Destiny Has It – Chapter 14

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Riddhima was crossing the road along with Sejal and Ayan.  The person was aiming the gun at Riddhima. He had fired already.

Ridhimaaa” saying this someone pushes Riddhima. The bullet hits Vansh.

Riddhima :  Vihaan!!!

Sejal: Vihaan!!

Vansh was lying in a pool of blood.

Aditya: Call the ambulance.

Anurag : We can’t wait for the ambulance.  We should take him by car.

Riddhima(breathing heavily) : He.. ca-can’t…die

Prerna:  Riddhima, control yourself.

Ayan: You all take him take him to the hospital.  I am coming there with Riddhima.

Everyone  takes him to the hospital. Riddhima was still looking shocked. Ishani was informed about Vansh’s condition by Sejal. She also left for the hospital with Angre.

Riddhima(breathing heavily ): He  ca..can’t die. I can’t let him die soon. Bappa, you can’t take him away from me so soon. My revenge is still incomplete now. No! No! He has to live so that he can suffer the same pain  that I had suffered.

Ayan: Ahana. I mean Riddhima calm down.  Everything will be alright. And he won’t die so soon. Control yourself. My sweetheart can’t break down so easily.

Riddhima: Bhai, will he die? I can’t forgive myself if he dies. Because of me, Kabir bhai won’t get peace.

Ayan: He will be fine.  You just stop panicking.

Ayan’s POV: That bullet wasn’t meant for Vansh. It was meant for Ahana. I have to find out who wants to harm her. I swear I won’t spare that person. But for now I have to calm her.

In the hospital

Aditya: Doctor, what is his condition now?

Doctor: We can’t say anything until the person gets conscious.

Ishani comes there.

Ishani(crying) : Where is my bhai?

Zoya: He is in the ICU.

Ishani: Nothing can happen to him. He is my brother.  He will not die by getting shot. Angre, say something that.  How can Vansh bhai get shot! Wht as your protection then?

Angre: Ishani, calm down. I will find out about everything.

Everyone there was a little shocked as Ishani called Vihaan as Vansh.

Prerna: Have some water.

Ishani(crying) : Nothing will happen to him, right?

Zoya: He will be okay. You just stop crying.

Angre: Doctor, nothing should happen to him.

Doctor : He is out of danger.

All were relieved hearing this.

Ishani: I know my Vansh bhai isn’t so weak. He is a fighter.

Anurag: Why are you calling Vihaan as Vansh?

Sejal: It’s nothing special I guess.

Ishani(hesitantly) : Yeah

Aditya: You both are hiding something from us. Tell us the truth.

Ishani : He is..  Vansh Raisinghania.

Aditya: Vansh Raisinghania?  You mean Vihaan is  business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania.

Sejal was a little bit shocked. She didn’t imagine Vihaan to be the business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania.

Ishani then narrates the whole incident. Sejal then revealed that she knew Vihaan is not his real name but she didn’t know the real name either.

Zoya: Sejal,how could you hide such a thing from Riddhima?

Sejal: I could see care for Riddhima in Vansh’s eye. I knew that he loved Riddhima. I was sure that he will be able to keep Riddhima happy. For her betterment, I didn’t tell her the truth.

Riddhima(from behind) : What truth?

Sejal: Woh….Ac..Actually… Are  you okay now?

Riddhima: I am okay.

Ishani: What happened to her?

Sejal: She was getting panic attacks seeing him getting shot.

Riddhima: Aditya informed that Vihaan is okay now. When can we meet him?

Anurag: Say Vansh instead of Vihaan.

Riddhima: Vansh?

Prerna and Zoya then tells her about the whole incident.  Sejal wasn’t able to look into Riddhima’s eyes.

Riddhima: Is this all true?

Sejal was silent.

Riddhima: Your silence gave the answer. How could you hide such a huge thing from me?

Sejal: Riddhima,  you are getting me wrong. I hid the fact for your happiness.

Riddhima: The base of love is trust. How can you expect me to love the person who even hides his identity?

Sejal: His intentions were just to stay near you.

Riddhima: You know I can’t stand betrayal. He broke my trust by telling lies from the beginning.  I can’t stay here for a moment now. Tell him to take care of himself and to forget that there was any girl named Riddhima.

Everyone tried to  stop Riddhima but she didn’t listen to anyone. Riddhima went from the hospital along with Ayan.

Zoya: I think she is hurt.

Aditya: Don’t worry it will take time for her to digest the truth.

Ishani: Don’t worry everything will be alright.

In Riddhima’s residence

Riddhima: Uff! I should get an OSCAR for my acting.

Ayan: You are right sweetheart. But you really got panicked when Vansh got shot.

Riddhima: It was because I couldn’t let him die without completing my revenge.

Ayan: The bullet was meant  for you. We need to find that person.

Riddhima: We will definitely find about that person but before that we need to end Vansh’s case. I am not able to continue this drama for long. It’s getting boring.

Ayan: Sweetheart, I am feeling that you want to end this game soon as you fear that you may develop feelings for Vansh if you play this game any longer.

Riddhima: No Bhai. It is nothing like that. Bhai I am getting a call now. I am coming in a while (saying this Riddhima goes away from there)

Ayan: I know you Ahana.  You can’t deceive my eyes.

Riddhima(over phone) : Miss Arooj, I think you forgot that there is someone Riddhima in this world. It has been 8 days 1  hour since you last texted me. I am so upset with you. You didn’t even tell me how was your exam. Gayab mode pe jane se pehle inform to kar deti. You at least write ‘Hi’ as a comment in the written update.  I will get peace seeing that.

Miss Arooj(over phone): I will do it. But why are you calling me Miss Arooj?

Riddhima(over phone): Because I am upset with you. You didn’t talk with me for 8 days 1 hour.  To pacify me, come in the comment section of written update.

Miss Arooj(over phone): I will come there today.

Riddhima(over phone): I will talk to you later.

Ayan had heard her conversation.

Ayan’s POV : She should consult  a psychiatrist. I think she is suffering from bipolar disorder.  She was panicking so much some hours ago and now she is laughing wholeheartedly. It’s impossible to understand this girl.

After two hours

Vansh has regained consciousness. Ishani and Angre were in his room.

Angre: Boss, are you okay now?

Vansh: How can anyone be okay after getting shot?

Ishani: Bhai, do you know how much scared I was after knowing that you got shot?

Vansh: Ishani, I am not going to die so soon.

Ishani: Bhai, please don’t say like this.

Vansh: Where is Riddhima? Didn’t she come to meet me?

Ishani: Woh…

Angre: She got to know the truth that you are Vansh not Vihaan.

Vansh: Ishani, go outside for a while.

Ishani: Okay bhai.

Ishani comes out of the room.

Anurag:How is he now?

Ishani: He is stable now. He was asking about Riddhima.

In patient’s room

Angre: Boss, who can plan this attack? Is it possible that AR did this?

Vansh: No, Angre. Usne yeh sab nehi kiya hoga. I think it’s someone else.

Angre: Do you have doubt on anyone?

Vansh: It’s that good for nothing Aryan most probably.

Angre: It will take a little bit time to find out the real culprit.

Vansh: Find about him as soon as possible.

Angre: I will try to.

Vansh: Tell Sejal that I want to talk with her.

Angre: Ok boss.

Sejal comes in the room.

Sejal: Mr.Vansh Raisinghania, how can I help you?

Vansh:Seju, why are talking like this? Is our friendship changed only because I am Vansh Raisinghania?  So all while you were not considering me as your friend,right? Was all that a facade?

Sejal:It’s nothing like that. I think I did wrong by hiding your identity from Riddhima. You are one of the few persons who has been close to my heart. But it’s not possible to hurt  Riddhima anymore by staying on your side. If possible then forgive me but remember that I always considered you my best friend.

Vansh: It’s okay Seju. I understand your feelings. But I promise that Riddhima will come on her own to mend the broken friendship.It’s my promise to you.

Sejal: I hope that something of that sort happens. Till then take care of yourself. I am forever grateful to you for the thing which you did for Riddhima today. I know your love is true and strong. I hope she understands it.(saying this she goes away from there)

Precap : Flashback +Real truth

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