Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Aastha keeps fast without publicizing

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gurumaa asking Lakshmi if they shall give the clothes to Radhika. Lakshmi says ok, these clothes shall be given to Radhika only. She picks the clothes and gives to Radhika. Shiv goes to room angrily and throws Aastha’s clothes kept there. Radhika comes there and asks if everything is ok. Shiv asks what is this? He says only bahus take the clothes for Teej puja and says he don’t know if I shall believe you or not. Radhika says she has kept fast for Lord Shiv and says she knows that he is married and says what is in between them now is friendship and nothing else. She says she didn’t keep the fast to get this saree and wants to return the clothes to Aastha. She asks him to take it and drops from her hand.

Shiv bends down to pick it. Radhika also bends down and picks the saree touching his hand. Shiv takes back his hand. Radhika tells her that she wants to return the saree to her and says I know you might be feeling bad. Aastha says she don’t feel bad at all and asks her to keep it else Lakshmi will feel bad. Radhika says ok. Shiv gets upset and goes. Balwan brings samosa and says it is Tiwari’s hot samosas. Shiv comes and refuses to have samosa. Balwan asks if he kept fast. Chacha says when Aastha haven’t kept fast then why will he keep. Shiv goes. Chacha is about to eat, when Jaya comes and stops him from having samosa. Balwan is about to eat. Jaya stops him and asks him to learn from Angad and fast for Runjun. Balwan says ok and says he will throw samosas in dustbin.

Janki opens the door and finds beautician standing. Aastha says she called them and says once Lakshmi told her. Jaya appreciates her. Janki asks if we will get ready then who will do the decoration of swing. Aastha says she will do. Janki says we have kept fast and feeling weak, not like you who haven’t kept fast. Jaya says she is feeling weak and pretends to faint. Aastha ask are you fine Chachi ji. Aastha do the decoration of the swinger and is about to faint as she is hungry. Shiv comes and holds her and recalls his promise that she will find him at the other end of see saw. He drops her and she falls down. Aastha asks why did you save me, when you have to pull me down. Shiv asks what you were doing and asks if she is a spider man. Aastha says she is a spider woman and tries to decorate the swinger. Shiv decorates the swinger. Aastha gets hiccups. Shiv gives her water and asks her to drink and goes. Aastha thinks she can’t drink water else her fast will break. Shiv hears her and says Aastha has kept fast.

Lakshmi calls Pandit ji and invites them for Teej celebrations. She says almost all bahus have kept fast. Guru maa comes and says she needs suggestion and asks if Radhika can come in puja. Lakshmi says she can come. Gurumaa says she has changed and became dharmik, asks you have changed your perception towards her. Lakshmi says don’t know and says it is difficult to trust anyone. Radhika says you are right and says her parents forced her to take the money, says mistake was mine and that’s why I did penance and broke up my relation with them. I will stay here till you permits me and then I will leave. Gurumaa signs her. Lakshmi smiles and goes.

Jaya likes the swinger. Gurumaa keeps the idol and asks Balwan to swing the swinger. Gurumaa nods and goes. He thinks it is very difficult to be hungry and thinks to see the food pic. Gurumaa tells Radhika that she will look good in the dress given by Lakshmi. Balwan continues to push the swinger. Shiv thinks why Aastha didn’t tell anyone about her fast. He holds the diya from setting off. He is about to get hit by the swinger just as he turns. Lakshmi shouts Shiv. Everyone is shocked.

Aastha gets ready in the clothes given by Lakshmi. Radhika tells her that she is looking beautiful in these clothes. Aastha thanks her. Radhika pours kerosene oil around her and lights fire. Aastha shouts Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is a toatal garbage show. Sheeet all over

  2. Tvfan1

    Hey guyzz..
    I think today we saw the first step of aastha going to belive god!
    I mean..at the end .probably she will be beliving god as well as humanity..

    1. I would be really upset if they made her a believer. That’s not her and what does this serial tell you? That you should become whatever your in laws tell you to be. This is one of the few serials that enjoy please don’t let her conform. I hope her in laws accept her and her beliefs for who she is.

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