It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-6 by Darshana

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I was tired of this ..asking questions to myself and not getting any answer..i felt so irritated by it? i asked nikki
Sona:Nikki woh ladka hai na..(Nikki who is that man?)
Nikki:kaun ladka?(which man?)
Sona:wahi jisne suit phena hai..(the one who is wearing a suit)
Nikki:oh woh toh dev bhai hai.(oh!that one bhai)
Sona:dev bhai?
Nikki:mere big bro ..??..handsome hain na(in a teasing manner)(my big bro..he is handsome na)
I stood there dumbstruck…yeh aunty ka beta hai..hai bhagwan Maine kya kar Diya…pls save me??.

The engagement is completed and now its time for court..yes lets got to Ishwari court…?..hoping for the best!
I slowly stepped in while Nikki, Ria and of course obudhru was inside..obudhru was talking to aunty..i am sure complaining about me ??..what else could he do?..i was so tensed..i don’t want to get fired from my first job..that too when i was not at fault!..aunty looked at me ..her face was completely blank maybe she was angry/shocked/irritated by me ..of course any body will be(hope u guys remember that sona badmouthed about dev in front of ishwari)
Ishwari: i am Ishwari dixit…
Of course i knew that…
Ishwari:main dev Ki ma Huon!..jis ladke Ki tum ne burai Ki Thi na uski ma!
..i started to feel sick..i felt like why i am here..i was literally dead after hearing that???????..why did i say all that stuff..why??..i felt like scratching my head…???..i was surely getting mad

Ishwari:meri hi samne tumne mere dev Ki burai Ki…tumhari himmat bhi kaisi Hui…(in front of me you badmouthed about dare you?)
I gathered all my courage and controlled myself.
Sona:pls aunty mujhe nahi malum Tha..i am so sorry..(pls aunty I didnt know about it)
Ishwari:Abhi ke Abhi iss ghar se nikal jao.(get out of this house right now)
Nikki:what happen?..are u okay sona di?
Nikki:u okay?
I was standing in the hall..i was not in aunty’s all this …i was just daydreaming…great sona!..ab toh Tu din main bhi sapne dekne lagi(now you have started seeing dreams even in day)all this is because of Mr.obhudru?..
Suddenly i heard aunty calling me to her room..and surely i was not dreaming this time(trust me guys this is not a dream?)i took baby steps to her it was in my dream Nikki,Riya and dev was already in the room but the difference was everyone was so one was talking ..there was pin drop silence!
I was the first one to break the silence..
Ishwari:Sonakshi ..tumne.(Sonakshi
I didn’t let her continue…
Sona:i am really so sorry…i didn’t knew that he was your was not completely my mistake but was all a misunderstanding..i am so sorry..sorry..pls pls mujhe fire mat kijyega(dont fire me)pls aunty.
I was talking non one else was..just me…and then ishwari aunty smiled..i was totally confused..why was she smiling..i mean i was so tensed and she was smiling…???..strange na…i checked my face…
Sona:aunty..kya hua?(aunty..what happen?)
Ishwari:(still smiling)main tumse gussa nahi Huon..(why will be angry with you?)
Nikki:we all know how are dev bhai is ..
Nikki :mummy! could you do this…how could you be so rude.
Dev:ma..she was at fault too..
Sonakshi:only 1%..
I made an innocent face.
Ishwari:anyways whatever happened..happened..forget it!…nikki we have to clear out the stuffs in the hall lets go
Ria:even i am coming.
I took a deep breath..i was feeling so good now…aunty is so sweet…but this obudhru..he was about to go but then i stopped could i let him go easily?…
Sona:kuch jal raha hai na?(something is burning na?)
Sona:oh !…its are boiling from anger..?.
Now i am not at all afraid of him…so now he have to pay for messing up with Dr.sonakshi Bose. No doubt my words doubled his anger but he tried his best to keep calm..he slowly started moving towards me..i wasn’t scared..ok fine i admit i was..anyone would be…he moved even more closer..just a inch gap between us..(Priya..remember that dream..look it happened in real)

He caught hold of my shoulders with his two strong arms..the hold was not tight but..
Dev:Dr.sonakshi Bose,what do you think? is in your support so you can say me anything..if so then you are wrong..i am your boss remember that..?
What the hell was he saying..he will be my boss never..ever! I shoved his hands and in a very stern voice said
Sona:oh dixit aka obudhru..? are not my boss…aunty is my patient..and you are his son..that means you are just a family member to my could you be my boss?
Surely he was surprised with my answer..saying so i was about to go when my leg got tangled with his and i was about to fall and he tried to save me but as his leg was tangled with mine..he lost his balance and then instead of just me falling..he falled over me…but thank god on the bed!…at least i was not hurt…he was on top of me..everything froze..neither did i move nor did he ..we both were exploring each others eyes..i could clearly see in his eyes anger..maybe for me,love surely for his family and pain..dont know what kind of pain did he have!….
A loud sound…maybe something crased to the floor..bought us back to earth…he got up quite embarrassed and straightly moved outside the room…
Days pass by accompanying sona and dev continuous nok jhok along with neha’s marriage ceremony …finally it s the wedding day…
My eyes were filled with tears when i came out of neha’s room..neha was completely dressed in bridal lehanga and jewellery..bahut sundar lag rahi Thi meri beti(my daughter was looking so beautiful)par ab woh mere pas nahi rahigi(but she will no more be there with me)this thought was pricking me…lekin kushi bhi hai Ki Maine apni jimmedari Puri kar li…bas aaj sab kuch ache pura ho jaye…(but I was happy..that I have completed my responsibilty..hope everything goes well today)
Finally its the time and the pandit says
“kaniya ko buleiye..”(pls call the bride)
Ishwari:Nikki Ria jao apni didi ko le aayo…(Nikki Ria go and bring your daughter)
After 20min
Nikki and Ria come rushing and …
****************************************************precap: dev hugs Sonakshi and thanks her…???
So guys how was it..really sorry for the delay..
I am having a test on this Saturday and then from monday I will be out of station as I am going to my hometown so…hence a little busy with shopping and studying??…
I actually need your suggestion guys..should I end my ff before coming monday or else you all can wait untill I come back..i will be coming back on 15th of may…
Sorry all the ff writers,I was not able to comment but very soon I will be commenting in all your ff’s /os…
And ya last time I gave a was on behalf of Purvi128..and not by me..its not my exams exams are completed and thank god they are
So plzz comment…
Bbyeee..see you all in the next?

Love u all loads????????????

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  1. Pls dont end it. Will definitely wait for this wonderful ff. Before monday pls try to post one.

  2. V.V.harshita

    Awesome post soon ????

  3. Vinya

    Do u really have to end ur ff? I like ur ff sooo much… Pls don’t end it… I wud suggest post one before leaving and continue after coming back but don’t end so soon….keep writing and keep smiling ☺

  4. Aamu

    As always superb….
    N again ek sapna dikha diya?
    Har epi me ek sapna to hota hai…?
    But last scene..??
    I m cnfused…dev hug sona.? Seriously..?
    How can a enemy hug…another…
    Der i think sona helped dm… next sooon..n dont end it..v can wait

  5. nice episode..
    plz don’t end ur ff… it is really good… so keep on writing… plz try to post one post before monday…

  6. nice episode..
    plz don’t end ur ff… it is really good… so keep on writing… plz try to post one more episode before monday…

  7. Superb… Pleased don’t end

  8. Awesome episode

  9. Once again a dream???..but ya like everyone said pls font end ur ff..just love ur storyline???
    post next soon

  10. Heshine

    Hey darshana. … r u dear…?!
    This epi was fabulous…! Amazing…! I was literally laughing when dev stood helpless …..??
    Hahah … . dev…!!!
    This was such a good episode…! ….sona explaining to dev that he was not her boss….??????????????
    Really amazing episode….and the precap………..
    Superb….!! Pls post soon dear…and sorry fa the late cmnt…!??❤❤?
    Love u…!

  11. Superrrrrr episode and waiting for next ???

  12. ShrutiP

    It was awesome dear please post soon …And sorry for commenting late…Was busy with my studies..???

  13. Priya12

    Don’t dare 2 end ur ff…
    And sapna…pura ho gaya,,
    It was splendid..fab…
    Luved it 2 the core di..
    I m eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi
    Post asap

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