Devil Reloaded ( Brahmarakshas) Chapter 3 (New Version)

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Princess Sandhya was riding her white mare. Cool breeze of morning soothing her face. It’s her habit to watch sunrise daily & spend some time alone in the river side. A soft nicker from her horse, she realized they are nearing the river. A frown appeared on her face to sense she is not alone in the river side. After coming more closer, she found a man offering worship to sun from his posture. Though she is only seeing his back, but she can say He is a warrior from his well built figure & strong muscles. First ray of sun fall on him & she just watched the figure of that man with fascination. After completing his prayer, the man turned. She just bytes her lips tightly. She felt a strange sensation in her whole body. Majestic face, swathed in an ethereal glow. Broad shoulders, trim waist & long, thick curly black shoulder length hair. There was a sign of rising sun on his forehead. Princess Sandhya noticed a strange look on his face after watching her. Without saying anything, he started moving.
Sandhya- Who are You? I am Princess Sandhya & I never saw you before.( in a proud tone, with her face held high)
The man bowed & greeted her.
The Man- Princess, I am Ranvijay, a warrior of your kingdom & you never saw me because I am new here.
“A mere soldier of her kingdom!!!!! How is this possible???” She felt her whole existence mocked her.


Raina adjusted the lens of her DSLR camera to click the snaps of sunrise. In the East, the dawn had broke & a mixture of yellow & orange colour filled the sky. Soon, the sun started to conquer the darkness. Raina noticed Rishabh in his jogging suit running towards her.
Rishabh- Good morning Raina. ( with a bright smile).
Raina- Morning Rishabh.
Rishabh- It’s a pleasant surprise to see you here in the early morning.
Raina- I am an early riser. Plus it’s a nice way to start the day watching sunrise. Why you are here?
Rishabh- ohh, I am here to maintain my six packs abs through exercise & jogging.
Raina- ahh, what a big responsibility is on your shoulder ( laughing).
Rishabh made a face.
Rishabh- By the way, when you gonna to start your research work?
Raina- Before going to jungle, I think, I need to talk with the local people here. Though whatever I heard on the way from the driver, I know, it will be the toughest job.
Rishabh- Here all are afraid of Brahmarakshas right??
Raina- hmm, By the way, Do your Department also believe in this Brahmarakshas??
Rishabh- Don’t know about others, at least I don’t believe. I only believed in things which I see or based on enough proof & logic.
Raina- same with me.
Rishabh- But we can’t ignore the fact that many people died of unnatural causes. We can say murder. So, you need to stay very careful. Always stay in contact with me. I want to crack the murder mysteries here.
Raina- I too want to crack all the mysteries in jungle & to do research on the remains of that ancient kingdom.
Rishabh- I think our way is similar. If we able to crack the mystery of jungle, than every problem will solve automatically.
Raina- I am with You. ( & she forwarded her hand towards Rishabh. He also joined hand with her.)
Today sun brings new hope for Kamalpura. Here begins a new story, or an old story is going to complete.

Rishabh angrily banged his hand on the table. The old constable, Ramesh Bohra, was standing in front of him.
Ramesh- I know Sir, it’s unbelieveable to you. But whole Kamalpura division believed the existence of Brahmarakshas, even our Department. You think, why here in forest, there are no guards??
Rishabh- Look, I know only one thing, Here people are dying & the reason is unknown. Some crimes definitely happening & as a Police Officer, it is my duty to find the culprits behind the murders.
Ramesh- Many Officers in the past tried the same thing, which you are saying. But that only led more destruction. You will only put your & innocent villagers lives in danger. Every year we do special puja in the temple on Amabasya tithi. Today is the special day. You are my Boss. So, I have to do what you say. But it is also my duty to warn you. In Kamalpura, we don’t organize any occasion. The Rakshas can not tolerate happiness.
Ramesh saluted Rishabh & left from his cabin. Rishabh rolled his eyes. “Special Puja in Amabasya tithi. Hmm. Interesting. I will surely be present in today’s puja.”

Rishabh stopped in front of the door in Raina’s room. She is arranging her things in her room & humming a tune. Rishabh felt he heard the tune somewhere, though it is not from any Bollywood movies. Rishabh knocked on her door. Raina looked at him & told him to come inside.
Rishabh- What tune you were humming?? I think, I somewhere heard the tune. Though it’s not regular.
Raina- I seriously not even remember what I was humming. Actually I was lost in my work. Not regular tune?? Then it must be some folk tune, I visited many places of India. So, may be…
Rishabh- leave it. Nowadays, I am thinking too much.
Raina- By the way, you came in my room?? Anything important??
Rishabh- Today, here in local temple villagers organized some special Puja. Do you interested in going?
Raina almost jumped. “Yes, Yes, I am very much interested. Just give me sometimes to get ready.”
Rishabh ( with a smile)- You seemed more interested than me.
Raina- Why not?? By watching these, I can able to study their cultures. Hope You don’t get bored accompanying a ASI, Research Associate.
Rishabh- ohh no no, I am also interested in knowing these people. I will patiently hear what you say. But don’t ask me any question related to History. Then, it may turn dangerous for me.( with a dramatic sad face.)

Phooli was playing an instrument Ravanhatta, sitting in the stairs of temple.She is a middle aged lady of Kamalpura. She has knowledge about many things. She is looking visibly pale. “Don’t know what will happen tonight?? Maa Durga, Please Save us.”

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  1. AWESOME dear loved the concept and mysteriousness you are showing…..

    FABULOUS episode
    And at last BEST author

  2. Saasha123

    I am extremely sorry fr not commenting in last epi but seriously I loved it waiting to know many mysteries…..

  3. no words to express for ur ff ! mindblowing!

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