Durga 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga helps Dev in basic things

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Scene 1
Durga tells Damini that Dev is my husband so I will take care of him and I will make him fine without being harsh to him. Damini says I need you to report every day and if I feel he is not getting better then I will take his responsibility from you. Durga says that won’t happen. Damini says we will see. She leaves.

Durga tells Dev why he didn’t make his hair? Dev says I don’t know how to. Kishore or Tara used to make it. Can you do it for me? Durga says no, you need to learn to do these on your own now. I will make you learn, she makes him sit down and gives him a comb. He says please make my hair, can’t you take care of me? Durga says you will be able to do it soon, it’s not a big deal. She gives him a comb but he doesn’t know how to use it. Durga holds his hand and makes him use it. Durga says see it’s so easy, she messes up his hair and he makes it again. Durga smiles.

Damini takes out some powder from her bag and says I will make Dev drink this daily. I will throw Durga out of the house in 10 days and Dev will do it for me.

At the night time, Damini asks Nimu where is Dev’s food? I will take it to him. Nimu says Durga took it to him already.

Dev is eating and coughs. Nimu brings water and Durga gives it to him. Damini smirks and recalls how she had put the powder in the water.

In the morning, Durga starts singing bhajan. All family members come to her. Nitu and Ketki look on. Dev smiles and comes to her. Damini is trying to sleep and gets irritated. She tries to stop the voices from reaching to her and sees blood from her ear. She is stunned. Durga gives parsad to the family. Damini comes there and says everyone needs my permission before doing anything in this house. Durga says we are praying to Mata to have a good day, we pray to her to be protected from the evil eye so I didn’t need to ask her. She asks her to take the parsad. Damini glares at her and says you shouldn’t fly too hard as anyone can hunt you down. Durga gives the parsad to Dev, he smiles eating it. Damini comes to Nimu and asks her to go to Dev’s room.

Scene 2
Dev comes to his room and starts painting Durga’s portrait. Nimu brings water for him and Damini has put the powder in it. Dev drinks it and starts feeling dizzy. He gets angry and paints her portrait black.

Damini tells Nitu and Ketki that I have kept a pooja for the peace of this house. Take Durga with you. They nod and leave. Damini tells Amresh that it’s time to call that person.

Ketki tells Nitu that now we have to go to the mandir to have a pooja, I don’t like all this. She leaves.

Nitu comes to Durga’s room and tells her that you are a daughter-in-law of this house. Damini has kept a pooja in the mandir, Ketki doesn’t want to go so let’s go together. Durga says I can’t leave Dev alone. Nitu says it’s Mata’s pooja and Tara can take care of Dev. Durga says I will go for Mata Rani.

Durga and Nitu start leaving the house but Durga goes to Tara and asks her to take care of Dev. She leaves. Damini smirks.

Damini comes to Tara and tells that Alok is not feeling well, the doctor called. Tara says don’t worry, we will go and check on him. Tara leaves the house with Ayush. A doctor arrives at the house.

PRECAP – Damini asks the doctor to give him an injection and no one will be able to save him. Dev cries for Durga. Durga is at the mandir and hears Dev’s pleas. She runs to the house but gets hits by a car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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