Devanshi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kusum gets bail

Devanshi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying Kalki has left bangles to give us clues. Pavan prays to Maiyya. Devanshi asks do you think Maiyya is helping us, stop it, we have to find Kalki. Pavan says Maiyya will save Kalki. Kalki asks Menka to leave Sushma and take her. Menka says come, I will get your operation done first. A lady beats Kusum in the lockup. Kusum asks did she go mad. Constable gets Kusum out of lockup. Menka takes Kalki to doctor and asks her to laugh, she is going to cry soon, who will save her.

Devanshi and Pavan come to the hospital. Devanshi says my heart is saying she is here. They don’t see anything. Pavan says we will go somewhere else. Devanshi recalls her kidnapping incident. She says I think she is here. They see a man talking on phone and go to ask him about operation.

Kusum talks to inspector. Lawyer gives her bail papers and says no crime is proved, she didn’t kill Ishwar, my client is not safe here, she is attacked here, so I got urgent bail for her. Kusum thinks how did lawyer come to save me. The lady throws note. Kusum acts and gets the note. She reads, its part of her plan, she has sent lawyer, now do my work, its imp. Kusum thinks I hope Menka is seeing Kalki, I got a chance to get lost respect back.

Doctor says I have given her strong anesthesia, she is not fainting. Kalki asks Menka to get her kidney anyway. Menka scolds her. Devanshi calls out Kalki. Kalki holds a light stand by a finger and saves Sushma. Sushma thinks how did she hold a heavy stand by one finger, what’s this miracle. Devanshi comes and hugs Kalki. Devanshi slaps Menka. Kalki says Menka kidnapped more kids, she will do their operation also. Pavan asks them to be ready to go jail. Sushma apologizes and says Menka trapped me. Devanshi says we will take care of your daughter till you come out of jail. Kalki says I will stay with you. Devanshi says I will not go anywhere. Sushma tells them that Devanshi is not an ordinary child, she has held a heavy stand by one finger. Kalki says how can I do this, I m not Krishna. Pavan asks Menka and doctor to come. Kalki says I didn’t do anything, they say I have some power in me.

Devanshi says you leave all this, you are a normal girl. Kalki says I know you will always be there with me. They hug. Vardaan asks Kusum how did you come out. Kusum says I came out on bail, I want you to punish me, I came in Mohan’s words and did all that, I should get punished. He asks her to cut her wrist. She does drama. He throws knife and says stop drama, I have to punish Devanshi, I want your help. She says so I came here to help you and repent. He says I m asking help, it doesn’t mean I forgot your crimes, you will not kill anyone, once I get Ishwar’s property, you leave from Jwalapuri forever. She agrees. Pavan says police will deal with them, you have saved all kids by bravery. Kalki says no, you guys saved me, Devanshi saved everyone. He asks how can Devanshi save you. Kalki says Devanshi caught me to leave signs if I fall in trouble, I did same and left bangles on road. Devanshi says smart girl. She gets Gopi’s call and gets shocked. Pavan asks what happened.

Nutan says we are happy that Vardaan came back, but there is no place for Kusum. Kusum scolds her. Devanshi and Pavan come home with Kalki and see Kusum. Kusum asks what’s this girl doing here. Kalki asks why are you angry with me, what did I do. Devanshi says we should ask you, how did you come out of jail. Kusum says I got bail. Pavan says you won’t be saved of punishment. Vardaan says don’t worry for her punishment, care for yourself, I won’t let you stay here. Devanshi asks why did you come back. Kusum says its Vardaan’s house, he won’t go anywhere. Devanshi says its my house, you both can’t stay here, you can stay in servants quarters. Vardaan argues. Devanshi stops Pavan and says no one will say anything now. Kalki says Vardaan what happened to you, why are you supporting bad people, you were a good man. Kusum thinks you are calling me bad, before my secret comes out, I have to see you.

Kusum says I will fit this bomb to Kalki and then even Devanshi will die. Kalki runs to Kusum and stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. CVS u r playing with devdaan fans by showing pawan n devanshi’s closeness its hurting yaar .

  2. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update..
    omg!!!! what is this,, human trafficking ?
    Devya, regarding your statement about my obsession on devanshi marital status, i replied already.. wish you understand our point..
    once more , we obsessed about Devanshi marital status, it doesn’t mean that we want Devanshi come back to Vardaan or whatever, … but it’s about the status itself, for us, Devanshi is someone’s wife, so, it’s kinda wrong to roaming with other guy, NO MATTER HOW RECKLESS HER HUSBAND 🙂 , that too showed some intensity moment. for us it’s ruin Devanshi’s character as a wife, we don’t like it..
    we don’t care if cvs makes devanshi back to vardhaan, or accept pavan or finally single.

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