hey guys i saw a movie it was based on true story which happened in america around 1965 with sylvia likens, so this os syvlia liken

A beautiful sea was seen with smooth fresh air birds singing cloudy sky
Hmm hmm hmm’ a beautiful girl in white dress humming
Hmm hmm hmm’ girl smile
Ladoo? ‘a lady 40 ask in shock, the girl was ragini and the lady was jhanki
What r u doing here? ‘Jhanki asked ragini, ragini smile sadly with tears in her beautiful eyes
They killed me mom ‘ragini said shocking jhanki ‘they killed me’
No ‘said shock jhanki crying n hugging ragu, scene focus on ragu deep thinking face

Ragini pov:
Hello everyone my name is ragini gadodia, I’m 16 years old, my life was not normal I would say rather it was a mystery, I was single child of my single mother living in kanpur, I don’t know where my father is, my mom never told me about my father except he’s a wonderful man ya right a wonderful man who left his pregnant wife, my classmates n other neighbor kids used to tease me make fun of me as I didn’t know anything about my father, I didn’t care about them, my mom was enough for me she used all her energy to make me stable and I will make her proud one day. One day Mom was told that she had been promoted to chief manager of hotel but unfortunately in Mumbai, I was happy new city new school new life, maybe I will get my love there. I blush at my thought, I also started doing 16 Somvar Vrat (Monday Fast) hehe mom also supported me so we shift to Mumbai but I think that was the biggest mistake of ours. I still remember the very first day to new city

R: wow mom this city is so amazing ‘I was watching everything with wide eyes like I saw some aliens, everything was new for me Mumbai had become my new favorite place, as my eyes land on a festival nearby ‘mom look some festival is going on let’s go thr we will have may rides thr and also eat pani puri n ice-cream n …
J: bus bus ragini enough beta u know na I very tire and I have to report to my new boss in half n hour so let’s go ‘I pout sadly but I agreed with her I’m also tired and it’s mom new job I can’t let her be scolded by her new boss, we reach the hotel in 15 min, It was not that big but better than the previous one where mom worked and also this hotel allot us a room it will be easy cuz in Kanpur home mom’s half salary was used for house rent, I waited in reception area when receptionist told my mom to go in, she went not b4 telling me to be careful not to talk to strangers especially boys and etc. etc., I was chilling when mom rush back to me
J: ragu lets go we r leaving ‘she stared to drag me to exit
R: what? Mom what happened u jut went not even for 2 mins?
Man: JHANKI WAIT ‘I saw a man about 45 year old running behind us who was he how does he know my mom and y mom is running like she some thief and he’s police all these questions make me stiff to my ground
J: can’t u understand I SAID WE R LEAVING ‘she shout she never shout on me but I understand thr is something serious going on without any more confusions I decided to follow my mother we were about to leave hotel when someone grab my arms and pull me back, it was the same man
J: shekhar leave her ‘I was confuse by all this the man shekhar was looking so loving at me he cup my face
S: r u jhanki daughter ‘I looked at my mom who had teary eyes b4 nodding at him
R: yes I’m her daughter ‘he hugged me and showered me with kisses on forehead and temples and in my hairs if any other man would have done that my mom n I would have killed him but these kisses they didn’t disgust me but this love is so pure same like my mom, is he NO
R: r-r-r u my father ‘my eyes became teary in this thought, my mom left my hand b4 running out of hotel but I needed to confirm was he my dad and if he was where was he, I love my mom but I needed answers
S: yes sweety I’m ur father ‘I bust out in tears so is he, people around were staring at us, but I didn’t care that time I only needed my father, after few min we were disturbed by some noises from outside.

J: where r u lost? I was jerk out of my fb
R: nothing just remembering what u told me that day, mom I promised I did everything u told then y me ‘I sobbed
J: it’s our fate beta nobody can steal ur destiny, but see now ur here with me, I will take care of u, ur free bird now u can do anything here ‘I smiled at my mom, she’s right I’m free bird now, no pain, she told she was never married to him, that I was an illegal child and when she heard that dad marriage was already fixed by his family to his cousin, she left without talking to her, dad tried his best to found us but he loose in the end and married his cousin sharmistha. Mom left me with dad to live peacefully not b4 telling me to never hate her and love my dad and new family, I thought she was selfish 1st she hide me from my dad and now she left us alone to live her life peacefully. Dad was so happy to take me to thr home but also very scared. He told he had a beautiful wife sharmistha (mishti) and a very pretty daughter swara and he love them very much and don’t want to lose them. I was getting very insecure 1st mom left me and now dad is talking like I will be some home wrecker crushing his family. Soon we reached his home it was not that big but 3 bhk house, some lady about 35 open the door she was so happy to see dad that anyone can guess she’s his wife mishti, her eyes turns to me, I can see the confusion in her face, another face I saw a girl of my age which rush to dad I guess her daughter swara

M: shekhar who is this girl ‘she sound very innocent now I really feel guilty that I agreed to mom to live with my dad
Sh: mishti she’s ragini, mine n jhanki’s daughter ‘I saw her eyes became teary she was panicking and also swara’s, mishit aunty ran inside dad following her forgetting about me
S: so ur ragini ‘I nodded in scared will she hate me as I’m her half-sister and now she going to share her dad with me and will I get the treatment which Cinderella’s got from her step sisters n mother, over dramatic isn’t it? Nothing happened like that but whatever happened was more shocking
Sw: I’m swara I’m 15 years old, dad told us about jhanki aunty, he really loved her ‘what he told them about us
R: did he knew about me ‘she nodded
S: yes we knew he tried finding u guys all these years but he only knew jhanki aunty was pregnant when she left dad he didn’t know whether he had a son or a daughter
R: does he wanted a son ‘she nodded
S: ya he wanted it after mom deliver me doctor told she can’t conceive again but he don’t hate us, I promised u he will love us ‘my mind was numb this girl here she’s actually accepted me but then y mishti aunty behave like this ‘if ur thinking about mom don’t worry she won’t do anything to u she already accepted u guys long back, but it is really hard time for her of course for any women it will be but she will come reluctantly ‘she take me to her room it was beautiful room all girlish thinks so far better than my previous one, we were call for dinner where dad want to say something
Sh: ragini swara I hope u girls understand my position, ‘we were quite all the time’ I know u girls may hate me
Sw: I don’t dad, u were honest from starting

M: I also don’t hate u but I need some time for this ‘they were all shocking me time to time
Sh: do u want to say something ragini ‘I nodded
R: u all know about me n my mother and u all accepted me I can see that but I think u want to say something more I want to listen what have u decided ‘he sigh
Sh: ragini I love u and ur mother that I spent my entire life to search u guys and now I finally found u it’s time for mishit to get her thr part of love, I realized in process to find u guys I had been ignoring mishti, she had been nothing but a great support to me, so I’m taking a very long holiday so I can make it up to ur mother
Sw: what u mean dad, ur leaving us ‘he laugh nodded no
Sh: no shona it just parents sometime need alone time so I’m taking ur mother to goa, I also had some work there and u girls have school here
R: I don’t have school here
Sh: I already talk to school principal ur in same class as swara ‘I nodded
Sw: so that mean we will live alone her ‘she asked excitely

Sh: no shona u girls r young so u will live with sujatha aunty ‘she pout so cutely dad was right she is cute, we finished our dinner and next day dad enrolled me in 10th class with swara I have missed so much of it but swara said she will help me, I smirk mom was right dad is a wonderful guy and his family I can’t believe my fate, mishti aunty also started to treat me like swara and she made me called her mom like swara do, I was sharing everything with her, her cloths fit me so perfect and I thank god she was also traditional like me, Monday came mom serve us breakfast I refused as I told her about my vrath, swara laugh at me 1st but mom supported me and took me to a big temple, there I saw him in dhoti and a piece of white cloth covering his toned body, I was continuously staring him doing puja, when he finished he caught me looking at him that made me super embarrass that I ran from thr. Mom n dad left next week to goa leaving us with sujatha aunty, I can’t believe she’s also a single mother to 5 children parineeta[17], kavita[16], Nikhil[13], kavya[12] and Uttara[10]. They were such a loving family, they welcome us with open arms, they were really poor even then my real mom, we got to know sujatha aunty only accepted to take care of us cuz dad was paying 10,000 per week to her, suji aunt is a waitress in dad hotel, she was poor needed money so in a deal she accepted to be our care taker. Me n swara were happy everything was going good until one day pari took me with her to her friends party thr I saw her begging to boy

P: adarsh plz don’t leave me I’m pregnant with ur child ‘I was shock my nerves is braking pari is 17 and she’s pregnant and bf he’d beating her how can he treat her like that, I step between them and slapped adarsh, in anger he push me and slapped pari breaking up with her b4 leaving, I felt so sorry for poor girl
R: pari let’s go he don’t deserve u, u deserve better ‘I was comforting her but she pushed me
P: U … u did this ‘she said giving me death glares ‘ur gonna regret it ‘she left, when I reached home I saw swara in her knees and suji aunty hitting her back with hanger, she’s screaming n crying
R: WTH is going on here ‘I yelled, I saw swara limbering towards me
S: ragini dad ‘she sobbed, her hiccups were not allowing her to speak
R: dad what swara, what is happening here
Suji: I tell u what is happening ‘she not sounding like usual her voice tell she’s been drinking, she’s a lady and she drink’ ur dad he told he will sent me money time but he didn’t sent me this week, so obviously this punishment is fair enough ‘I wide my eyes is she for real if day won’t send her money she will beat us ‘go sit thr like swara was sitting
R: what?
Suji: u will also get punish ‘I got scare ‘
R: NO I won’t plz don’t I will talk to dad he will send u money I promised ‘I was pleading her when pari came and push me to floor
P: Nikhil hold her ‘nikhil hold me tight down to floor ‘ mom u know this sl*t was spreading false rumors about me that I’m pregnant ‘aunti became so angry after listening to this that she started to hit me more stronger than she hit swara, swara just closed her eyes cant able to see me getting hit it pain so much after hitting me continuously fir 5 mins she’s get tired and left to her not b4 giving us warning if we told our dad and dad didn’t he cared for us he didn’t even call us once y, I can understand if it was me but swara he don’t even missed her y?
FB end

R: y? y? y? , y it happened to us mom y dad didn’t care y he didn’t came to us, y? ‘I asked my mom frustrate ‘my life was so mess up u didn’t even raise ur voice to me and she, she hit me mother no one was thr for me, I wanted to live my life I wanted to get married, I smile at my thought when I remember the temple guy

It had been month we only talk to dad infront of auntie in cell phone so we could not tell him anything about abusing thing, dad also apologize to her saying they were some problem in transferring money, I was upset with this situation but me n swara will just have one more month stay here then we will be back to our family. For distracting myself I went to temple again with swara and also happened to saw the same guy I heard he’s the son of temples pandit, he finished his puja again caught me watching him, I again tried to ran away but this time I was caught, someone caught me and take me to the backside of temple, same guy who was doing puja
Guy: who r u? ‘I gulp looking at our proximately
R: ragini ‘he smile finally stand in one arm distance
L: my name is laksh I’m the son of this temples pandit
R: I know I heard that, ur voice is good u did a good puja
L: and u also like to watch my body ‘shit he caught me’ how old r u
R: 16
L: me too, which school u go too
R: Saint Mary
L: hmm I go to boys cadet school ‘cadet that explain his toned body’ so we r friends ‘he forward his hand I smile and shake hands with him
R: friends
L: vaise what ur doing here I saw u on every Monday morning eating fruits r u fasting ‘I nodded
R: solah somvar
L: WHAT solah somnar ‘I nodded at his shock confuse face’ don’t believe this todays girls and solah somnar ‘he smirk
R: same goes with me todays boys that too cadet and puja wagera ‘now I smirk he smile sarcastically
L: hmm smart girl so can we go to coffee I guess u don’t need any more fasts ‘I smile shyly
R: no my sister will be waiting for me
L: Ur phone no so I can contact u
R: I don’t have a cell phone ‘he wide his eyes shockingly’ dad said we r too young to get cell phone until we reach 18 we won’t get it
L: oh okay ‘he nodded’ so that mean we will only meet here every Monday right ‘I nodded, I heard swara voice so I left saying good bye, laksh was really nice so different than other guys, he directly hinted me that after I complete my 16 fats he will take me too date I felt so happy but it didn’t stick enough as I reach home auntie and her kids were waiting for me, god knows if dad again delayed her money I felt terrified when she came to me
Su: whr were u
R: te-te-temple, I took ur permission b4 going ‘she grab my hair in fist tight making me scream in pain
Su: u bluffing b*t*h ‘she slapped me and I felled on someone feet I looked up it was sanskar he’s auntie neighbor, he was looking angry at me but y I remember a week ago he asked me out but I reluctantly denied what was he doing here’ sanskar saw u with a guy, haven’t u have some shame doing these shameless things in temple ‘she again came to me on my face I was so panic that words refused to come out
R: I-I -I didn’t do anything ‘I whisper which was only audible for me

Su: what u said ‘I nodded no’ SAY LOUD AND CLEAR b*t*h ‘she scream making me this scared I didn’t notice until I feel wetness in my legs I looked down saw my tights were all wet and I peed right infront of everyone and still I’m unable to move from my place, I saw aunties she had become more angry and started to hit me one after one
R: no plz don’t I didn’t do anything ‘I pleaded screaming n crying in pain but she refused to take pity on me, I saw swara she was in corner closing her eyes tightly murmuring something and pari I finally saw some guilt on her face as she was the one who started this and this guy sanskar he said he loved me and now he standing quietly enjoying getting me hit, she finally stopped her torture
Su: Nikhil take her ‘finally she let me go swara came running to me taking me in her arms I was barely moving but auntie pushed swara away from me’ she’s not going with u swara
Sw: but she’s bleeding ‘in her cracking voice
Su: swara I’m doing it for Ur benefit, she’s been doing sinful things, don’t forget her mom was a sl*t and she’s a bastardy child
Sw: no she’s my sister, plz let her go she won’t do it again I promised
Su: I can’t swara she had been bad example to my kids if I let her go tomorrow my kids will do the same, she should know the consequences of this, Nikhil take her to basement lock her thr ‘she said looking at me’ Nikhil was taking me to basement when I heard her yelling ‘AND SHE WONT BE GETTING ANY FOOD N DRINKS AM I CLEAR’ Nikhil tied me in chains like I was some piece of meat and left me, I was so tired of her beatings that I dozed off in that position

R: u know mom that day was the best and worst day of my life, my first and last date with laksh ‘I was smiling remembering our closeness and skin contact ,when mom fake cough to bring me out of my thoughts
J: u have really became naughty ‘she teases me, I blush I wish I could meet him again but that impossible I will not go back thr ever again not when thr r monsters like thr

L: ragini will u marry me right now right here’ he asked showing me his both hands in left hand he keep vermillion and in right hand a mangalsutra is hanged I was believing this does he really want to marry me, I nodded with teary eyes
R: yes laksh yes I will marry u ‘he became so happy he was about tied mangalsutra in my neck but some splash water on me and reality hit me I was still tied in basement and thr was Nikhil with some other kids that I don’t know
N: I told u na mansi she’s a sl*t, a bastardy child, she deserve to be treated like one ‘I heard some blurry voices as I was really tired but not b4 I felt a hard punch on me
M: Nikhil stop it ur hurting her

Girl: ur just scared mansi u don’t have guts ‘some kid trying to provoke her finally she give up and hit me hard on my face, for many days thr were many kids coming who were punching kicking me and burning me with lighters at first I scream with all my energy but I think I lost my voice now, cuz they r still hitting me, Nikhil punch me again this time so hard that I cough blood out of my mouth, my eyes suddenly went on swara seems like she just came from school I missed school so much and I missed my mom n dad I missed swara and I missed laksh, I want to get out of this hell, I asked swara through my eyes to help me I can’t bare this anymore but she ran away giving all my hopes up, after few more minutes I heard someone yelled I remember this voice pari, swara came back with pari
P: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ‘all kids became scared even Nikhil n mansi too’ LEAVE B4 I SMASH UR FACES, JUST LEAVE ‘all kids ran leaving me pari n swara, swara came running to me and hugged my hanging lifeless body
Sw: I’m sorry ragini di, auntie threaten me if I told someone she will make my life more badly than urs, she told in school that u went back to ur mother

P: swara lets go fast I think mom is coming ‘swara was so scared that she ran away even hearing auntie name, pari came to me’ ragini listen to me I’m sorry for whatever I did, I will come tonight I already make the copy of basement keys and car will be ready sanskar will take u to ur parents’ she said in one go b4 leaving, shortly after auntie came
Suji: oh dear look what u have become’ she had a tub of water and a piece of cloth with her, she wet the cloth and started to clean me face’ ragini my child I hope it’s nothing personal between us I just want set a good example to my kids’ she was bluffing something but my whole concentration was on that wet cloth my throat is all dried, I tried licking that cloth but it was not enough, she saw what I was doing , her eyes got teary and I saw some guilt or pity something like that on her face b4 she run from thr I again dozed off, when someone started to shake me ;ragini wakeup plz wake up ragini

R: pari is that u
P: yes it’s me look leave right now everybody sleeping sanskar is waiting for u outside in his car he will take u to ur parents plz go and never come back again ‘she pleaded me, she free me from chains and I ran as fast as I can but I was still weak but I need to get out of this hell, as soon I exited I saw suji aunties with fires in her eyes
R: no plz don’t ‘I pleaded but she came to attack me with vase, I closed my eyes all became black but
P: no plz mother no y would u do that? ‘B4 she could attack me pari pushed her and I got a chance to run away I saw sanskar already in his car signaling me to come, I jumped into his car b4 anyone came
S: thank god ragini ur fine, I was so worried for u, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to any of this to happened, plz forgive me plz
R: plz take me to my mom ‘his eyes became teary I can tell he was feeling terrible looking at my lifeless body and face full of bruise and skin all burned and my pale skin due to constant abusing
S: we r here, ‘I saw the sea it was magnificent I always wanted to see that, I left the car making my way’ ragini can we meet again’ oh poor boy his hopeful face
R: I’m never coming back again, I promised ‘he became so frustrated
S: ALL BCUZ OF ME, ALL CUZ OF ME ‘he shouted madly at himself b4 leaving in his car
I went forward saw a beautiful sea, feeling smooth fresh air with birds singing and cloudy sky, I can’t stopped myself from singing
Hmm hmm hmm’ ragini in white dress humming
Hmm hmm hmm’ I smile

J: ragini don’t be upset but u shouldn’t have left ur sister thr alone ‘I smirk sarcastically
R: she will be fine mom ‘I said but becomes scares, what if she also’ mom I want to see her once but I’m scared to go alone thr, plz come with me’ she nodded concernly
J: let’s go’ me n mom left to see hope everything is fine, after sometime we reach I saw police cars, I hope nothing bad happened to swara no plz not swara plz god her plzzzzz, I crosses my fingers finally going inside saw police arresting maheswari’s and swara she was on sitting sofa like a scared kitten staring something hard on floor
Police officer: Miss Swara r u okay ‘she nodded no’ who was she to u ‘she finally face officer’
Sw: she’s is my sister ‘pointing to the floor, I turn my eyes to whr she was pointing and saw my body, I smile sadly at my lifeless body free of all pain, no tension at all, sleeping peacefully, I’m a free bird, I smile
Sw: “Get me out of here and I’ll tell you everything.” Said to one of the officers

R: r-r-r u my father ‘my eyes became teary in this thought, my mom left my hand b4 running out of hotel but I needed to confirm was he my dad and if he was where was he, I love my mom but I needed answers
S: yes sweety I’m ur father ‘I bust out in tears so is he, people around were staring at us, but I didn’t care that time I only needed my father, after few min we were disturbed by some noises from outside, we heard some disturbing voices from outside when we went to check it I was shock to dead to see my mom lying in pool of blood, dad ran to her embracing her in her arms, her final words ‘plz don’t hate me and love ur dad and ur new family’ finally giving her last breath, after completing her last rituals dad took me with him

I saw my mom she was giving me sad smile
J: she’s fine ragu we can’t be here anymore let’s leave to our world that’s heaven ‘I closed my eyes

As soon I exited basement I saw suji aunties with fires in her eyes
R: no plz don’t ‘I pleaded but she came to attack me with vase, I closed my eyes all became black my head feeling really heavy n bleeding maybe I feel something wet and red, I open my eyes to see the last people b4 I die
P: y would u do that? ‘pari pushed her mother’ SHE WAS INNOCENT ‘ she cried n scream, by her scream someone busted in the house, sanskar
S: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to any of this to happened, plz forgive me plz ‘he said to my dead body
ALL BCUZ OF ME, IT’S ALL CUZ OF ME ‘he shouted madly at himself b4 leaving in his car
Su: she needed to be punished
I open eyes to see maheswari’s getting in police van
R: mom she said I needed to be punished, y? I WANT TO KNOW Y?
J: ragu beta plz let it go
R: I want my answers mum, I’m not leaving b4 getting that

I saw swara finally standing for me on the witness box, swara tells the judge that ragini never did anything to sujata auntie, pari, or anyone else, and adds that sujatha auntie had threatened her with the same treatment her sister received if she did not keep quiet about it. And I saw my dad face he almost spent half of his life to found us
Lawyer to sujatha: y did u torture ragini
Su: I don’t know ‘lost somewhere thinking what was the actual reason to torture her
Lawyer to Nikhil: y did u torture ragini
Ni: I don’t know
Lawyer to mansi: y did u torture ragini
Ma: I don’t know ‘scared
Lawyer to sanskar: y did u torture ragini
San: I don’t know ‘crying
Lawyer to pari
Pari: I don’t know ‘sobbed ‘I have idea y it happened

After sujatha denying that she did anything wrong, and blaming the torture and death of ragini on her children and their friends, sujatha is found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, leaving her children to cry over losing their mother to the law. As ragini’s narration details the punishment of some of her abusers, sujatha sits alone in her prison cell. In her imagination, she sees a vision of ragini silently looking back at her. sujatha tries to speak but is unable to get the words out, and the image vanishes.
R: mom they don’t know y they killed me ‘I told my mom she smile sadly at me
J: what done is done ragu u can’t go back let’s move forward beta plz’ I started to deep thinking she’s right, I know I can’t ever go back but y? It’s still in my head what was the reason they killed me for?
J: ragu u remember when we 1st came to Mumbai, u asked for something ‘I was confuse what is she talking about
R: mumma I don’t remember anything ‘I pout
J: aweeee my daughter’s brain had become so weak huh, okay u asked to go to festival ‘I smile remembering it
R: ya I did and many rides and pani puri and ice-cream ‘finally getting some peace in my mind I went with my mother

The spirit of ragini and jhanki is then shown at the circus, riding the merry-go-round, expressing that how much she wanted to enjoy her life, suddenly she heard someone singing , she followed the voice only to found laksh performing an act with his cadet group’ she closed her eyes feeling solace at his voice
J: ragini ‘mom jerk me again’ it’s time beta we need to leave now, I nodded b4 seeing laksh’s smile which gave me peace to eternity. My soul faded with my mother and we finally found our permanent place HEAVENS.

  1. Awesome os dr ???. But I couldn’t understand,why sujata killed Ragini??? Till end you didn’t give the reason nor solved the Ragini’s murder mystery.

    1. Bushrafaheem123

      I would say u rather watch movie an American crime that movie will explain u better I have changed few things in reality syvlia liken had gone through worst than this
      Sujatha character was in real like she was used to drinks and her boyfriend also ask money from her from which she became so frustrated that she was taking all her anger on syvlia

    2. Bushrafaheem123

      And I also copy some dialogue like when swara said get me out of here and I will tell u everything syvlia younger sister jenny said that
      And also in court when lawyer ask them why u abuse syvlia all family were confused y they actually did that and all answers were same “I don’t know ‘

    3. Okk ?. As I said before I couldn’t understand why they killed that pour soul ragini. And no one got any punishment I am little bit sad for this. But it’s ok. U have written it very awesome and I loved ur writing style dr????

    4. Bushrafaheem123

      No whoever abused her got punished by law all family members had get the criminal records as they were underage they have been sent to juvenile

  2. Asra

    fabulous dear….loved it alot..my ragu feeling bad for her…suji idiot hate her..awesome os dear…tkcr dear…

  3. Lovely7

    So much violence, please sis next time write happy ending raglak stories


    1. Bushrafaheem123

      Thanks lovely
      I will right raglak happy story

  4. Omg so painful story dr is it real i mean cant understand how anyone can be so cruel to take out der frustration torture smone else psycho people

    1. Bushrafaheem123

      Thanks Paula
      Yes it is real
      I know stupid psycho people

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      Sorry it’s parul

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