He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 11

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Hello all, sorry for letting you wait.

“We have reached the music academy, Laksh took my hand and accompanied me into the academy. He was talking to a middle aged woman, I was standing a bit far from both of them. After 5 minutes Laksh called me, I went near them. She asked me to fill a sheet….I can’t fill the sheet, I don’t know how to write yet, I can’t even read properly….Laksh took the form from my hand and started filling. He asked me few questions and I answered them…After filling the form she introduced herself ‘hello Ragini, I’m Arka…’ she took my right hand into a hand shake. On the way to home, Laksh took me to a restaurant…. I asked him what are we doing here? He simply said ‘wait and watch’ ‘okay…’ I said in a low tone…As I entered the restaurant I saw Babu sir, his wife and few children from my orphanage,..Swara, her father were also there…where is sanskar? My eyes were searching for him…Couldn’t resist I asked Laksh about Sanskar, He said ‘Bhai office ke work me busy hai, shayad he won’t come..’ ‘Oh’ I said in a sad tone, Over coming my sadness..I saw everyone there, I haven’t seen them in a month, I was feeling really good. My heart felt relief after seeing them happy. Thanks again Laksh I said it in my heart. I guess he heard my thanks and smiled at me.

We had lots of dishes, I guess I tried each and every dish in that restaurant. I was happy seeing everyone happy. We talked almost upto midnight, after that we left to our respective houses….Swara went to office after, Swaras papa went to his friends house….I dont know which one is my home yet, Laksh took me to his house, I controlled my tears falling from  my eyes. Laksh hugged me infront of my room door and said ‘thanks..’ and he left upstairs…What? what was that? I should say thanks to him…why was he saying it? hmm..thinking about this reached my bed, I slept without even changing my clothes. I woke up at 5 oclock in the morning, I went to washroom to complete my daily chores and I thought I will cook something today as only three people are there in house today…oh yes, did Sanskar come back? I went to his room to check on his…OH MY GOD….!!!! what happened to Sanskar?? He is lying on the bed as a life less body! He is sweating… he is shivering….I, with the help of Laksh made him lie on the bed properly…’Laksh…? what happened to Sanksar?’ Laksh saw me, I was crying seeing Sanksr like this…Laksh put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘Its just fever Ragini, He will be okay in one day.., you don’t take tension I will go bring medicines’ I sat on the chair near his bed…I took a hand fan and slowly blew air towards him, Laksh came back in 2 minutes…’Ragini, I will make something for him, can you please help me?’ ‘yes Laksh’ I followed him to the kitchen…’Ragini, Lets make kichdi for now, he needs to eat something before taking this medicines’ I nodded my head in yes…’Ragini…’ He took a pause and looked at me..He hugged me again ‘He will be okay, dont worry’ I didn’t say anything, I just stood like life less body. “Ragini..Go back to his room and keep cleaning his sweat with a warm cloth’ He handed over a bowl of warm water and a white hand towel. I went back to Sanskars room with the bowl of warm water and the hand towel. I sat on the chair again, I stated cleaning his face first, his full body was sweating..I slowly unbuttoned his shirt…OMG what am I doing? His bare body..its difficult for to clean off the sweat…But still I should do it…I dipped the hand towel in the bowl of warm water, placed it on his body to clean it…..Sanskar is very cute while sleeping, I’m falling in love with him again and again…Oh god!!! He was sleeping peacefullyI heard Laksh calling me ‘Ragini, Ragini can you please come down once…’ ‘I kept the hand towel aside and stood up…Sanskar was murmuring something, I heard it clearly…’ma…please mat jao…ma..?’ He was shivering while saying this. I took his hand and said ‘I won’t go anywhere Sanskar, You sleep’ He smiled without opening his eyes, his hands grip was stronger, I just sat there and forgot about Laksh…After sometime Laksh came to Sanksars room with a tray which had a bowl of kichdi, tablets and a glass of water. ‘Ragini..I’m getting late for college can you please take care of bhai today? Call me if anything urget, Swara is in some important conference, she will be late and papa is not in city…’ ‘okay Laksh’ He handed over the tray and and made sanskar sit to eat break fast…Sanskar opened his eyes ‘bhai, Ragini will take care of you today, please unki baat maan lo’ Sanskar was just looking at Laksh…Laksh said bye and went to his college. I sat in that chair again and took the spoon to feed Sanskar..’umm Ragini, I guess I can eat it myself..just give me the bowl..’ ‘no no Sanskar its fine let me feed you’ Sanskar was not able to say no for me and just ate kichdi…After completing it I gave him medicine and then water…HE slept after taking medicine..He looked like a cute baby that time. I wrapped up his blanket and and went to my room for bathing…I bathed and changed my clothes, I was planning to make lunch for us, I dont know when will Laksh come? I guess I will search internet and make something easy….Oh shit what will I type? I can hardly type anything..I tried typing something, but I was unsuccessful….Oh god!!!! I threw my phone on my bed…suddenly I heard some voice from my phone…’how can I help you’ It was agirls voice…oh wow these mobile phones have this feature also…wow..I talked to google about the dishes, it showed me the simplest recepies…I tried making them but its taste wasn’t that good…. :(….. But still I tried my level best, I saw Sanskar coming down from his room…I arranged the table around 12 o clock…. Sanskar came in to the kitchen..’Ragini…yoi dont need to cook anything..we will order something..’ I guess he bathed and changed clothes..yeah he did…’Ummm Sanskar can you taste them? If you dont like them we will definitely order..’ ‘Okay…’ Sanksar helped me getting the plates to the dining table….’Sanskar you just sit’ I will serve’ He did so….I served his plate with one chapati and bhindi curry…HE took a bite and looked at me weirdly.. ‘Ragini, its good….’ ‘Thank you Sanskar’ ‘umm Ragini its just good, I guess we should order…’ wow hes so mean, he didnt see efforts, oh my! wait he is suffering from fever, I should consider his point too…We ordered food and were waiting for it ‘Sanskar how are you now?’ ‘Im feeling good now…thanks Ragini’ We were chatting for sometime…the food arrived, I went to take the parcel. Sanskar was sitting in the dining hall….We both had lunch and I thought of spending time in the garden for sometime…I went and sat on the bench seeing the beautiful flowers…Sanskar came and sat beside me. My phone was ringing, It was Laksh. I received it..and talked to Laksh for sometime about Sanskars health, by the time I cut the call Sanskar disappeared from the garden…I went to his room searching for him….I have never noticed, he had so many braille novels. I took one and started reading it with my eyes closed….As I reached the next page…I felt some was sitting so closely beside me..It was Sanskar for sure.. I opened my eyes to see who was there….And my guess was correct..He took my hands and kept them aside, He turned to a page, some where in the middle of the novel..He took my hands again and kept them on that page…his touch..its heavenly, I didn’t want to loose that touch…but he left my hands on the book. I guess it was a sentence…. it was ‘What has happened before will happen again. what has been done again will be done again. there is nothing new in his world’ What why? why did he want me to read this? He left I guess….I opened my eyes to see him…He is no where..I went back to my room thinking about it.”

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