We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 9)

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Hi every one sorry for the late post
All the best who r writting the new ff and say all the best to me by giving ur comments
Once again a very big heart full thank to personwho r comminting and reading my ff
Now epi 9

Daksh Shivay anika tia goes to party daksh introduce anika as his gf
Shivay feels jealous

Some time before
Shivay and anika say No to daksh proposal
Daksh: why iam a decnt guy why u saying no to me
If anika agrees i can save my life other wise my friends kill me more over where i can get a bueatiful gf like anika
Shivay shout on daksh by hearing this omru notices
Daksh pleads anika for some time and finally anika agrees
Tension starys in Shivay heart
Daksh and anika gets ready in evening for party
Shivay comes and says me and tia also come to party we also spend time toghther
They four goes to party
They reach the party place
Daksh introduce anika to every one they compliments anika they enjoy their party
One person says ee had arranged this party for daksh and his love anika
But some time we getting jealous by seeing daksh bcoz he got the best
Person: ok daksh we want to hear ur love story just tell it now
Daksh says a filmy type fake love story
Anika gets a little smile on her lip corner by hearing that stupid story
Daksh smiles at anika
Anika again give an angry look
Daksh hold his ears
By seeing all this Shivay burns inside

All goes to dance floor first daksh and anika start dance it was couple dance after some time couples were swapped then Shivay and anika do dance
After finishing the dance one person announces that today who was the best couple will show on projecter automatically and he counts 3 2 1 projecter on
Shivay anika looks at each other

Oh jaana………plays( happy version)
Anika: ok tommrow ur engagement we have to leave now lots of work is pending

They leave to oberoi mansion
In car daksh oberves Shivay behaviour
They reach the home tia and anika gets inside
Daksh stop Shivay and says i have to talk to u Shivay they both goes to study room
On the other hand dadi give instruction to the servents she leaves for other work she stops by seeing Shivay and daksh talking about some thing seriously she jears it from the out side of the door
Daksh: tell lies to me but dont to ur heart it become complicate i know i loving anika but u marring tia he presurerized Shivay
Shivay outburns and says
Yes i had loved her when i saw her first
Yes i fallen for her when she was getting emotional about my family
Yes i become mad for her when she saved my family
But i dont tell this to her
Daksh: why
Shivay : bcoz of family reputation if i married a road side girl like anika then oberoi name was fallen i cant let it happened thats why i am not confesing my feeling to anika
Dadi hears this struc in a huge shock
By then daksh says if u take any wrong step it will ruin ur entire life and goes from their
While daksh dadi hides
Shivay in his mind its right to my family that i have to marry tia
Nazdeek hai dhilke…..
…..plays dadi looks on

Precap: Shivay propose anika in front of all guest what happened will he knows that anika is the sister of rana brothers ( rivals to oberoi empire)

Hey guys if u like this plz give a comment— deeraja

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