Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 13

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Hi…guys thank you so much for your lovely comments.. sorry I couldn’t thank you all individually… My network hub has some problem..So it will take some days..Tab tak mobile data only..
Someone wants to introduce new characters into my ff…but I’m really sorry yaar..I didn’t think about it… my imaginations starts with Kriyam and ends with Kriyam…Hope you understand… so guys please let me know your suggestions and opinions through comments..I will try ma best…

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 13

Scene 1

Kriyam hug… Krishna hugged Sayyam so tightly..She shut her eyes in terror.. clutches his shirt.. even more tighter… rain is falling so heavily.. so Sayyam breaks their hug..
Sayyam : Krishna…humein jaldi shelter doondna hai..Come..
They ran through the rain..After a while they found motel.. they rushed into it… both breathing heavily..
Receptionist looked at them suspicious..

Sayyam : we need a room.. Jaldi..
Receptionist : oh.. kahan se aa rahi ho..Wo bhi poore bheeg ke..
Sayyam : oh please… Whatever money you needed take it and give me the damn room..OK…
Receptionist little frightened..and then ready to give.. forward the register..
Receptionist : address please..
Sayyam write it down..Give him back..
Receptionist eyeing at Krishna… she tries to dry up her hair using her hand..pats on hair..Doing this she take all her hair in front that shows her back.. Receptionist gulps seeing this..
Sayyam noticed this and came in between blocked his view..But he moves his head.. to other side.. Sayyam lost his patience..crushing his teeth..Hold his collar..Moves him towards Sayyam
Sayyam : wo meri beewi hai… aankh uda ke dekhana…
Receptionist : so…So.. Sorry bhaiya…
Krishna turns… Sayyam loosen his grip..
Krishna : mil gaya kya…
Receptionist adjust his shirt.. looks into register..
Receptionist : yeh kya… aapka poore naam nahi.. I can’t give room..
Sayyam felt..something pricking him inside.. he took the pen… to write but stops…Krishna looks at him..understands his pain.. she take the pen from him and fill it..
‘Sayyam Yuvraj Birla’
Sayyam looked at her…with a faint smile.. who are you Krishna…You are giving solutions to all my problems..within seconds..
Krishna : Or kya chahiye…Tumhe..?? Krishna raged at receptionist.. he looked at register..Drops his jaw..Panics
Receptionist : I’m really sorry sir.. aap Birla’s ho… pehle kyun nahi bathaya.. mujhe maaf kardo sir.. Please…
Krishna give him a stern look..Then looks at Sayyam.. he still lost in thoughts.. she snaps her finger.. Sayyam..Came back to senses…
Receptionist : please come with me sir..
He show the room to them..
Receptionist : you need anything else..Sir..
Sayyam looks at Krishna..She is shivering with cold..
Sayyam : haan… can you get a taxi.. I need some things..
Receptionist : sir..Apko kya chahiye..Mein le aatha hum..
Sayyam : (looks at Krishna) no..No..I will manage..Just get a taxi..
Receptionist : sir..You can use our..Car.. ithne baarish mein taxi milna mushkil hogi..
Sayyam : OK.. I will come in minute..

Sayyam locked the room..Turns to Krishna..
She is sneezing.. he grab a towel and give to her..
Sayyam : ye lo..Poch lo..Varna beemar pad jayenge..
Krishna : or tumhe…
Sayyam : I’m ok…
Krishna get another towel and give to him.. they started to dry up their hair…and face..
Sayyam : change your clothes.. It’s all wet.. there is a bathrobe.. inside bathroom..
Krishna : or tum…
Sayyam : I’m fine.. I will get some clothes..
Krishna : tum teek se poch liya na..
Sayyam : oh..Hello..Yeh mat seekho mujhe bachpan se leke mein hi karthi aaya hai.. akele…
The last words pricks them both.. there is silence for a moment ..
Krishna : par..Ab main hoon na…
Krishna looks with a twinkling smile… Sayyam looks at her adorably…a small smile crept on his face..
This time it’s Sayyam.Krishna giggles…
Krishna : bless you… Lao mujhe…
She extends her hand for towel… Sayyam give her without hesitation… she came to him..started to dry his hair.. Sayyam looking up to Krishna..with innocence…while she drying his hair.. he shooked his head playfully..(I know we all do this when our mom drying our hair..?) Krishna surprised to his action.. she smiled widely..
Pat on his shoulder softly..
Krishna : Sayyam…teek se ghadi raho..
Sayyam smiled like a child..shooks again..
Krishna :(give him a stern look) Sayyam…
Sayyam realised what he was doing… looked at Krishna with a painful smile..He always wanted his mother to dry his hair..but there were none when he needed them most..His eyes become moist… he stood up suddenly..
Sayyam : ok..Ok..Ab tum jao kapde badlo..I will get some clothes..
Krishna nods.. Sayyam left.. Krishna goes to change..

Scene 2

Sayyam found shop and stop the car.. shopkeeper welcomed with a wide smile..
Shopkeeper : how can I help you sir…?
Sayyam : I need some clothes…
Shopkeeper : sir aap keliye…?
Sayyam : yeah..
He took some clothes for him..Then think about Krishna..
Shopkeeper : anything else sir..?
Sayyam : huh…Haan.. umm.. I need some clothes for a gal..
Shopkeeper : (looks and smile) girl friend hai sir…?
Sayyam give him a stern look that fades away his smile…
Sayyam : my wife…For my wife…
Shopkeeper : what type are you preferring sir..??
Sayyam confused..Type.. what type..
Sayyam : ahem…I mean everything..
Shopkeeper give him a suspicious look..
Sayyam understands..but ignored..
Sayyam : make it fast..
Shopkeeper : sir size..??
Sayyam irritated size…He thinks…What to do..? Yeh size kaise bathaoon.. he get thinking… finally he decided..
Sayyam : wo actually…Mere shoulder ke thode upper..( showing with his hands) and ithne..(extends his both hands to show breadth) si breadth..I mean… Whatever.. you understand..
Shopkeeper nods his head…and suppressed his laugh..
Shopkeeper : apko apni patni ki size nahi jantha…?
Sayyam felt embarrassed…He looks away..
Shopkeeper : oh…Ab samjhi..Nayi nayi shaadi huyi hai kya…??
Sayyam nods to him…with a paled face…
He brought a dress… and droves back to motel…

Scene 3

Krishna wearing the bathrobe .. It’s just knee length…She felt uncomfortable..But remember when she wore short dress Sayyam understands her condition without saying.. she smiled.. just then she heard a knock on door..
Krishna : who..?
Sayyam : Krishna..It’s me…
Krishna look at herself and switch off the room light… Opened the door.. Sayyam enter with dresses.. he surprised there is no light..
Sayyam : what happened to lights..?
He searched and switch on.. he turns to see Krishna is struggling with her bathrobe..to pull it to cover her legs.. he turns and give her dress..
Sayyam : go and change it..
Krishna rushed to washroom..
Sayyam : koi pareshan kiya…?
Krishna stops and smiled seeing his concern…Nods negatively..and entered into washroom..
She really exited to see what he brought for her.. she opens her mouth to find It’s a babydoll..satin silk.. outside Sayyam started to change his.. he take off his shirt,t shirt and unzip his pants..And about to take it off.. Krishna opens the door..Both screamed.. Krishna shut her eyes and turns.. Sayyam turns and put his shirt over to hide bare body..
Sayyam : what’s wrong with you..?
Krishna : (still closing her eyes) I’m sorry…I didn’t..see anything..
She slapped her head…
Sayyam : what happened..?
Krishna : yeh kya laga hai tum..
Sayyam : mujhe kya patha.. Tumhari yeh size kya hota hai… unhone kaha ki it will fit on anyone…So..
He looks at Krishna to be sure..She is ok with his explanation…
Sayyam : waise yeh wo bathrobe se bhi achi hai..
He smirks…while looking at her.. Krishna realised what is she doing..quickly close the door.. to change .
Krishna come out of washroom..She looks stunning in that chocolate brown long maxi dress.. it really compliments her long brown hair..and project her big brown eyes..
She looks for Sayyam…Then find him in setting the fireplace.. Sayyam senses she is coming..
Sayyam : dinner order Karen..? Yeh lo menu …( turns and see her)…. ca… rd….

Sayyam flabbergasted.. to see her in new avatar…He couldn’t take off his eyes… It’s really revealing her curves.. beautifully… Krishna feels the intense gaze on her.. Sayyam understands her uneasiness..So unwillingly looks away.. She crosses her arms and rubbed her hands… turning… to other side..
Krishna felt a cold hand on shoulder… her eyes widens in shock.. started to panics.. she turns to see it’s Sayyam… She nervously looks at him.. he is coming closer to her as she go backwards… at last she stops when strikes to wall.. Sayyam smirks.. at her.. she tries to move but he blocked her placing his hands…
Sayyam : what happened…Why you so scared…Huh..?( He raise his eyebrows)
Sayyam : you know what… I don’t need anyone’s favour… when I had one..I will return the favour…
He come really closer to her ear… Krishna squeezed her eyes.. in fear..
Sayyam : (whispers) with interest….
He smiled to a corner.. Krishna hold her breath and try hard to push him…But he held her both hands to walls… Krishna struggling to get away but..he didn’t let her go.. he coming closer and closer.. to kiss..
Krishna : (shouts) NAHI….
Sayyam : tum chilla kyun rahi ho…Agar pasand nahi tho kuch or order karthe..

Krishna looks puzzled… she looks at the wall.. there is nothing..and look back to Sayyam.. Sayyam is clueless…give her a ‘what is wrong with you ‘ expression… Krishna is breathing heavily…Oh God Krishna…You are dreaming with open eyes..
Sayyam : tum kuch bologi ya bhooki rahna hai..?
Krishna : huh….no it’s fine.. whatever your order make it two…
Sayyam : ok.. hmm..ithni buri nahi hai is mein… It’s good on you..
Sayyam glances at her… Krishna face redden hearing this.. She smiled beautifully.
Sayyam looks at her smiling…

Precap : Kriyam moments…

Hi…I don’t know.. whether you people expect a real kiss scene.. I’m sorry not so soon like ssel.. they really rushed..for Kriyam.. ek din mein confession, ek minute hug and slept.. do din baad pregnancy..Ek week ke baad miscarriage… anyway we can drag them..To any extends.. so please bear me.. give me your opinions and support through comments.. love you all…

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  1. Beautiful and well written episode. It was truly awesome in all respects. The dialogues and actions left me well and truly gaping at my mobile’s screen. The characters were wonderfully depicted and portrayed.
    I am indeed unable to put my feelings into words. Just spellbinding..

    1. Fidato

      Thank you so much shivani…. I just love comment…Such beauty of vocabulary.. I’m glad you like it dear…

  2. awww??so c beautifully written?

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Awww….it was soooo cute..I mean truly these are dream scenes.. I just loved each and every part of the episode and I could imagine it…and I agree ssel rushed with kriyam…but anyways ur marvellous ff is like a treat for us kriyammates…loved it…❤❤

  4. Plz don’t show miscarriage in this ff
    By the way awesome episode..
    Love ur ff….❤

  5. Awesome just killed it

  6. U fooled us?…I was really blushing?…love it girl…u r right their confession was only a min long…anyways keep writing fidatoo Dr..?

  7. Shaani

    Very nice Dr… Superb.. U have written every dialogue very well… Loved it… Keep writing… Waiting for the next part…

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