Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Past love resurfaces in Shiv’s life, Gurumaa meets her daughter Radhika

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha following Gurumaa in the auto. Lakshmi and Govind play chess. He says check and mate and asks her to take Manali tickets back from Aastha. Lakshmi asks what you are saying? Govind says she is in your heart. Lakshmi says she has done what she wanted. Govind asks do you really want Aastha to go from here, and says you wanted her to wish everyone’s heart and stay in the house. Lakshmi is silent. Govind says your silence said all. Lakshmi says it is not like that. Shiv thinks where is Aastha and searches for her. He asks Jaya if she saw Aastha. Jaya says no. shiv goes. Janki tells Jaya that Aastha didn’t tell anyone about pregnancy search in her laptop. She asks if she is pregnant? Jaya says Shiv don’t want to have any relation with her. Shiv calls Aastha and her phone is unreachable. Lakshmi checks the envelope and sees it empty. She thinks of giving tickets to Aastha and asking her to go to Manali. She says it seems she went. Shiv asks what happened? Govind says Lakshmi gave Manali tickets to Aastha. Shiv says she will not go without telling me. Lakshmi says I didn’t think that she will go. Shiv says she told me that she will make everything fine and says she can’t go without informing us. He goes.

Gurumaa comes to the Orphanage. Aastha also comes there. Gurumaa lifts the burqa and goes inside. Aastha thinks Gurumaa in burqa, what is happening. Gurumaa comes to the receptionist and says she got a call from the orphanage and says my daughter will also come here. Receptionist asks for her name. Gurumaa says Sandhya Bhumik. Aastha hears her. Jaya says Balwan didn’t bring till now. Balwan comes. Jaya says it is your first teep. Lakshmi comes. Jaya asks Lakshmi where is Aastha. Janki says if she went to make idol. Shiv says no, and says she went very far from here. Receptionist asks her when she came to orphanage first. Gurumaa says in 1993. Receptionist says your daughter comes here every year and is doing decoration in certain room. She turns and sees Aastha standing. She thinks she must be following me and thinks to meet her daughter quickly and goes. Laskhmi tells that Aastha went to Manali and says they have to celebrate Teej without her. Runjhun thinks it is good and thinks Sharda shall not know else she will send her back. Aastha asks receptionist about Sandhya Bhumik. She says she is in room. Aastha comes there and sees the room empty.

Gurumaa holds her daughter and keeps hand on her mouth. Aastha comes there. The girl tries to alert her. Aastha goes out of room. Gurumaa sees the girl’s face and sees Radhika. She asks what you are doing here? Radhika says she came here every year and tells that she was left in orphanage. Gurumaa is shocked and says you are my daughter, my blood. She hugs her. Radhika accuses her for leaving her in orphanage when she was born. Gurumaa tells that she was pregnant without marriage and that’s why helpless and left her in orphanage. She asks her to understand her helplessness. She says a mother is apologizing to her daughter and begging for forgiveness. Radhika says you can’t keep me with me, but you never came to meet me. Radhika says you have snatched my mum and then my Shiv. Gurumaa promises her that she will get her married to Shiv and says this is a promise to a daughter.

Aastha brings Shiv Parvati idol and gives to Shiv. Radhika comes there and calls Shiv. Lakshmi tells them that Radhika met with an accident with their car and that’s why she will stay here for few days. Radhika smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is total garbage show.no story .

  2. The plot thickens and another villain is added to humiliate Aastha. When is Aastha going to become wise?

    I’m done with this nonsense. I could understand if Guruma was exposed and she has now sent Radhika to cause problems for shiv and Aastha, but no they want keep dragging this Guruma nonsense.
    I’m done with this show. Writers has totally lost it.

  3. Tvfan1

    Hey guys!!
    Remember me..when i started the EAAB fam..
    I didn’t comment the past months..


  4. Tvfan1


    Radhika plans to kill Astha. She asks Astha to put her feet in the water, which has little fishes. Radhika puts a poisonous fish in the water tub, and tries getting Astha bitten by it. Astha removes her feet from the water tub on time and gets saved.

  5. What the heck is this all going i was thinking to start watching this show again but have no patience for all this nonsense we already have lots of problems in our lives why makers can not
    make a simple sweet n nice story

  6. This is crazy, I am done with this show

  7. what the hell it is.. there is anthr devil added to trouble aastha.. no one is suprtng her.. and laxmi has to understand y aastha tried to expose guru maa this many times

  8. Radhika cannot come back into shiv life at all

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