Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita smiling. She says its one year. He says it was tough for me to live away, I was waiting for the day when I will meet you, hug you, I had a miserable life. She says sorry, if we did not make Pihu sure that you got away from me, she would have not come to you, if Shagun knew this, she would have made Pihu away from us, remember our promise…. FB shows Raman and Ishita fighting infront of the family.

Ishita goes to Raman and says I packed your bags. He says I did as you said, I blamed you for everything. She says you will go Bangkok with Pihu, we decided this, we can’t leave Pihu alone with Shagun, its good if she stays away, Shagun will stop harming Pihu, you have to convince everyone that you are annoyed with me, then Shagun will leave Pihu, I can’t stay there, you can stay with her, we have to be careful that we don’t contact each other. Raman asks is there no other way? She asks do you have? He hugs her and cries. He leaves from the house. FB ends.

Raman says but I felt bad to lie everyone that I hate you. She says how would we make them sure that you hate me, Pihu’s safety was imp. It was imp to make her sure that you got away from me, else she would have not accepted you. He says she was annoyed with me and did not accept me easily. Ishita says yes, she called mummy ji also. FB shows Pihu calling Mrs Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman left home, Ishita is also not here, he wants to stay with you, did he come there, fine take care. She cries and tells Mr. Bhalla to see whats happening, Raman left home and Ishita’s daughter hates her, its all because of Shagun. FB ends.

Ishita says I accept Pihu’s hatred and our distance to protect her. He says yes, whenever I see Pihu’s innocence and smile. I think what would Shagun do in my absence, thanks for sending me here. She says Pihu needed you. He says once Shagun gets convinced that we got separated, we can try to get Pihu. She says don’t feel guilty, you did this for Pihu. He says your mind works well. She says even you, Vidyut’s drama, Ruhi feels Vidyut and I have an affair. He says they are spying you, Adi called me and said you lied and going Australia, not Singapore, they heard you, they love you a lot and spying on us. She says if they come here. He says they will see you with your lover. They laugh. He asks her not to worry.

Aaliya helps Shravan and gives love letter. Shravan says this is for Simmi, she should feel someone loves her. Aaliya says she will be impressed reading this. Shravan says we need a fake name. They think. He reads newspaper and tells some name. Aaliya agrees.

Shagun says its good I have sent Pihu to zoo with Nanny, I can go on dinner date with Vidyut. Mani calls her. She asks what, you have to travel again, fine carry on, Pihu is enjoying a lot, I have to go, I m going on dinner with a friend, I hope you don’t mind, take care. She ends call. Vidyut comes and compliments her. He gives flowers. He asks for Pihu. She says I have sent her to zoo with Nanny, you called suddenly, I was surprised. He says I was stuck in imp work, I have a friend, I m trying to unite him and his wife, they love each other a lot and can’t stay together for some reason. She says so sweet, i felt cricketers are not romantic, and you are uniting lovers. He says Lord did not unite me with anyone, so I m doing this, who knows I also get someone, come we will go for long drive. She smiles.

Raman asks Ishita do you know Shagun and Pihu are here. She asks are they here. Ruhi calls out Raman. Ishita says Ruhi is here…. He says they are our children, spy like us, if they see us, it will be a problem. He makes Ishita hide. Ruhi sees Raman and runs to him. He gets emotional and says I m seeing you after one year. He hugs her. Ruhi says we missed you. Raman says I have also missed you and… she says Ishi Maa also, accept it. He says why will I miss her. Ishita hears them. Raman asks her why was his phone off. He says battery dead. She asks why did you come there. He says I came to see scenery, its good. She says I know you have come to meet Ishita, she has come with Vidyut. He says that’s why I will not meet her. Ishita pats on his hand. He says I will take divorce.

Ruhi says no, don’t fight with her, fight for her love, talk to her with love and don’t use divorce word. He says why not, I want divorce. Ishita pinches his hand. Ruhi asks what happened again. He says Lord has beaten me again, I won’t come, I have come to meet Pihu, Shagun got her here. Ruhi says it means Pihu is here, I have to meet her. Raman says no, Pihu thinks I m cut off from you all, if she knows, you know how she is, where are you staying here, come with me. Ruhi says talk to Ishi Maa. He says leave Ishi Maa, come. They go. Ishita says Shagun does not understand she is breaking a family, but not for many days.

Simmi checks some things in her purse. Ananya, Shravan and Aaliya look on. Ananya goes to her and asks for money. She makes Simmi give money from her wallet so that she gets the letter. Simmi says I don’t know why I kept old papers. Simmi gets the love letter. She says I will throw this. Ananya says check it, maybe its Nani’s medicine prescription. Simmi says no, I kept it, and dumps the letter.

Shagun and Vidyut are on dinner. She thinks my life is going to get interesting again. She thanks him and says this place is gorgeous. He says I used to like you in college, you did not see me, you are still gorgeous, you are dreamy. He gets a call from Raman. Raman asks are you on date. Vidyut says yes, what happened. Raman says I need to discuss something, can you meet, its urgent, I will send you message. Vidyut hopes everything is fine, why was Raman stressed. Shagun asks all okay. Vidyut says no, urgent situation, I have to go, listen see the water show, enjoy here, else I will feel guilty, I will make it up for you, promise. She says we have to meet tomorrow then. He says done, gentleman’s promise. He kisses her hand and goes. She thinks Vidyut is so charming and brought new freshness in my life, thank God, like Ashok and Mani, he has no connection with Raman and Ishita.

Raman says its too much of Vidyut now. She asks is he jealous, anyways Vidyut is handsome. Raman jokes. He says I got you here as Shagun can’t think you are with me in this place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god that fighting was also a drama.we all get misunderstood about raman he was so sweet loving and caring.anyways todays episode was awesome. When ishita pinches raman ha ha… what a funny scene.I wish yhm was always be like this…..then it will get more intresting

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino,Jaz, Kiran, Az,Magic, Siddhi, Monique, Khushi, Bhagya, Marin and many YHM fans.

    Today’s episode is even better. It is about time!!! What I like is they gave Raman and Ishita a full screen space uninterrupted. That was really nice and no interruption. Finally I am glad cvs must have read all our comments and many more from the facebook and decided they better dedicate more screen space for Raman and Ishita. It has been a really long time for them to sit and chat like this very freely in a romantic place. Oh I wish they have more of this kind Ishra scenes then it is truly Yei Hai Mohabbatein. What great kids they both have!! Forget about Pihu for awhile but Ruhi and Adi are great!! They really do not want to see any separation between Ishra and at any cost they are willing to reunite them. How much they love Ishra as their parents. It is also very loving to see how Adi is so worried for Ishra that he does not even bother about Aliya till this problem is solved. I hope Ishita will reveal to Ruhi quickly that it is just a play acting. Feel sorry for Adi as he is the one who is feeling very panicky that the separation could be true.

    1. but u all r forget that 7 years shagun will care of pihu. she grown up with her . and she did as gd school works , all r glad about pihu . so all r help and thanks for shagun for it . but soon ishitha come back all r get changing. they all forget shagun and all what she did for pihu. so slowly ashok and niddi trap her .And brain washed . so she turn negative . is it true know that all r forget shagun . to be take help from her she is gd . to be born pihu all is gd and 7 years. soon ishitha came all is get bad for shagun . now called as evil .. why is so . I know for something she is so bad. but why so push her out . for all humans is so . when they get reject every time even his owen children they get chenge . its normal
      why u shoud cant understand her situation not only think ishitha side. every time bleame pihu. but id the same ruhi when she is childhood she is so blamed for her owen mother. how she given lessons to pihu now. the writers r crazy only for one side ..

      1. Amalina

        yeah but she keeps on repeating that she loves pihu, so if she realy loves pihu then why then why is she spoiling pihu ha? n she should return pihu to her biological mum as soon as ishu is back becoz she was only her surrogate mother! its her own problem that she ditched manoj and decided to raise pihu. according to the law, surrogate mothers have to give back the child after its delivery to the biological mom. they can’t raise them, until they adopt them with the biological parent’s permission. but shagun never got that permission. and who is stupid enough to keep their ex as their surrogate mother???!!

        shagun is not shagun but ABSHAGUN!

      2. Hi Chaya … if her love to Pihu is genuine she will not brainwash the little girl .For Adi and Ruhi they had bad experience from their mother ..They know her very well .After seven years when Ishitha came back Shaghuns insecurity only turned hernm to be negative ..Ruhi who is her own daughter come back she cud not accept . You cant call her a mother ? Now to get Vidyuts attention she ddisowned Pihu as her own . Ishitha as character is a role model to many viewers . Many mothers have improved in their upbringing of their children .. cvs .. certain things cant accept …, agree to you i am a crazy fan of DT ..,her beauty her acting power can not be compared with any . Even that seven years Shaghun cud not win many hearts as good mother .

  3. Nice episode

  4. What is a mother of 22 year old son doing flirting with Vidyut??? This is ridiculous. Shagun is such a flirt when she is a married woman. Poor Mani is working very hard and here Shagun is flirting with Vidyut. She never leaves any man alone in this serial.

    Vidyut is a looking guy and very nice looking.

  5. Devika V Rajesh

    What a lady is sagun.
    1st she loves raman. Then she went to ashok. Then manoj and married to mani. Now she want vidyut.

  6. Sorry Mr Raman for misunderstandhing u hihihi halah ngomong opo to bahasane acakadul ?

    1. Hu I tried my best but didn’t understand this language i think that is urdu

      1. I’m so sorry that’s my language (bahasa jawa)

  7. wawww misunderstanding raman u r carrying husband

  8. Upcoming episode shagun catch ishita raman ruhi n vidyut together n again start provoke pihu against them n ruhi give lecture to shagun n pihu which make shagun realise her mistake n give back pihu n custody paper to ishita n Raman. But ruhi want to stay in adelaide.
    Now it too confused that it is shagun evil plan or maybe she really change.
    N maybe in YHM new story start of ruhi

    1. Hello sona how are you No i think shagun can’t change actually writer’s are not going to change her because she is solid top order villain and if that happen then i think that is evil plan of shagun

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    such a funny scenes between raman and ishu such a lovely episode

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu vp sindhu shivani jaz az siddhi aditya kiran khushi saba saritha sunitha sobana magic madhu khushiarvind reshma parichey ishveerian ranaji and al yhm frds hi guys

  11. Hi all …. Shivani .. where are you ? what happened ? Episode was lovely with Ishras love … to each other … their sacrifice to win Pihu is really great … I think we viewers are ready to watch Dt and Kp like this for hours .. mindblowing …Awesome chemistry … Excellent actors … Raman really missed her , a hug from his Ishitha is enough for him … he is happy .. both are concerned about their family ..Aditi wow really very convincing .. her happiness seeing her papa and her worry about losing Ishima to Vidyut so genuine and heart touching .., she is Ishimas daughter only spreads love to everyone .. And Adi no words to say … so panic about his parents … not even bothered of Alia … lovef the episode .. No words to describe about Shaghun .. wondering this type of ladies exist … Thank you cvs … please move on these vibes … let happiness shower Ishra and children … Vidyut is handsome … little overacting ok be happy all ..

    1. Of course such ladies exist in real life lol
      Where have u been ??

      1. Hi Indira … I have not seen … not simply saying …

  12. Thanks producers for making changes and listening to us

  13. Hi all yhm fans.episode was nice.sona just want to say the same thing why is ruhi staying back, is it to do with shaggy, is shaggy planing sumthing.

  14. very nice episode.I love it very much. thanks for every thing.Don’t stop our YHM.This is my most favourite one.

  15. Hi all YHM Fans. I’m not a regular commentator but a silent reader of the comments regularly. I loved the episodes after one year leap. It’s really heart touching, The Ishra confrontation. The hug, their love for each other. One year, 15 days, 7 hours and 32 mints. became my favorite dialogue of today’s episode. Just loved it. Anyhow the makers gave a message through this serial after a long time that when both the life partners hold hands together without hiding anything from each other, no hanky pankys and no underestimating, they can win even the world. All these days to win Pihu or losing Ruhi before post leap of seven years is because of Ishra’s doing things alone though they love each other and it ruined both their life. When you’re not united your enemy will easily learn your weaknesses. But for the first time they both got together and sketched a plan. Hope they will be successful.

  16. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  17. YHM:Finally Pihu witness Shagun real evil side,Raman gets custody

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) explains Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) well and makes her understand that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) is evil and wrong.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are very delighted, as Shagun has given them Pihu’s custody. They hug Pihu and unite. Raman and Ishita have born the separation to get Pihu back from Shagun. Finally, their plan worked. Shagun has given Pihu to them. It was an emotional moment for Raman and Ishita.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  18. Hi rithushree magic vp i am feeling not good because shivani my best friend is not commenting if you all three knows about her that why she not commenting than pls tell me because you are the good friends of her

  19. [ISHITA PIHU KA MILAN Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 November 2016 News – YouTube] is good,have a look at it!

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