Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan tearing the papers and scolding Manikchand. He says you will get money till evening, you give your address and leave from here. Kamini asks who are you to do deal on your behalf. Ayaan says I will tell everything, let me deal with him. Manikchand threatens and leaves with his goons. Kamini says you are doctor, how did you come suddenly, what were you doing in our house, leave from here. Mohini says no, don’t do this, he is paying guest.

Kamini asks a man is PG in my house, it means he did drama to come as doctor, what’s happening here. Mohini says I was going to tell you, he is staying here since few days. Kamini says none told me. Mohini asks would you agree if I told you. Kamini says never. Mohini says I have paid 3 lakhs to Manikchand by taking advance from Ayaan. Kamini asks what, you lied to me, you broke my trust, you did wrong, I will never forgive you, you both cheated me. She asks them to make Ayaan leave, else she will leave. Ayaan says no, you won’t go Didi, its your house, I will leave from here, I don’t want to become reason of your fights, Mohini let me go. She says I have no money to return your advance. He says don’t worry, money is nothing in front of family. I don’t want to become villain. Kamini says fine, leave from there.

Madhav sees Madhavi’s room. Vijaylaxmi argues with him. He says Madhavi is coming back after many years. She says what’s the big thing, she called yesterday. They argue. She asks him to do servant’s work and goes for a meeting. Mohini asks Ayaan were will he go there. Kamini asks why do you care for a strange. Mohini says he has helped us a lot. Kamini says we will pay back his favors, he has to leave. Ayaan apologizes to her.

He promises to pay 17 lakhs to Manikchand, none can make them homeless. Mohini asks how will you arrange so much money. He leaves. Kamini asks Ragini how did she do such a big mistake. Mohini and Ragini take Ayaan’s side. Kamini speaks against men. Mohini says this is your problem, you find every man a devil, you are the culprit in my sight, your hatred is the real villain, get that out. Kamini says great, the one whom I taught walking, you are teaching me today for a stranger. Mohini says I know what to do. Kamini says I m your sister. Mohini says then stay as a sister, don’t try to become mother. Kamini cries. Mohini argues and says I feel world is right about you, you turn mad sometimes. Kamini slaps her.

Mohini shouts I hate you Didi and goes. Kamini asks Ragini did she hear what Mohini said. Ragini says Mohini is also worried, I m scared if we will have her home and go on roads.

Mohini calls Ayaan. Kamini says men are such cheaters. Ayaan asks his dad to give him 17 lakhs, and then he will do whatever his dad says.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Hate this kamini character
    How long they show the same track
    Can’t they change it

  2. Kamini is the real fraud in this story. They showed as strong and brave but she allowed a man to take all that away from her. I understand her hating men but not to the extent where she sent her father to an early grave, her mother is living her last days struggling to make ends meet, her daughter is the only earner at a such a young age. Kamini kept her baby but made no sacrifice for her daughter. Only her mother and father did.
    Kamini turned out to be a very disappointing character. She is merely existing. How dare she speak to Mohini in such a manner when she’s never done anything to make for daughter proud and secure her future. Who gives back a house when it’s a gift? Another person will sell it all and keep the money. Who would not fight the world their children? Kamini

    Writers seems have gotten amnesia along the way!
    These are the most laughable royals I’ve ever seen portrayed on television ?????

  3. Why madhav n his mother also living a life of a beggars in Delhi. did they loose all properties in their native.. did I miss anything here..

    1. Lol, you didn’t miss anything,writers have no idea what to show.showing lots of weak or cunning people ……no logic or no proper story line.

  4. okay, so Madhav stayed back with Vijaylaxmi because of his daughter but now the daughter is grown up and no longer lives with the parents, why is he still staying because of her? After all his daughter who should be 23 years now can choose who to stay with – she lives in London right?

  5. Such a shame..change da title.of da story…its so twisted…is da writer a 13year old???? Royals being controlled n manipulated in dis 21st century???…END DIS STORY OR STOP IT

  6. Sejsmiles

    Very disappointed with kamini s character. That young girl is bearing all the burden n kamini is adding to it instead of being of any help..what has she done for her daughter? People have heartbreaks but why does whole family n next gen have to bear d brunt.

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