Namak Issk Ka 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug gets suspicious

Namak Issk Ka 27th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj brings both brides to the mandap. Ronak holds Kahani’s hand and says you are magic. Gunjan says to Yug I hope our love stays like this. She holds Yug’s hand. Kahani thinks about Lucky and Rani, Ronak says once we are married, no one can part us. Rupa looks down and is upset. Everyone applies haldi to Kahani and Gunjan. Rupa cries. Kahani sees her in the mirror. Yug also sees her. He’s shocked. Yug says bhabhi maa.. Was it her? Then who is with Ronak? He goes upstairs. Saroj says where are you going? He says I am coming back. Yug runs upstairs. Rupa sleeps in the blanket. Yug says Kahani I told you to stay away from Ronak. Why did you come out? Kahani says in heart I have to get to Rupa. Saroj says Rupa you can’t leave the ritual. Stay here. Yug says why did you come out Kahani.. He is about to take off her blanket. SAroj says what are you doing in Kahani’s room? She has to dance. Let her rest for now. Yug says yes only come at the dance time.

Saroj says haldi is over now. In English they say haldi wealthy and wife. Gunjan says it’s healthy. Saroj says jokes are also important. The dinner start. Ronak says our haldi was done and you couldn’t even know. Yug sees Kahani’s anklet. He says this is Kahani’s. Why is bhabhi maa wearing it? She goes upsyairs. Yug stops her. Kahani hides behind a pillow. Harsh comes and says chachu I also have to apply haldi on your face. Kahani changes her saree.. She sees haldi on her face. Yug is coming there. Kahani pretends to fall in the pull. Yug jumps to save her. He picks her and takes her out. Kahani has fainted.

Scene 2
Rupa says where is Kahani. Ronak comes and sits in Rupa’s feet. He says thank you Rupa. You got my haldi done with Kahani. I wish everyone gets a wife like you. She says so you can reject? He says don’t cry. Everything happens for good. You should move on as well. She says when Kahani moves forward it ends. I will leave with Harsh. He says where? She says where destiny takes us? He says I will write you letters. Rupa says where is Kahani? He says she left after haldi.

Yug says Kahani open your eyes. She doesn’t open her eyes. Yug pushes her stomach. He gives her mouth to mouth ressurection. Kahani opens her eyes. Yug says are you okay? Why did you go near the pool? If something happened to you I would.. What were you doing here? Kahani says I was walking and I slipped. Yug sees the anklets and says how do you have these> I saw bhabhi maa wering. Kahani says I didn’t steal.. These are mine. Yug says I saw bhabhi ma wearing them at haldi. Rupa comes and says I got similar ones made. See.. Yug says why is water yellow? You didn’t even come to haldi function. Rupa says harsh spilled it.

Gunjan says I feel so blessed. I got a husband like Yug. Iravati says whatever you want I will write itin your fate. Iravati says where is haldi? Kaji says she must be with Ronak. They love each other a lot. Sasu maa calls Saroj. She says yes amma.. She says they are coming. Iravati gets worried. Saroj says why are you worried? I know she’s a bit bitter but it’s okay.

Scene 3
Ronak brings divorce papers to Rupa and says you have done a lot for me already just sign these and seal the deal. Rupa says divorce papers? He says yes.

Episode ends.

Precap: Patanga/servant tells Kahani that one side Ronak is marrying Rupa again and other side he made Rupa sign divorce papers. He says no one listens to him, but everyone will listen to her. He brings her to Yug and says that she wants to say something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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