aastha is touched with her sudden win and touches Lakshmi’s feet. Radhika says Aastha is the winner, nobody is good than her. Lakshmi says yes, and that’s why she will step first in the kitchen and will make first roti. Aastha smiles. She steps in the kitchen and keeps the belan. She comes to room and sees the boy missing. She thinks if boy went outside. She sees him near the temple and says I told you not to come out of room. Boy signs her towards chocolate Ganapati. Aastha says your chocolate eating habit and sneezing habit will make us caught one day. Boy sees Shiv and signs Aastha. Aastha gets shocked.

Shiv asks what he is doing here, you took him to police station. Aastha is speechless. Shiv asks if he came back or you didn’t take him to Police station. Aastha tells him everythijng that she couldn’t leave him in the orphanage. Shiv says when you brought him here then why did you hide and got afraid of everyone. Aastha says I thought everyone will send him back to orphanage. She says boy is afraid and innocent, she wants to search his family. Shiv asks boy to come infront Boy hugs Aastha. Gurumaa comes there and calls Shiv. Shiv stands infront of Aastha so that Gurumaa don’t see boy. Gurumaa asks Aastha to keep the bhog infront of God and serves everyone. She asks Shiv to have food. Shiv says he will have later. Aastha goes.

Everyone sit to have food. Lakshmi asks Govind where is Shiv? Guru maa says he said he is not hungry. Aastha says I will send his food to room. Shiv asks boy to sit in room and asks him to tell his name and address, phone number of his address. He checks his pocket and asks if he wants to go back to his parents. Boy is still silent. Angad likes the food made by Aastha. Aastha smiles. Jaya and Janki also likes the food. They like sabzi and gulab jamun. Balwan says he wants to eat all food alone. Govind tells Lakshmi that Aastha have won in 2 days, and is fulfilling their parampara. Lakshmi says if family is happy then she is also happy. She says but they are praising her food and not Aastha. Still Shiv and Aastha are not on good terms. Govind says you mean to say that Aastha haven’t achieved anything. Lakshmi says it is not like that, whatever she did, she is getting prize and respect for the same, but she has to do something big to win everyone’s heart. She says it is a war of thinking, she can’t change our thinking and don’t want to change her thinking. Govind says she has to run in long race, and says lets see what challenge comes infront of her. Lakshmi says challenge will be for all bahus and looks at Aastha’s smiling face.

Lakshmi asks Aastha to do something big to win everyone’s heart before Visarjan and that’s why your fight is with time also. Radhika puts gun powder in and outside the brinjal and says just as Aastha is about to cook this on gas, it will blast. Aastha keeps the brinjal on gas to cook it.

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