Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 18)

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Part 17

Media people ask more questions to Shivaay regarding Annika’s presence and this time Shivaay answers all their questions. He makes all doubt’s regarding his and Annika’s relationship clear amid media. The reporters are ashamed of spoiling the image of a girl in the society. This meeting with SSO makes all their doubt’s clear. They now telecast the real truth about their relationship and about the cruelty of the Kapoors.

Mrs Kapoor sees everything on TV and laughs. She says, “oh Shivaay you have cleared Annika’s image in the society but you were so engrossed in it that you didn’t pay attention to what’s coming your way.”

Media people leave Oberoi Mansion. Annika holds Shivaay’s hand and says, “thank you” with a smile. Shivaay keeps his hand on her hand and says, “is it important to say thanks in our relationship.” Both smile and look at each other. Karan coughs disturbing their eyelock, both look at him together. Karan says, “so if you guys are done staring each other then Annika I need my PA in my office now.” Annika says, “ohh I almost forgot. Sorry” She starts to leave but Shivaay holds her wrist. She turns to him with a questioning look. He says, “you may work but I will not allow you to stay at your home, you will come to Oberoi Mansion. Your safety is my first priority and I think Karan understands this. {Turning to Karan}. Right”. Annika was about to refuse his offer when Karan said, “yeah for me too her safety is important I shall drop her here myself and then I will drive back to her home.” Shivaay says, “you can stay here too.” Karan refuses politely and leaves with Annika in his car to his office.

2 hours later. Power cut in Oberoi Mansion. All assemble in the hall. It was noon so obviously no darkness just heat made them all come out of their respective rooms. The door of Oberoi Mansion opens 6 guards enter. Shivaay says, “what’s happening, security.” A lawyer enters followed by Mrs Kapoor. All get angry seeing her. Shivaay says, “I am calling the police, they will take her to her rightful place.” Mrs Kapoor walks to him, snatches his phone and throws it away, thus breaking it into million pieces. Shivaay fumes.

Mrs Kapoor says, “I am in my rightful place. See, I am standing in my house.” Shivaay says, “what the wuck, this is Oberoi Mansion. This is my grandfather’s house and you are a blo*dy outsider cum a criminal. So get the hell out of here.” Mrs Kapoor says, “this was your house now 60% area of this house belongs to me.” She turns to her lawyer and asks him to explain them. The lawyer shows them property papers being signed by Tej Singh Oberoi. Shivaay takes the papers and burns them. Mrs Kapoor laughs and says, “this was just a copy and I have many more copies. You thought that I am such a fool to keep the real papers in your hands.” Shivaay says, “I can’t believe it. Bade papa can never do such a thing.” Om says, “he can do anything and today by selling our house he showed us his true colors.” Tej yells, “WHAT NONSENSE. I DIDN’T SIGN ANY SUCH PAPERS. MY SIGNATURE MUST HAVE BEEN FORGED.”

Mrs Kapoor says, “no Tej you signed these papers, let me remind you, remember you were behind a deal since 8 days as because by signing it your market value will increase and you will leave Shivaay far behind.” Tej says, “yes, I signed the deal yesterday noon and by evening the papers would have been registered. But how do you know about the deal.” Mrs Kapoor laughs and says, “that was not deal, those were these papers.” Tej says, “nonsense, I read those papers, I went through each and every clause of it so how can this be. There was nothing related to property in those damn papers.”

Mrs Kapoor says, “you just didn’t notice Tej, what you read was just a sticker sticker upon the original property papers.” She shows him a sample, she takes out a paper which has a sticker of Ganpati in it, she removes the Ganpati’s sticker and behind it the paper is blank. She tells him that this is what happened. Oberois panic. Mrs Kapoor says, “I would have thrown all of you out but I have only 60% share. Well as I cannot throw you people out even you cannot do the same. Get ready to face the hell because, the servants, the security guards and every living member in this mansion except for the Oberoi family will now work under me as I will pay them their salaries. Wish you people sad times ahead.”

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  1. Great , post next part. I really want to kill mrs kapoor.

    1. Sanjana24

      Hmm why kill when you can see her getting tortured ??

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      Thank you and sure I will

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  4. Intersting twist

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  5. Oh what a twist….just superb….

  6. Great twist dear…

  7. Ha ha ha so now what ll anika do????? And will thy solve this one….. Interesting jus next post soon.

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      Its time to teach Mrs K a lesson

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      Coming soon

  9. OMG! Heart attack speechless.update aASAP!

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