Dying In Your Love ~A Riansh OS

Author’s Note : So guys this the first time I am writing an OS and this is my first article as TSA. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes in advance!!

Love is a sweet type of feeling but when it turns into obsession, it brings nothing but destruction. Sometimes what we see as care can be someone’s obsession too. She loved him madly. Will her obsession be the reason of her downfall or her obsession will the kill the person she love?


In the park

It was a lovely sunny day . A girl in her early twenties was waiting for someone in a park . Mixed emotions were reflected on her face. There was nervousness , excitement, fear of losing something , hope in her face. She was seen giving courage to herself.

Girl(to herself): Hey Bhagwan! I hope he agrees. My heart knows he will agree but still what if he doesn’t agree.

Person(from behind):Hey! Is everything okay?

Girl: Yeah! Everything is okay.

Boy: Then why did you call me?

Hearing this, the girl goes on knees.

Girl: Angre, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you with Ridz. I didn’t had the courage to express my feelings then (the girl is revealed to be Ishani)

Angre : I love you too. (Saying this he picks her up)

Ishani: OMG! I can’t believe that you accepted my proposal. Vansh bhai and Ridz is going to be extremely happy knowing this.

Angre: They know actually. I had forbidden them to tell you as I wanted you to take the first step.

Ishani: Don’t tell me that they knew it from before.

Angre : They knew and they suggested me to wait a little bit after seeing your jealousy .

Ishani: Look, I was never jealous.

Angre: Then may I know who threw drink on Misha’s dress?

Ishani: I did that. Happy? She was being over friendly with you which I couldn’t bear to see.

Angre: Glad that you accepted at last.

Ishani: Now let’s go. I have some unfinished business with Vansh bhai and Ridz.


Vansh: Ishani, why did you ask me to come here with Riddhima?

Riddhima: Ishani, ab bol bhi do.

Vansh: Ishani, say it quickly varna your Ridz will start crying.

Riddhima: Vansh!!!

Vansh: Okay! Sorry!

Ishani: You guys knew that I liked Angre, right?

Both Vansh and Riddhima are silent.

Ishani: Your silence is saying that you knew about it.

Riddhima: I knew about both of your feelings.

Ishani: You should have told me Ridz.

Riddhima: Ishani, I would have told you if my bro hadn’t requested me to keep quiet. He convinced me through Vansh.

Ishani glares at Vansh now.

Vansh: Sorry Ishani. I wanted you to get surprise.

Ishani: I forgive both of you as I don’t want to spoil my mood as today is a memorable day for me.

Ishani hugs both of them.

Angre: Someone told me that she is going to take someone’s class but here the scenerio is completely different.

Vansh: Angre, she has convinced after so much trouble. Don’t say anything now else she will again change her mood like chameleon.

Ishani: Bhai!!

Vansh: My prediction is right.

Riddhima: Leave all of this and listen to me.

Vansh: Maharani ap sirf hukum di jiye (My Highness, you just give order)

Riddhima: Today’s a special day since Ishani proposed Angre. So let’s have lunch together at XYZ Restaurant.

In the restaurant

Riddhima : Today’s treat will be from me.

Vansh: No, it will be from me.

Angre and Ishani(together) : No it will be from us as the day is special because of us.

Vansh : Dekho dekho kya time agaya ab chote bhai behen bade bhai behen ko treat denge. Kalyug hai bhai!

Riddhima: Today is special for me also.

Vansh: Forget all of this. Let us order at first.

They had ordered their food and were talking while eating.

Vansh: Angre, do you remember the Mehta Group Of Company?

Angre: Is this the same company with which you were having a tough competition for Chang’s deal ?

Vansh: Yes, it’s the same company.

Angre: Why are you mentioning about that now?

Vansh: Mishra texted me few moments ago that 65% of the shares of that company are brought by someone who wants to hide his/her identity. Moreover that person has decided to back out from the deal.

Ishani: Then that’s beneficial for us.

Angre: But why would anyone want to back out from such profitable deal?

Vansh: I am even thinking the same. A person came out from nowhere, brought 65% of the shares and now wants to back out from such deal. That person is surely crazy.

Riddhima: Maybe that person wants to achieve something bigger than that.

Vansh: I wish to see this mysterious person.

Ishani: Now,let’s continue eating. We can discuss about business later on.

Riddhima: So there is only one person sensible here other than me.

Ishani(gives a wink): I agree that I am sensible.

Vansh: Guys soon I am going to give you guys a great surprise.

Riddhima: Vansh, what type of surprise?

Vansh: I won’t tell you now.

Riddhima: So rude

Vansh: I know I am.

All of them finish their dinner and went to the parking lounge.

Riddhima: Vansh,you drive the car. I am tired now.

Vansh: Okay!

Vansh was driving the car but suddenly their car bumped into a jeep.

There were 4-5 boys in that jeep. After that accident all the persons get out from the jeep and car respectively. The crowd also gathers there.

Person1: Were you drinking and driving that you couldn’t see a jeep in front of you?

Person2: When you don’t know driving why do you try it?

Vansh: Look Mister, it was not my fault alone. You were supposed to press the horn but you didn’t.

Person1 : It’s not our fault. Couldn’t you see such a jeep in front of you.

Person3: Our headlights broke because of you.

Vansh: It’s useless to quarrel with such guys. Take these money. It’s enough for buying 8 headlights.

Person4: Whom are you showing the power of money? (Saying this he grabs Vansh’s collar)

Angre: Behave yourself.

Vansh: You don’t know whom you are messing with.

Person2: Neither do you.

A fight starts among the two groups.

Person5: Guys please stop now. You are creating a scene in the public. Both of you were equally responsible for the accident.

Person1: You just keep quiet Rohit.

Riddhima: Vansh,,stop this fight. You are bleeding.

The crowd stops their fight.

Vansh: I won’t spare you guys. You didn’t do right by messing with me. You all have to pay the price.

Person1: Only time will say who have to pay the price.

Soon all of them leaves the scene.

In Raisinghania mansion

Riddhima: You both are bleeding. Did you have to continue the fight?

Vansh: Ridhu, you were there. We didn’t start the fight. It was those spoilt brats who started it.

Angre: You were there di.

Ishani: Let me switch on the TV.

Breaking news: Myra Gupta was found dead in an accident yesterday. It is reported from the post mortem that someone strangled her. It was a pre-planned murder. Police are looking into this matter. We can hope to know more about her death.

Vansh: I think I have seen this girl somewhere.

Riddhima: You are mistaken maybe.

Ishani: Maybe you are over thinking.

Vansh: I clearly remember she is the one who was flirting with me last week in the movie threatre while buying popcorn.

Riddhima: Maybe

Vansh: But I clearly remember she is the one.

Riddhima: Vansh, I think we all can see a movie together now.

Vansh : Let’s watch the movie now. I want to feel relaxed now.

They start watching Golmaal Returns together.


The next day

Riddhima : Vansh, please remove the blindfold.

Vansh: Do you trust me?

Riddhima: More than myself.

Vansh: Then wait a little more.

Vansh brings her to a place decorated with flowers and candles. He then opens her blindfold. Riddhima was surprised seeing the decoration. Vansh then goes on his knees.

Vansh: Ridhu, you are the one who understands me more than myself. You are the one who never left my side no matter what happened. I love you so much that you can’t imagine. I always wanted you to take the first step but later I realised that if I wait for you to take the first step then it may take more 35 more years. Will you be mine?

Riddhima(with teary eyes):I love you Vansh. My love for you has no limits.

Vansh: Why are there tears in your eyes?

Riddhima: These are tears of happiness.

Vansh: I can’t see tears in your eyes.

Ishani : Aww! So cute.

Riddhima: Ishani? You and here?

Angre : I am also here.

Ishani: How can we not be here when we did this decoration with so much trouble?

Riddhima: You did this decoration?

Ishani: Who can do it except us?

Riddhima: I loved it. This is one of the best moment of my life.

Vansh: I am glad you oved it. O have made them work a lot.

Ishani: It was our pleasure to do it.


Some days later

Ishani: Bhai, do you remember these boys?

Vansh: They are the same ones with whom we had a fight few days back.

Ishani: Four of them died in an accident yesterday.

Vansh: Maybe they were drinking and driving.

Ishani: Bhai, as far as I remember there were five of them.

Vansh: One was seeming sensible among them. I guess he wasn’t with them at that time.

Ishani: He did good.

Vansh: But I am feeling bad for them. They should have been little careful while driving the car.

Ishani: Bhai, see this pic. It is being said that the truck driver deliberately crashed into the jeep.

They were talking while the bell rang. Ishani went and opened the door. Two persons came inside.

Person1 : Mr.Vansh Raisinghania, we would like to have some words with you.

Vansh: Who are you?

Person1: I am Inspector Kabir Mathur and she is Inspector Ragini Sharma.

Vansh: How can I help you?

Kabir: By giving us the right information.

Ragini: Is it true that you had a fight with these boys on Xyz road?

Vansh: It is true that we had a terrible fight last week on Xyz road.

Kabir: Is it also true that you gave them warning that you won’t spare them?

Vansh : Yeah! I gave that warning but it was in the heat of moment.

Kabir: Mr.Raisinghania, a complaint is filed against you by Mr. Rohit.

Ragini: You are the suspected murder of the four boys.

Vansh: The work of police is to find the truth, not to accuse anyone without any proof.

Ragini: Mr. Raisinghania, take a look at this. We found it near the accident spot.

Vansh: This just an alphabet, V.

Kabir: V for Vansh.

Vansh: The one who complained against me should also be under suspicion.

Kabir: We know our work better than you.

Vansh : I have some work to do. Will you please excuse me now?

Kabir : We will now meet regularly. So you are excused for now only.


Kabir: Rsgini, what do you think about Mr.Vansh Raisinghania?

Ragini : I think his too much frank behaviour is suspicious.

Kabir: Both Vansh and Rohit are in the list of suspicion. Angre is also there in the list.

Ragini: Sir, there can be involvement of someone else also.

Kabir: You are right.


Vansh:Ridhu I am worried.

Riddhima:Don’t worry everything will be fine. You didn’t do anything. You know it well.

Vansh:I know I didn’t but I don’t want to get in this mess.

Riddhima:Have belief in God. The real culprit will be caught soon.

Vansh: I hope so.

Riddhima(in mind): But I don’t.


In Rohit’s Apartment

Rohit (crying) : I told you guys to stop the fight. But

Person: Don’t cry. You are going to give them company.

Rohit : You? How did you come here? It means you are the murderer.

Person: You can say so. But for know (taking out a gun) you have to do things which I want you to do.

Rohit: Please don’t shoot me. I will do everything you say.

Person: Where is your laptop and printer?

Rohit: There

The person writes something in the laptop and prints it out.

Person: Sign here.

Rohit: Wh..What i…is this?

Person : Just sign here without wasting my time.

Rohit signs the paper.

Person: You did good by not wasting time but you did wrong by filing the case against Vansh. Do you know he was tensed because of that?

Rohit: Sorry… Th-that was unintentional.

Person: But the mistake was committed. You have to pay the price.

Rohit: Pl-please let me go.

Person: I would have let you go if you had filed the case against me. But you dared to file against my Vansh. I will kill you after a while. Now I want you to show your balcony.


They both come in the balcony.

Person: Which floor is this?

Rohit: 14th

Person: I don’t think anyone can be alive after falling from here. (Saying this person pushes Rohit)

Person: Now Vansh will be able to sleep peacefully. Am I right or am I right?

Rohit’s dead body is there on the ground. Blood is coming out from his head. People gather around his dead body and call police. The person had already come out of the place.

Kabir: Ragini, you call the ambulance. Manager, show me the CCTV footage.

Manager: Sorry sir. There is no CCTV footage of last todays. There was some technical problem.

Kabir: Come with me to his flat.

Manager and Kabir then go to Rohit’s apartment. Everything was arranged in his room. There was a printed later kept on the table with his sign.

I am sorry. I am not able to live any longer with the guilt of killing my friends. But I was helpless. They always taunted me for being coward. I couldn’t take their taunts anymore. If anyone is reading this letter then by this time I might have left the world. Vansh’s fight and threat helped me to file a case against him. I am sorry for my heinous act. I don’t deserve to live any more.

Rohit Sharma

Manager: I can’t believe a person like Rohit can do such a thing.

Kabir: Everytime we can’t judge a person by his behaviour.

Kabir(over phone): Ragini,the case is closed now.


Vansh:The case is closed now. Riddhima, I can be relaxed now.

Riddhima: Yeah Vansh, you can be.

Vansh : I still can’t believe that he killed his own friends. This type of people don’t have the right to live.

Riddhima: You never know about his compulsion Vansh.

Vansh : There can be no compulsion for taking anyone’s life.

Riddhima: There can be compulsion Vansh. You won’t understand.


Two days later

In Riddhima’s residence

Vansh: Where is Riddhima?

Housemaid : Riddhima is not in the house now. She will come soon.

Vansh:No problem. When she comes tell her that I am in her room.

Housemaid: Okay sir.

Vansh then goes to Riddhima. No servant is allowed to arrange the things of Riddhima’s room. Riddhima’s room is always untidy.

Vansh: Neither this girl let others to clean this room nor she cleans it herself.

The pillow was fallen on the floor. Vansh picked it up to keep on the bed but when he picked the pillow, he felt something hard. He then opened the pillow and found a diary inside it.

Vansh’s Pov: So she is hiding diary inside her pillow. Let me also see what my sweetheart has written.

Dear Diary,
You are the only one who knows me completely. In the whole world I can share my feelings with you only. Will you ever betray? Don’t worry I won’t let anyone ever find about. Vansh and Angre will never know about this diary. I will tell you my secrets. You will keep it secret. Promise?

Vansh chuckles reading this page. He then starts turning the pages.

Dear diary,
You know how much I love Vansh but I don’t have the courage to tell him about it. I know it’s kinda strange but this is how actually the scene is. I won’t confess my feelings to him so soon. Let him take the first step. I can wait forever for him. I know that you know that no one can come in his life other than me.If anyone comes in his life then she has to go to God. Am I right or am I right?

Vansh’s POV : Oh God! This girl is mad. She has written down her feelings like a psychotic lover. If anyone who doesn’t know her reads this diary then he/she definitely think her to be a psychotic lover. Let me read some more pages. I have to read the pages quickly or she will come here.

Dear Diary,
Pyaar mein jaan dene walo ki nahi hai kami
Nahi kami hai jaan lene walo ki
Mere pyaar mein ek sath jaan dene aur lene walo ki hai kami
Mere ishq mein hai dono ki mauzudgi

Vansh’s POV : This girl has gone mad. I didn’t know she loves poetry so much that she would try to write one but it looks like she miserably failed while writing it.

Dear Diary,
Do you know what happened at the movie threatre today? A girl dared to flirt with my Vansh. I have asked my men to find about her. Once I find about her, I will send her to hell. This is my promise to myself. You know it well that I will keep my words no matter what happens.

Vansh was feeling strange after reading this page.

Dear Diary,
You know the Mehta Group Of Company is almost on the verge of bankruptcy. They were forced to sell me 65% share. They should have known if they try to come in Vansh’s way of happiness. They had to suffer. Can I spare who dares to snatch my Vansh’s happiness? Nahhh! Vansh’s happiness is my lifeline. How can I spare anyone who decides to play with my lifeline?

Vansh was shocked after reading this page. He decided to read the other pages.

Dear Diary,
Do you remember about the girl I once told you who dared to flirt with my Vansh? Her name is Myra Gupta. I sent her to God today. She was begging for her life. I couldn’t show mercy to her as she tried to flirt with my Vansh. I am not that bad. I killed her with less pain . I just strangled her a little bit. Whoever decides to come between me and my Vansh has to meet the same fate.

Dear Diary,
Do you know how much happy I was seeing Vansh relieved after a long time! I can’t even express it in words. Vansh’s happiness is like oxygen for me. But I was a little tensed after knowing that he wants to know about the person who bought 65% share. But I am glad that topic was diverted later on. I can let him find out about my limitless love so soon. Do you know what happened when we were leaving from the restaurant? Our car bumped into a jeep. The boys of that jeep dared to indulge in a fight with my Vansh. My Vansh bled because of them. Can they live now? Nahh! I will not let them live any longer. Their countdown has begun. Now I can’t sleep properly without taking revenge for my Vansh.

Dear Diary,
Do you know Vansh proposed me today? I can’t even tell you in words how much happy I was. I was waiting for this moment for so many years. I am planning to give him a surprise soon. Let me kill those boys soon with whom he had a fight. So that’s final I will kill those four boys by next week. I will spare one as one wanted to stop the fight. So he is spared.

Dear Diary,
Do you know Mishra killed those four boys today with his truck. I was also there to see them breathing their last.But do you know what happened I lost my the alphabet V which was attached with my bracelet. That letter V was very special for me.

Dear Diary.
I think I did a huge mistake by letting that Rohit alive. Be was at his home during the time of the accident. He dared to file a complaint against my Vansh. He can’t live now. He has to die. I would have forgiven him if he filed the case against me. But he dared to file against Vansh.

Dear Diary,
I am relaxed now as Vansh will be relaxed after the case is closed. I killed that Rohit today. It is being showed as a suicide. No one will be able to know the truth now.

Vansh was shocked by reading allof this. He couldn’t believe what he read. But whatever was written was the bitter truth

Vansh(over phone): Inspector Kabir, I need to talk to you about something about the murder of the 4 boys and the suicide of Rohit Malhotra.

Vansh’s Pov : Why? Why Riddhima? Why did you have to kill them? All this time the Riddhima loved never existed. I love you a lot but that doesn’t I will support you in your crimes.

In the mean time, Riddhima has come back home.

Housemaid: Ma’am Vansh sir has come. He is in your room.

Riddhima: Okay!

Riddhima comes to her room and hugs Vansh.

Riddhima: What a pleasent surprise!

Riddhima was shocked when Vansh turned around. Vansh’s eyes were red and teary.

Riddhima: Vansh, what happened? Did someone did anything again?

Vansh: What will you do by knowing? Will you also kill the others?

Riddhima: What are you saying, Vansh?

Vansh : The truth

Riddhima: Please don’t talk in riddles

Vansh : You killed them.

Riddhima :No Vansh, you are getting me wrong.

Vansh : I was getting you wrong till now. Now I am seeing your truth.

Riddhima:Vansh, listen to me. I can’t bear it when you speak like this.

Vansh:What will you do? You will also kill me like you killed Myra, Rohit and the others.

Riddhima: I.. I can’t ever think of harming you. How can I live without you?

Vansh: You have become a pyscho. I can’t believe that I once loved a girl like you. You yourself have killed my love for you. I haye the fact that I once loved you.

Riddhima(with tears):Vansh!!! I won’t be able to live if you say like this.

Vansh had left from there leaving a crying Riddhima.

Vansh was driving the car. He had informed Angre and Ishani about all of this. Angre couldn’t believe that his sister could do such a thing. Inspector Kabir and Ragini had tracked Vansh’s phone from before. They came to know about the real culprit through the phome of Vansh and Angre. They couldn’t believe that a simple girl like Riddhima could do such a thing. Vansh soon got a notification on his where Riddhima was standing in the edge of a cliff holding gun on her hand. She was saying that if Vansh didn’t come here in 15 minutes, she will shoot herself. Vansh seeing the video got panicked. He quickly informed Angre and Ishani to go there. Inspector Kabir and Ragini also decided to go there.

In the cliff

Vansh, Angre, Ishani and the police force come there at the same time.

Vansh: Riddhima, drop the gun. I came here as you wanted.

Riddhima: No one should take any step further. Otherwise I will shoot me.

Kabir: Surrender yourself Riddhima Raichand.

Riddhima: I surrendered to my love long ago. There is no need of doing that now.

Angre: Di please drop the gun.

Riddhima: Not today Angre.

Ishani: Please stop this madness.

Riddhima: Vansh, my love for such that nobody had it for anyone. You once told that you can’t see tears in my eyes. Then how can you think that I can see tears in your eyes? I can live without your love but I can’t live with your haterd.

Vansh: Riddhima, we can discuss about this silently.

Riddhima: There is nothing left for discussion now. Ishq mein jaan gawana dastoor hai, Ishq mein huye jo kurbaan woh mashhur hai. Tere ishq mein marjawan. (Saying this she jumps from the cliff)

Vansh: Riddhimaaaa!!!!

Vansh tried to save her bit it was too late now.

Vansh(crying) : My love killed her. Why did you have to do this Ridhu? Why?

Angre: Her love didn’t kill her, her obsession did.

‘The ultimate destination of obsession is destruction. ‘

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