We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 7)

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Thanks to every one who had given their comment i know daksh entry was so early its bcoz he will help in Shivay to realize his love
Now epi7
Ranveer comes to oberoi mansion to arrest tej shivay comes in middle ranveer holds Shivay collor anika shout ranveer
He gets shock by seeing anika
Some time before

Anika lights some diyas one of diya about to fall some one holds it
He was daksh
Anika: thank u
Daksh: its alright iam daksh
He farward his hand and says iam daksh khurana
Anika: shake her hand and about to say anika rana prathap
She comes to sense and says anika
Daksh: its bueatiful name and u to looks bueatiful anika
Anika smiles and go inside
Daksh greets every one
All are busy in preparation for diwali
A courior boy comes to oberoi mansion
Rudra ask what
Courior boy: a parcel came to this adress
Rudra: for whom
Courior boy: it was to love angle
Rudra: no , love angle was not stay here
Sowmya comes by hearing love angle
Courior boy: but sir parcel had came to this adress only sir who dont know oberoi mansion in this city
Sowmya : what happened
Courior boy: a parcel came to love angle mam
Sowmya: iam the one give it to me
She leaves by taking the parcel
Rudra follows her
Rudra: surely u r love angle
Sowmya: ofcorse
Rudra: u didnot told me till now
Sowmya: suituation had not came
So u hear my show
Rudra: ofcurse i love u he corrects and says i mean i love ur show

She smiles by seeing the name on parcel
Rudra: who sended the gift
Sowmya: reyaan , my friend
She smiles by seeing the gift
Rudra feels uncomfortable

All are in puja
Some one disturbs them they turn and see
Its ranveer
Ranveer: sorry for the inturruption
Shivay: who r u
Ranveer: iam Acp ranveer singh randhawa
I had came here to arrest mr tej singh oberoi
Shivay: what the wuck
Tej : for what purpose
Ranveer: a lady filed complaint on u
U have kidnapped a girl named shipla mehta who was working in u r company
Tej: what is that lady name
Ranveer: she was gayatri
Shivay: gayatri , she was our enimy how can u belive her
They start arguing
Shivay insult ranveer
Ranveer holds Shivay collor
Suddenly anika shout ranveer to leave
Ranveer leaves Shivay by seeing anika
Ranveer: u anika here and gets shock
Anika holds ranveer hand and comes out
All are in shock except priyanka
They talk for some time Shivay sees this from far bur he cant here it
She comes inside after some time
Daksh: do uknow him before
Anika nods yes
Shivay: but how
Anika: he was my friend brother
She says he gave 24 hours of time to prove ourselves
Shivay gets irreked and shouts
Daksh: calm down Shivay bcoz of anika we got 24hours time we have to prove at any cost
Anika: ok i have to leave now u do enquiry on that girl
Shivay says i will drop u
Anika gets tensed
They comes out they see ranveer waiting for anika
Anika: ok i will go with ranveer bye
Shivay says bye
Anika and ranveer goes to rana mansion
Vikram rana: where r u till now anika
Anika: at my friends house baiyya
Ranveer about say some thing anika stop him
He leaves in anger
Sid: what happened to him
Anika: nothing baiyya he was in bad mood
They finish dinner and goes to sleep

Nxt day morning
Anika comes to oberoi mansion
All young stars were get to gether
Shivay: we have only 14 hours time what we have to do now
Anika: we have to find that girl billu ji
Sowmya: how will we find if she is not their
Rudra: what do u mean
Sowmya: yes we dont know wheather that gayatri had a daughter or not
Anika : ok then omru u can go to gayatri haose and enquiry start from their she sees Shivay
Shivay: i will go to oberoi industris if i get any clue i will call u
Anika: i will go to police station if i get any clue i will call u
Daksh: u dont go police station alone iwll come with u
Shivay: sowmya priyanka u stay here in house if any happened then give a call to me and all ur phones keep in on all leave on their enquiry

Precap: anika reads the complaint papers and shouts billu ji sabbodh milgaya (i got the proof)

Guy plz comment on it was very valuable

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