Dream scenes of Kriyam OS

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Hi…Guys… It’s fidato..Come up with a one shot.. I really want to see Kriyam confession and pregnancy news in little more detail.. I’m not writing about confession but the pregnancy news not just over a phone call..

Dream scenes of Kriyam OS

Scene 1

After one and half month After their confession….

Krishna following Sayyam to their room…
Sayyam is upset with Krishna.. he opened their room door with a push..It slammed to the wall with loud noise… Krishna shut her eyes…
Krishna : Sayyam….please meri baath tho suno..
Sayyam : I don’t want to hear anything from you…
Krishna : mein ne kaha na sorry…
Sayyam : haan.. sorry… pehle maa se shikayat karo or phir mujhse sorry…
Krishna : Sayyam…Mein ne koi shikayat nahi ki…Wo baath karthe karthe muh se nikal gayi…
Sayyam : tumhareliye yeh badi baat nahi hogi…par..
Krishna : (come in front holding her ears) sorry sorry…Sorry.. Please… Sayyam…I know…U are hurt…
Sayyam turns to other side… Krishna take the kheer bowl.. Smiled..I know tumhe kaise manana hai..
Krishna : Sayyam…Sorry…kitni baar sorry bolum.. yeh dekho mein kya laya hum.. tumhara favorite kheer….
Sayyam face expression changed hearing about kheer..But pretend to be in rude to Krishna…
Sayyam : nahi chahiye…
Krishna looks puzzled… What…Nahi chahiye wo bhi kheer..She gets upset.. that means he is really hurt… She turns with kheer bowl…
She felt a misbalance… sudden..She squeezed her eyes..and shooked her head.. her vision getting blur.. room is revolving around her..
Krishna : sa… sa… sayy… Sayyam…
The kheer bowl drops from her hand and landed on floor.. crashes into pieces.. Sayyam turns hearing it.. he saw Krishna is falling.. he rushes to her and hold her… before landing on floor.. Sayyam dont understand what to do…
Sayyam : Krishna… Krishna…Udo..
He shooks her..pats on her cheek..but no response..
Sayyam : (shouts).. Maa….dadi…

Everyone gathered their room.. shocked to see Krishna unconscious..
Suhani : Sayyam kya huwa..?
Yuvraj : mein Dr ko bulatha hum…
Sayyam lift her and placed on bed gently…

After while Dr came and checked Krishna.. Krishna is getting conscious… she opens her eyes gently..To see doctor..
Krishna : kya huwa mujhe..
Doctor : (smiles) good news hai.. aap maa ban ne wali hai..
Krishna jumped in excitement…
Krishna : what…??
Doctor : oh…Oh.. sambalke… Ab apko bahut sambalkar rahna hoga.. I will write down some tablets..Ok..
Krishna : ok.. doctor I need a favour…
Doctor turns and Krishna tell her something… doctor nods in positive… Smiled at her..

Everyone waiting for doctor outside..
Doctor : Krishna ka pati kaun..??
Everyone looked at Sayyam who is standing behind.. Sayyam looks everyone…nervously..
Sayyam : mein ne kuch nahi kiya…
He blurt out with innocence… Doctor hold her laugh… suhani understand the matter.. she eyed doctor to confirm..and she nodded yes.. suhani pressed pratima’s hand..In happiness..
Doctor : she want to see you..
Sayyam : but tell me what happened..? Why did she faint suddenly..??
Suhani : tum jaldi jao..
Sayyam : aap log huss kyun rahi ho..
Suhani : oho… Budhu… jao..
Suhani pushed him to the room… Sayyam about to fall but managed.. Krishna was eagerly waiting for him.. Sayyam came near and sit beside her.. Krishna is exited..
Sayyam : tum teek ho..?
Krishna : Sayyam…Wo mein..mein..
Sayyam : mein mein kya..?
Krishna : Sayyam mein Maa ban ne wali hum..
Krishna looked at him with immense pleasure..
Sayyam : huh…Kya..? Kaise…??
Krishna looked at him in disbelief… she crushed her teeth..Give him slap on his face..
Krishna :(shouts) tum mard nahi hai kya…?

She give him a disgust look.. Sayyam drops his jaw..Looked at Krishna…stands up..Sayyam jumped on bed..
Sayyam : yaaay…Mein Papa ban gaya..
Krishna looked at him..and smiled..
Krishna : Sayyam stop…Stop..
Sayyam come down… He came near Krishna.. cupped her face..Kissed her forehead…And hugged her tight…

Sayyam : Thank you so much Krishna… you don’t know how much happy I’m today… thank you..
Krishna smiled… everyone enter into their room…
Sayyam : Maa apne suna….
Suhani : haan…Haan…Suna… thank you Krishna…for giving us such a good news…
Sayyam :(make face) thank you sirf Krishna keliye…
Suhani smiled at him…
Suhani come to him..Pull his cheeks
Suhani : tumhe bhi…Mera bachha…
Everyone congratulate them…
Suhani found Yuvraj was at the door watching everyone… she came near him..
Suhani : Yuvraj…I can’t believe that we are going to be grandparents… mein dadi or tum Dada.. Awww Dadaji….
She pulls his nose… playfully…He smiled..
Suhani understand something wrong…
Suhani : kya huwa tum khush nahi…?
Yuvraj : haan bahut.. but I was thinking… I was not there with you when you needed me the most..
Suhani : it’s ok Yuvraj…But tum the hai na..Mere har mushkil mein, har gham mein..
Mujhe or kya chahiye…
They hold each other..and watched Kriyam holding their hands… like them..


Hope you like it… give me your love and support through comments… Please…. Love you all…

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  1. Shaani

    Aww…. Soo sweet… This is soo nice.. Loved it… U should have been in ssel team yaar… Then we would get a scene like this Na…
    Anyways super awesome… I truly enjoyed it…keep writing ?

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Shani..For the nice compliment..

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Are u ending ur ff? Nooo u can’t I loved it soo much. I mean u write fabulously.. Even if u stop it plz try to come up with a new one…becoz I love ur writting….and the episode was terrific. We really needed those scenes in SSEL…but they made it a joke…but ur writting is sooo good…u slayed the episode as usual…

    1. Hafsaaa

      Omg so true? We need you as a writer in ssel fidato,the makers ruined the pregnancy part and tf in the show Saiyyam went shopping so like straight 3 days.I want more of this.More of kriyam romance afterwards ♥️♥️

      1. exactly?and when krishna needed sayyam most he was busy in shopping??wtf?it looked like a comedy show??

    2. Fidato

      Nope Annie…This is a one shot… I’m not ending that ff… Thank you so much..For the comments..

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Oh..thank u soo much. I am relieved… Becoz ur sitting is too good and I can’t afford to miss it it…. Soo happy that u r not ending it..????

  3. Amazing conception and presentation.
    The episode was indeed awesome and superb in all respects. The witty dialogues and thoughts of krishna lent this story a greatly humorous touch and fantastic originality. It is truly overwhelming to read such a wonderful story after the immense amounts of disappointment faced due to the damned actions of the editorial board of the serial.
    The episode has surely given us a resaon to celebrate and be happy. The “kya tum mard nahi ho?” dialogue was really fantabulous and left me in fits of laughter. The episode was indeed a magnificently conceptualised piece of beautiful art.

    1. Fidato

      Aww thank you shivani….For this rocking comment… Glad you like it… I’m really love your opinions and analysing of episode…

  4. finally..this was d ppr way to give a good news..nicely written loved it..

    1. Fidato

      Thank you saniyaa

  5. Aww ? so cute epi….I was laughing when saiyyam said he didn’t do anything?..Loved it fidato..keep writing?

    1. Fidato

      Thank you isha

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