Beyhadh 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana asks Arjun if does not remember Ayan at all, he bought Ayan since childhood. Arjun sees Maya’s reflection and scold Vandana to stop trying to create rift between him and Maya. Maya enters and says even after losing everything, maa does not trust her. She tells Arjun it is their duty to explain mom, any mother would react same. She tells Arjun that he is trying to take her side as he saw her reflection. Arjun gets nervous and says Maya..She says she is blind in love, but her intelligence is same. She tells Vandana that she saw how much Arjun loves her and foce feeds her. Arjun says maa can eat herself. Maya says let her feed. Saanjh calls Vandana. Vandana gets tensed. Maya asks Arjun if his phone is ringing. He says no. She looks at Vandana’s waist and says maa’s phone is ringing. Vandana nervously disconnects call and says it is phone company. Maya says it is phone is not good for her and tells Arjun they should disconnect maa’s number. Vandana nervously snatches phone and says it is an old number and her relatives may call her. Maya tells Arjun that he may need warm water for indigestion, so she will bring it. Arjun says it is okay, but she goes in and brings water bucket and starts mopping floor and drops Vandana’s phone in water.

Saanjh repeatedly calls Vandana and hopes she is fine. Samay enters and says he caught her. She asks what, thinking if he came to know about her plan. He says she loves him, but has time for someone else. She says she was calling client. He says she is engaged to him and spend more time with him. She says she is going to meet client and leaves. Samay thinks she is up to something and he has to know.

Saanjh gives another brand new phone to Vandana and says she made a mistake and had to be punished. She continues her baseless psycho blabbering. Arjun says let us go to office. Maya says what if she does not come, he has to handle office alone from hereon, she will be with maa and serve her. She forcefully sends Arjun out and frightens Vandana that she should not have done this. She forces her to talk to Jahnvi. Vandana nervously tells she prepares tasty dal and she must have taught Maya to prepare it. Maya asks to continue conversing and leaves warning that god/she is looking at her, reminding she has installed CCTV cameras all around the house. Vandana sees Maya has left her mobile and gets happy that Maya cannot watch her now, then thinks she must have made alternative arrangements. She requests Jahnvi to let her search house as Ayan’s innocence proof will be here for sure, even she is a mother. Jahnvi approves with a beep. Vandana enters Maya’s room and starts searching for proof. She tries open Maya’s secret door with her hair pin when Maya enters house searching her mobile, does not find Vandana on her seat, fumes and shouts maa…I am back..I am coming in. Vandana gets more tensed.

Precap: Ayan tells Saanjh that Maya can do anything, what if she harms maa/Vadnana. Maya closes door on Vandana’s hand and injures it. Vandana shouts in pain and tries to free her injured, bleeding hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The Dark Hunter

    Hey all maya lovers and the like!

    I was going to make a compilation of all of Maya’s good moments in Beyhadh, but first i wanted to ask a question to you guys…

    What is YOUR favourite moment in Beyhadh?

    if you want please reply to this comment and i will be delighted to hear from you guys.

    Many thanks
    Love maya always <3

    P.s. I'll keep reporting this regularly the next few days every day. Lets see how many different people give their responses. If you've already commented on this you need not comment again unless you really want to!

    Many thanks

    Maya ❤❤❤

    1. Dark hunter
      The most toching episode for me is episode 23
      The dialouges between maya and arjun are at par
      The tablet scene is also unique


    Interesting…Maya openly knows she is blind in love but not In intelligence.

    Why is she injuring Vandana as well? Does she want to make Arjun hate her?

    Jhanvi is supporting VM it seems. She never supported her daughter in any of her dark times instead running after a child abuser and black hearted money launderer, so we can’t expect any motherly love now. It may be for a more just cause now, but Jhanvi should start to show some motherly care, else Maya has every right to treat her the way she is now.

    Jennifer on-set says she is not trying to hurt her physically only mentally torture her as payback for VM not accepting her when she wanted to change, so why did she injure her more than deliberately?

    Contradictory if you ask me…

    Oh well am waiting for Ashwin-Jhanvi FB and samay-maya meeting, at least the show will progress then. Plus Arjun will start hating her again which I dislike, such negativity is not nice to watch especially so many episodes in a row, almost makes we want saanjh scenes just to see a bit more light-heartedness (smh)

    Lets see how the CVs justify this current mess, season 1 was a LOT better but Jennifer as Maya is keeping me going, else I would have quit mid-murder investigation period,

  3. Jus dragging … No progress at all… Lil boring I must say…

  4. So unfair.. What did you do to Maya? I can’t see her like this anymore. Please I want MY Maya back. ??

    Love Maya always ? ❤?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      We all want OUR maya back Anaika, and only us devoted and true maya lovers see that maya within her character, the REAL one overshadowed by this distorted doppelgänger created through the world’s cruelties and her own demons. We wish to see that Maya return, OUR maya, and we will always hope.

      Maya ❤❤❤

  5. i truly feel that when the cvs started this show in season 1.. wat they actually had in mind is to keep mayas character grey… a child abuse victim who turned obsessive due to her traumatized past.. but i kind of feel they suddenly decided to change the track.. remember wen ashwin kidnaps VM and tells maya is evil n insane she broke my leg.. i kinda felt that was the turning point.. since then they are trying to spin a story to convey that ashwin was not bad.. but it was maya only who was evil and extrly possessive about her mom n tried her best to keep ashwin at bay… n i think this idealogy of CVS has been carried in season 2 aswell.. they are trying to paint mayas character itself black now…looking at the current scenario, i won’t be surprised if later we get to know that it was ashwin who we had to sympathise with… so u see where they are heading to….

  6. Worst worst worst as a daughter as a wife as a daughter in law (maya?)

  7. I actually hate maya. . Dragging n boring. .down with samay also. , saanjh speed up to prove ayaan innocent..

  8. Maya ….she’s such a big psychopath…..why they just let her win….why…why is truth hidden…..please CVS either show saanjh’s action against Maya or drag Maya in a positive role….please this serial is going hell with this ridiculous track


    it’s horrible what the CVS are doing to her 🙁
    Whatever wrong she had done before (season 1) at least there was some reasonable justification or reason behind it, and she would moreover not wish to harm anybody directly and would even feel regret many times.
    Now they are showing she is willing to physically injure VM and frighten her for entertainment? That is among the lowest blows they’ve done to her character so far alongside the BS fake rape case that they shouldn’t have ever shown in that way as it is pushing maya further and further towards the point of no return, which I cannot even bear to imagine ? they could have handled it so much better, but they made Ayan an innocent despite those filthy dialogues and manhandling her, as well as the FB maya had in the hospital clearly showing her trauma at Arjun’s touch and the realism of the incident in her dialogues/suicides after the event. But nooo, they’ve made him go off Scott-free by branding maya as staging the whole thing? I mean do the CVs even check their characters writing before making some characters lines come out? It’s as if Maya is omniscient and knows everything that will happen in any situation, and whatever they will say its not by their own cause but by Maya’s plotting forcing the words and actions out?? That is unrealistic, they have to show inconsistency in her plans and faults, and moreover especially in Ayan’s case that he is not so innocent, especially the way they showed the scene even through his own FB’s and the fact that he said similar words to saanjh and VM before even entering Maya’s house. I mean how can the CVs conveniently overlook all that? It’s pathetic as its their own writing their squandering, Season 1 was SO much more well written, beautiful and made sense whatever direction it took.

    How are the CVs complimenting the 2 seasons? They cannot make us empathise with maya and love her for being a scared, broken child in season 1, who had compassion and kindness despite her anger and manipulative issues e.g. reuniting Arjun’s family, saving him from island, jumping off bridge for Jhanvi, trying to become a good person and have a happy family despite her past and even Saanjh as her friend etc. By making us smile when she smiled and giddy when they showed Arya’s love scenes, why they then take a complete 180 flip and make her this vindictive psychopath without remorse at all?! It’s completely against everything we admired and saw in her character before!

    I wonder foremost how Jennifer herself views Maya now? She originally said in an IV just before leap that Maya is a women she would want to be…
    Did she know the script for season 2 and how they planned to completely destroy the light within her and make almost black? Would she still defend her saying she is NOT bad now? Injuring VM and FRAMING Ayan goes beyond justification of deeds and is just stupid, she knows Arjun still cares for VM so how is injuring her going to make Arjun support her or love her? They are pointlessly wasting time and screwing with her character/intentions such its difficult to even understand her anymore, she’s unpredictable yes but she had her good shades which kept her grey and in balance, what the hell is this character now??

    Im really worried as to what their definition of GREY is, or whether they are even trying to maintain her greyness/destroy it all together to justify Arya separation? Is the definition of GREY according to the CVs someone who can go very far but not so far as to MURDER? Is it someone who can do black deeds but because of a traumatic childhood she is GREY? That is rubbish and they should know it, they are being inconsistent I feel in maintaining her greyness by showing such things that are making her nigh Irredeemable, grey characters can be redeemed black characters cannot, so I don’t know what the actual hell they are doing atm… Moreover, greyness Is determined in the personality not the history of a character, Maya has always been Dark, but she had goodness that even overpowered it many times, whereas now… What can I say?
    If they cared at all about her greyness and the respective love fans have for that greyness, they wouldn’t have shown her STAGING a rape, nor torturing somebody for fun, no wonder so many are against her now whereas before a majority were WITH her?!

    Why even bother showing the vulnerable Maya, the loving one who would sacrifice her well being for others. Why show the sad, broken maya craving love, the happy maya post-marriage wanting to change and being blissful in love, the manipulative but simultaneously caring/understanding maya post-Mauritius who did things with good intentions but sometimes by the wrong means?

    Why show any of this, why create the tale of an abused mentally ill child to make us love her and empathise/wish for her betterment and happiness in love, to then show her going THIS far down? What was the point of all the Arya symbolisms e.g. Arjun walking Maya’s footsteps off the island, their love defined by the 4 elements, inviting colours back into Maya’s life, saanjh’s dupatta catching fire when praying to remove the darkness from Arjun, the genuine good maya throughout murder saga etc…

    WHY create such happy moments and memorable occasions of maya and Arya, especially that of maya being the BEST of the bad and good within, if to create this monstrosity now?

    I guess they didn’t anticipate the sympathy, love and respect Maya had received for her character and her background, and yet they still decided this was best, I hope it’s not a permanent spiral of decline from now, that she gets worse and worse till she can never return or redeem, and that it becomes tragic in the end, showing that a ill person can only cause unhappiness and hurt others and thus deserves suffering and death? That is the most despicable message they can send out and if they do I will never watch Indian Tv dramas ever again if they have such vulgarity in their minds!

    I know I’ve ranted today but I couldn’t contain myself sorry guys :p
    It’s just sad how they’re showing a character who deserves sympathy and love being degraded to such an extent that we can no longer even wish for her happiness. I foremost wish to know especially after the whole Ayan drama is done how Jennifer views her character now, a character that she loved and admired like so many of us for her passion, courage and most of all that she is NOT bad and worthy of respect. She better give a ray of hope or something similar that maya is not lost, that she still is redeemable and able to live and love again, the way they’ve shown her story so far everyone she has loved has betrayed her or hurt her, they have to show that cycle being broken and for her to overcome her insecurities and demons through love and acceptance.

    some people naively say that if Maya wins then EVIL wins. That is completely wrong, unless the CVs have completely ignored all the work they’ve put into her character so far and just make her like another GG Amy Dunne (which I seems to be happening atm…), then I applaud their incompetence in delivering such a sensitive thing to such a large audience. Maya is loved as she has goodness that we ALL saw in season 1, but they are cutting it out her and making her darker than ever. It better be that this is a phase, and that she improves in phase 3, becoming the Maya that we could all sympathise with and love, and then Arjun realises Maya’s worth and her love and tries to get her back that would be ideal if Arya is forced to separate this time, that or Maya leaves him completely in selfless fashion and finds her happiness by LOVING HERSELF and life, that would be equally beautiful for me and justice to a character like her.

    I only want her to be happy, as only then can the TRUE EVIL (ASHWIN) be defeated. If maya dies or is lost forever/alone, then Ashwin wins and the show will be completely ruined and the reputation of such shows for a long time I wager, so I hope they have the right idea or get it soon, else I hate where this is going, especially after all they’ve worked so hard to do till now they can’t make it all go to waste ?

    Anyway I’ll stop now before I completely fill the page with my comment alone lol ??

    Love maya forevermore ❤❤❤❤

    P.S. I’ll post my extract from IF yesterday for u guys to see 🙂


    1. I agree to the moon and back with your opinion. This Maya is now far-fetched and more she going on with her manipulations, more difficult it becomes for her to redeem later

      Please show OUR Maya back! Maya was better off when Arjun hadn’t entered. The message CVs are sending is that love destroys limitless or not. But this ain’t good when you show the character of Maya with a traumatic childhood, abusive father, weak-willed mother and betraying lover (Samay maybe?)

      Please want our old Maya back!!

      Love Maya always ❤?

  10. The Dark Hunter

    Walking the foosteps on the sand…
    The sands of time…

    Was this a symbolism of their relation? That no matter how far they grow apart Maya and Arjun’s destinies and love are forever intertwined?
    That among other such symbolisma make me have hope for Arya still, providing they are referencing such things still and havent just brushed them off as a spur-of-the-moment idea, that would be really disappointing if thats the case.

    Arjun is the ONLY one who can help her i feel. If he just stands and fights rather than tries to run away, im sure a lot could have been prevented then and now. She is doing all this as her moral compass is limited to protecting and loving Arjun no matter what, so she cant see her wrongs in her actions as her greater intention is safeguarding his naivety from the world, she feels she is showing him the right way, and only through him accepting this reality and then trying to prove to her that she is truly hurting him, running away and shouting at her will only enforce her thoughts of his immaturity and make her more possessive, he has to face the problem head-on and reveal the truth. Maybe even getting himslef arrested or something emotionally stirring will make her want to leave him again and show her selfless side again, i dont know.

    Truthfully i wish they had done it so that she released Ayan with a warning never to come near her house or Arjun again. Arjun may have even loved her more but still hate Ayan, a win-win situation. Plus VM and Saanjh would have no reason to infiltrate and expose her ‘truth’, it would have been a clever way to hide her truth and remain grey in character as well, the CVs are losing it I fear. Eventually however I would want maya to reveal her truth, not have it dug up by undesirables and exposed potentially in a more negative way. She will have to trust Arjun and his love and reveal everything like she was going to the day he made Vacan 6 about truthfulness and lies. If he still stays with her, she will know his true love and will start healing again and trusting, else there is no other way for her but towards darkness 🙁

    Regardless all i will ever want from this show is Maya happy and healed, no matter with or without Arjun irrelevant (i dont want samay for Maya as his craziness for her will only make her worse, Arjun’s milder tones and his kinder love is the medicine she needs.)

    i just want her happy and free from her darkness forever.

    Maya always ❤❤❤


    A much needed post from @TheUnique on IF forums. Good to see there are still many neutral viewers who are also rational people and see the character based on the serial overall rather than current events alone. Being so superficial in judgement is unhealthy and does injustice into what Maya is as a character, i will post recent developments from Jennifer and co. concerning her in a separate post. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

    Love maya forevermore


    Normally looking at matters it does seem Maya is so creepy.. she’s always stalking everyone… torturing the innocent people. These days she’s really going overboard. Her actions cannot be justified.
    But when I see from Maya’s POV then I feel her actions can be completely justified. How can Maya trust anyone cuz I see she has only seen betrayals! The mom she loves or loved once used to throw herself at the person who had physically abused both her and her daughter at every opportunity. Twice we saw this so called mom of hers nearly got killed by this man but yet she betrays her daughter everytime. Once in a while her motherly instincts rise and she’s all Maya baby Maya baby but the next moment she’s yearning to get back with her abusive ex husband

    Next Arjun… who you yourself think is actually in love with Saanjh…Now .
    this guy suddenly is showering his undying love for Maya only to take a U turn from time to time and play ILu ILu game with his bestie whenevs he feels suffocated in this relationship.
    Did Maya ask him to propose her at gunpoint that he suddenly decided to add colour in her life…propose her underwater and promise to fill her life with happiness!! We all know he was more in love with her power money and having a beautiful wife was his dream. So you cannot say he loves her truly. You cannot make an excuse of his stupidity and say he’s not bad just stupid… Same way we can also say Maya isn’t bad she’s just mental as people who surround her made her that way.

    Saanjh never actually was a friend of Maya’s. Both Saanjh and Ayaan actually tolerated Maya cuz of Arjun. If arjun hated Maya it wouldn’t take a sec for these people to drop maya like a hot potato. They will not bother to introspect what went wrong in that marriage but will believe Arjun blindly. Did any of them ever say Arjun to get help for Maya.. Saanjh says teri biwi pagal hai like mental illness is some kinda disease.

    Vandy always treated her like untouchable. So no expectation from her.

    Tell me one person who has actually loved Maya genuinely and despite that Maya betrayed him/her?

    Jhanvi even once blamed Maya that cuz of her birth she cannot be with Ashwin… but did we ever see Ashwin actually craving for her? The guy despised her.. but yet she wanted him! And what mother would blame her daughter for being born? That’s not a mother at all she doesn’t deserve the title!

    If a girl since childhood grew up without love care and only with hatred and betrayals from each and everyone how do you expect her to behave rationally? Of course she will never trust anyone.. Her own mom betrays her at every chance! She will obviously spy on people to see whether they are betraying her or not… what game are they playing behind her back and over the years this has taken its toll on her personality.

    Even now no one besides that psycho Samay is with her. Even that Samay had given her dhoka once… that’s what she had told him when they met …so a girl who only got dhokas in life you hate her and want her dead but the guy Arjun who is loved by all in abundance but still landed in such a situation… who sleeps with a woman who he hates when there is no need actually.. and mouths cheesy lines to comfort her …does not trust a brother enough who he grew up with but decides to trust the woman who he knows is a manipulater …but yet has hallucinations of her killing people …no sorry I have no sympathies for such a man! I can only blame this man for the position he is in.


    I would go to disagree in Ayan’s case at least though. He genuinely did care for his Bhabi and Maya truly cared for him too, as he was the only one she openly expressed her regret for separating in front of Ganesh, where she only ever spoke honestly, and he was her admirer and friend, plus he was willing to leave VM the FIRST time in his life, as she was troubling maya too much and he wanted maya to be accepted and happy.

    His dialogues and rough handling recently however cannot be ignored, and he was drunk so that adds to his guilt in the matter, but the CVs are making him innocent which is completely baseless they better not totally screw with consistency otherwise its unbecoming and wrong in their approach.

  12. Diz is becoming seriously v bore nd common…wch was nt beyhadh we all knew watched enjoyed commented waited…its jus like ny other daily soap now…

  13. This is how a Grey shaded character is. From the start, Maya wasn’t suppose to be a bad girl turn good , so it’s no surprise, cvs sticking to what they wanted. Maya knows her actions , she just doesn’t care or have sympathy anymore.

    I hope jhanvi help vandana and they find proof against Maya. I hope saanj doesn’t spill her plans to samaya the traiter.


      A grey shaded character is not bad turn good BUT it is a bad character with GOOD shades.
      They aren’t even showing any good shades of maya unlike how well they did justice to her greyness and character in season 1 the CVs have lost the plot or don’t care anymore which is deeply unsettling for a lot of fans I’m sure.

  14. Now the CVs are making Maya like Viraj Dobriyal (if anyone remembers that character, he was in Saubhagyawati bhawa)
    Jahnavi and Vandana teaming up- I never expected this. Though Jahnavi can’t help cause her disability.
    Arjun will never admit it but he is indeed scared of Maya

  15. Maya faked her attempted rape, like she faked her false sad childhood. Maya is one of those needy clingy people, first she clung to her mother then Arjun now poor Vandana… This track is so boring, I am waiting for Samay’s murder track.

  16. So disturbing, oh God! Such evil! Maya is an obsessive beast. I dont know what troubled past people are harping on about. She is heartless and evil. What values does she portray other that being a successful business woman? She has done the most evil things, what I cannot get over is the Holi incident with Saanjh, we know she caused herself to fall off the stairs. You caused the termination of your own pregnancy and blamed it on Saanjh, thank God she doesnt have children. She will probably inflict pain on them to get to Arjun. Oh how sick!

  17. Prads

    If Maya can plan to trap Aayan in a fake Rape case so that Arjun believe her then how it is not possible that the story told by Maya is a right one….. We all know that Maya’s childhood has a bad one but it only revealed by Maya only till now, neither her mother or father has revealed.

    What I understand that if a person have intelligence & madness, then noone will able to destroy them…. It is the case of the person, how well they will handle their intelligence & madness in a good will or bad will. In Maya’s case, she has used to fulfill her wishes only in any manner.


      After maya told Arjun the story and he beat ashwin, Ashwin came and spoke to maya, asking what all she has told him? that he had beaten and scared her throughout childhood?
      He said that is not the WHOLE truth, he didn’t say that it is a lie.
      Her abusive past is not fake I 100% believe, but some other obscure things must have happened and I want to see them soon.

  18. Prads

    I once again request everyone that don’t be a fan of Maya (the character) but be a fan of Jennifer (an actress) as she played very well as a Maya….. But, in my thought, if anyone will love the character named (Maya), then I feel that the definition of “Love” will be misunderstood.

  19. Ayesha22

    I am seriously wondering what has gotten into the brain of the CVs or have they taken leave of their mental capabilities?what i actually cannot understand is that if maya was destined to have doom in the end then why was she shown grey from the beginning?if you had to portray her as the “bad guy” than you people should have made her the vamp from the start,then it would not have hurt us maya lovers like it hurts to see her in this state now.was it her fault that she was born of the parents who did not wanted her?was it her fault that her father was an abusive and pathetic gold digger who treated her as his enemy??was it her fault arjun filled her eyes with dreams which were to be broken in the end??was it her fault that she was lonely throughout her life?i seriously hate the writers,directors and producers of the serial at the moment.u better return us “OUR ORIGINAL MAYA” back,because this is not maya. she is just some look alike of maya.MAYA WHERE ARE YOU BABY??PLEASE COME BACK TO US,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…!!!

  20. indira chatterjee

    Before starting the serial ‘Beyhad’, Sony channel always present the character Maya as a negative role, even as a murderer of panditji who telecast the future of love between Maya and Arjun. But we all misguided by the Director that Maya is so bechari. So Maya always psychopath and daring, Arjun feel it but its too late. So the serial became worst day by day.


      In that promo Jennifer and Kushal confirmed that maya is NOT negative, that she only burned the pandits’ house she didn’t kill him. What’s more they showed her showing regret for her actions. That was when they knew what they wanted to show maya as and how her greyness would play out. Now however they don’t have a clue what is grey or don’t even care anymore, which is butchering Maya’s character that we grew to love after 6 months of development in just a few short weeks, its appalling.

      The CVS need to wake up, or show that she redeems/returns some of her good qualities. Greyness does not mean a traumatic childhood prevents you from being completely black. No GREY is her character and her attributes/behaviour, her manipulations but also her regrets, her anger but also her sadness and remorse, her selfishness but ALSO selflessness, none of which they are showing now, I truly deeply dislike them for that.


    The CVs don’t even remember it seems how to show a grey character anymore are they the same people from season 1 or what?

    This upcoming scene of injuring VM is making maya BLACK. How to make it grey you may ask?


    Have VM accidentally injure herself and bleed, maya gets the first aid but then does that knife drama to scare VM but then teases her about it later. That would show her humour being dark and mentality twisted, but that she still got supplies and she wasn’t the one to hurt VM.

    Just something that simple will keep the plot going and keep our minds reassured that maya is still GREY, showing such disgusting things as they are now proves them wanting to make her negative, which she never was from the beginning personality-wise so I don’t know why they are showing such things.

  22. Well let me be clear I am commenting here for the first time. To all the Maya fans here, I understand that u all love Maya a lot from the core of your heart and you think she has a grey character is that so Really? I think no.. from the beginning only the CV’s make her as a negative character and they had made it clear when in Mauritius arjun and maya visited to panditji and when he said something wrong she murders her just due to her obsession. From starting Ashwin said that he will bring the truth of Maya infront of everyone and will not let her marry it was Jhanvi who saved her only Maya has portray her story by herself that Ashwin was much abusive towards her but I dunt think so… a girl who can accused rape on her husband’s brother whom she loves much just as beyhadh she can do anything almost she can portray a story just to make Arjun of him. Her mother Jhanvi once said just tell the truth to arjun but she said no if I vl tell the truth to him he vl not marry me instead he will opt sanjh. MAYA is only a wife who was gong to change one time after her marriage and I agreed due to VM she cannot change but when she was pregnant just before the holi and VM took gift and reaches her home does she accept those one time and maybe if she has accepted them VM starts loving her but u all Maya fans just accuse Saanjh VM and Arjun only. It was Saanjh who stand with her for the marriage otherwise VM does not want this marriage to happen and in every ritual there was something weird done, Well I am not a Maya hater it is just a serial so u ppl do not need to give ur own suggestions CV’s has already written the script and they will portray the serial the way they want it. Well Jennifer Winget, I am a big fan of ur acting as well as ur style superb and aneri vajani I know u do not have much experience in acting but u r doing too good superb just keep it up! Beyhadh Rocks!


      If you are correct about her story of ashwin, what made her so afraid of him before Arjun even garnered her interest? Why did they repeatedly show scenes of ashwin torturing her in her flash backs before she would even talk to anyone about it? She would have no need to condition such a story in her head if there was never anyone to talk to about it…

      The gifts… VM went there for Arjun not for Maya the mother she didn’t even want to bless maya and her child and only because she said it was Arjun’s child did she bless maya. Besides the gifts throwing she then prayed and regretted that it was a cause for Ayan’s separation as she loved him as well due to his niceness towards her, it was just collateral damage. Plus it was a payback for all VM’s hatred and superstitious mistrust denying her a chance and she was just paying back the negligence in kind.

      Her truth is that of her sociopathic tendencies and some things that would have happened in her past along those lines. I don’t think she is negative at all grey suited her best in season 1 whereas its hard to call her grey in season 2 the way they’re showing things.

      Besides why does she have to do weird things in rituals? Neither problem in either ritual was Maya’s fault it was ashwin’s. he barged in and made her scared and angry, then h tried to kill Arjun instead of go to saanjh to convince him or something. If he was looking out for Arjun he wouldn’t be doing something that in his own words will make her scream and cry, he wanted to cause her pain and I doubt its because of her, besides how can a child abuse an adult as some people are claiming, she stabbed him but even before that he was hurting her and Jhanvi, her mental illness must have Ben born on that 9th bday.

      Besides would she be possessive of anybody if her loved ones didn’t betray her/risk harm or death? I doubt it. Moreover people are saying Maya doesn’t care for Jhanvi as her obsession was her but now it is Arjun? How is that so? Since November Arjun was Maya’s focus, but then even after Arya came together she immediately ran and jumped off a bridge and risked death for Jhanvi, does that show Jhanvi as a toy that can be thrown away? No! She loves Jhanvi so much that she cannot see her hurt by Ashwin and her blind love for him, so she did all those things. Post-leap Her anger at Jhanvi is because of her not answering Maya’s questions and fears, nor being there for her when she needed her most has made her cold towards Jhanvi, not because Arjun has taken her place.

      Anyway I won’t go on too long but my point is I strongly disagree with you concerning her being negative at the start. She has shown so much goodness over the months that calling her negative and evil is a real injustice. From what we are seeing now it is devaluing and shaming her goodness from before but I hope to see it return sooner than later.

      Maya ❤❤❤

  23. I know this is fiction and just a script … maya is not just a possessive lover but a demon I used to like maya the way she acts but now each episode I started hating her so much I think the writers need to get a blo*dy life . I’m not offencing Jennifer The actor who plays the role .but I’m against maya the character . Writers try something more positive and not make bey hadh such a demonic serial . GOOD LUCK MAYA THE VILLAN , MUDERER ,OBSESSED

  24. I am a Maya fan but now really don’t know which stand to take..but seriously appreciate her for her wit..dumb saanjh why is she repeatedly calling vandana to make her get caught??patience saanjh!! patience!! (yet she blames Maya for continously calling Arjun during that flight scene) when you are upto a plan why not try to make it perfect so that no 1 suspects…thats a WOW about maya..

  25. such a dirty serial what moral it wants to give to today”s girls i have never seen d most dirtiest character like maya

    1. Resonance1290

      Agreed they’ve done too much injustice to her character now its beyond ridiculous.
      Create a character we grow to love and empathise with that has good shades among her anger and insecurities, and then do this? They should have made this show only 6 months if this was their truth of the show as there would be much less attachment towards such a character and the story they’ve created around her. Is it wrong so many want an abused child to lose her fears and achieve happiness? It better be that’s the ending for her, else more than the immorality and the bad impression it puts on mentally ill people and fiercely loving housewives, it shows such people not having any alternative aside perpetual suffering and eventual death, which better not happen for the sake of the story they are creating and its audience, so many who up until now completely supported maya and want her to live happy and free, creating such a tragedy will be most unsettling and destructive.

  26. Only saying the truth

    Who knows it might be Arjun, saanjh,VM or Maya imagining it , like they’ve been showing it over the last few episodes , I really hope that that’s the case otherwise I as well as many other Maya fans will b 🙁

    1. The Dark Hunter

      No I’m afraid my dear its sad this time it’s true ??
      I’ve seen some on-set Masti and they reveal it; saanjh sees VM’s hand and will later confess to Arjun what happened and he will get angry to find maya, doing so will end him up witnessing Samay Maya together and the whole drama of Arjun hating maya again will start after that.
      I inwardly weep for poor maya baby and what the CVs have brutally done to her, we can only hope and pray for a better tomorrow.

      Maya ❤❤❤

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