It was just like a Deja Vu all over again! (1) ~New beginnings

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I have worked hard on this one, if you like it, please display your views. Any kind of criticism is welcome.

It was just like a Deja Vu all over again!
~New beginnings


Hi! I am independent. Sure you wanna know more ’bout me.
I have a dragon tattoo on my neck which defines my fierce nature. My hair is usually flying and I hateeeeeee anything traditional.
I have a heart shaped face and I am TOO FAIR. Almost paper.
I lurveeee makeup, it is like artistry on my beautiful face.
All you makeup haters out there, what harm does it do to you if someone wanna look beau-tee-fool.?
Come on! Get a life.
I live with my father and yeahhhh #Iamsuperrich
But money doesn’t and can’t define someone. Nope. Impossible.

You know what’s going wrong in my life NAW?
It’s all about home again.

I love my dad but I expect him to love me back too.
I went to dad’s room. He’s busy in his laptop.

‘I want to go to Mumbai’
Whatever you do, just don’t think that I am lying or anything, ’cause I honestly want to go there to study minus actual study. I am spoilt but not a brat as no one ever pampered me.

Dad doesn’t hates me but it is just that he doesn’t shows any emotions for me. He’ll just give me money for whatever I want and permit me to do my wish.
Does it sounds cool? It isn’t.
He doesn’t even behaves like a father. Am I that much of a burden? His ignorance hurts.

‘Fine. You can go there I’ll give you a check. We have a flat in there. I’ll make sure to send you monthly money.’

His eyes didn’t leave the laptop screen once in this conversation.

I sighed sadly and turned to leave.
‘Swara’, he called me and I turned hoping he’ll say that he’ll miss me.

‘Pass me that file.’

How tiring is this! Phew.

I click a selfie for insta. M edeected = Instaaaaa!

My pouting lips and me in a gym outfit and messy bun compliment my mood.

#JusArrivedBombaeeee @sarthaksaini2 @ritika.knojia
And I tagged 3 more friends.

The air is fresh and I suddenly feel like running. So I did. ‘ust to collide with someone.

I fell on my hips. Ouch! How it hurt! It so did!
I looked up. Don’t expect some boy or the hero: it is a gurlll

Oshhh! That is so stunning of god! I already love her ;”No homo”.

She’s gorgusss

Her blue brown wavy hair. I wish I could ever get that damage-proof hair. She’s fair like Jesus while I am jus a potato.
The first thing I notice is her lashes and her super Hazel eyes. Then her lips with a light rose lipstick, her highly contoured cheekbones are Life!
And such a cute button nose!
A layer of insecurety quickly surrounds surrounds me as I try to shove it off.

Look at me.
Cracked lips (with two layers of lip gloss)
Pancake face (Pancake from over powdering)
Variations in completions
Almost dark.
Oily skin
This is soo UNFAIR!!
It’s a dress disaster, no match for her, but still I look pretty, I FEEL PRETTY.
Someone teach me makeup; probably her!

I m still in my brown track pants and white top with kiddish Christmas drawings which makes me look like a fitness freak cartoon.

‘Carefull Bae’, she said and walked off ahead.

Tring-Tring! &Such a boring ringtone, I know&

“Home calling” flashed on my phone and I picked the phone.

‘Yeahh Mom m fine…..Yeah….Noo still finding a rent house…..Sure…Mom… M a bit busy, brb….Ya love u’

And the call got disconnected.

‘Heyyy’, Miss Universe approached me again.
‘ M sorry for eavesdropping, Hi I am Swara, actually I can give you a place to stay…..’

I entered the flat. Pretty fancy! It is a 3 bedroom flat with wooden ceiling, sandstone tiles and all
facilities needed in a home.
I ran to my room and laid down, exausted by all the journey.
Sweat was dripping all over my face, my hair was super messy and the left side of my brain was numb. Was I down with fever?
But I was too comfortable to get up and check my temperature.
If there was an award being given for laziness I would have surely sent someone to pick it up for me.
Drip drip drip. < Water.
And then I realized what's wrong. It was too quite in here and also a bit creepy.
I need someone to live with me, as I can't survive here alone.
And with that I am up to look for a home mate!
What the hell!
The girl who I hadn't even thought of as a friend is inviting me to live with her! This can't be true this never can.
The next two days were spent with her and our bond became magical.
I cannot tell you anything about ne, so just quit that part.
Closer by Chainsmokers rhymed in my ears as my ringtone, Ragini calling. Ragini is my best friend fyi.

Rag- Hey buddy how have you been?
San-Better than ever before but looks like you forgot me?
Rag-Nothing like that, was just a bit busy.Uh have you ever told me that you want to live in Mumbai?
San- No but I do want to.
Rag- Fine then, done. Swara here needs one more buddy to live with us, you are WELCOME!!!
San- But!
Rag- No but
San- What if—-
Rag- No if. You are coming, bye!
And with that the call disconnects.
What will happen when Sanskar comes to LIVE with Swara and Ragini?

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  1. Is it swasan or ragsan

  2. Awesome dear… Interesting… Continue soon

  3. very interesting dear…even though i’m die hard swasan fan..i would like to see how u will take ur story…swara’s character is quite interesting..continue soon…

  4. Asw

    Nice interesting keep going

  5. u just describe ragini like she a witch y?

    1. Writer

      Not exactly my fault. It’s your wish how you take any character.

  6. it a swasan ff or sanskar and

  7. interesting…but a suggestion…dont give hopes to pairs…it will be gud if u reveal pair…i know u will go with ur story..n pairs r none of ur concern..but still suggesting as some might end up badhing u or may be upset…all characters r interesting in their own way..

  8. Seebu_s

    Nice..loved the way u described 3 characters…eager to know further story of swasan if it is swasan ff..all the best..continue soon

  9. Simi


  10. intrsting is it swasan ff or rag san clear it

  11. Sus

    its nyc i would like to see how ragini give love to swara and swara is going to change into a lovable personality ragini

  12. nice dear….swasan only na?

  13. nice..swasan..?then i’m in? orelse all the best dear…

  14. AMkideewani

    Nice I love Ragsan’s character and as a pair

  15. nice..hope pair is swasan n everyones character is damn interesting…

  16. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read if its swasan…
    Dun knw its swasan or rag–san bt want to tell u one thing its amazing…
    Ur eriting style n d way u dscrbd dem was really gud…
    Loved it

  17. Kakali

    Awesome..!! Loved it dear! Continue soon!! Thnk u.. 🙂

  18. i’m in love with the way u described every character…would love to see how u will take this story..waiting eagerly for swasan and ragini story..continue soon..

  19. Asra

    interesting dear…

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