Don’t hate me (tashan-e-ishq) chapter 4

Clara wakes up due to the sun rising as it spreads it’s beautiful rays through the glass door of the balcony. She stretches her arms and shakes Twinkle. “wake up..lazy bones” she says as Twinkle groans. “wha?” Twinkle replies crawling in the bed.

“shut up..and wake up..we are gonna be late for uni” Clara says. Twinkle wakes up with a jerk. “oh yeah..and I have to go to see Marcus too” she says making her way out of the bed. “yeah” Clara laughs.

Twinkle takes a quick shower as she changes into black skinny jeans with a grey shirt. She puts on her black blazer and pairs it up with her combat boots.

Clara changes up into a blue jumper suit as she pairs them up with black wedges. She loops the black belt around her waist and ties her hair in a bun.

They reach downstairs and finishes breakfast. They both make their way towards the door as Twinkle collides with a hard figure blocking her way. “can’t you see” Twinkle says as she settles herself and looks at kunj, anger raising at the peak.

“now don’t start in the morning,you two..we have to go to see Marcus too right..come” Clara declares while kunj tenses up hearing his name. “yeah..let’s go..and you go to your girlfriend” Twinkle states and stares at him,leaving kunj behind.

A smile appear on his lips as he sees the bitterness, hardness and jealousy in her tone. He goes towards his car while yuvi looks at him confused. “bro, what was wrong with you last night? What the heck was that girlfriend thing?” yuvi asks boggled. “don’t take it seriously’s just an that I can see how she really feels about me” kunj says sitting inside his car.

“nice is she really gonna be jealous?” yuvi asks smirking. “yeah..didn’t you saw her last night..the jealousy and fear” kunj states laughing. “I know but don’t hurt her that much” yuvi says smiling while kunj gives him an assuring smile.
Twinkle and Clara goes to the hotel to see Marcus. A tall, manly figure is seen at the food area, crunching on the scrambled egg and toast, sipping the coffee. “Marcus!” Clara exclaims hugging him from the back. “hey” he states as he leaves his seat to hug her.

“missed you” Clara says laughing. “ are you?” Marcus asks giving her a tight hug. He was a great guy..the one filled with hundreds of annoying..who loves his friends and family more than anything.

“I’m good..bestie” Twinkle says as she jumps and hugs him back. Surprised? I know it’s weird. Ahan, he doesn’t like Twinkle. Yeah he does in a different way, the best friend forever way. Because he is her and clara’s best friend for the past two years.

His is half Indian and half British. He lived in India for 15 years until he has to move back to Florida . His think black hair and hazel eyes makes him fascinating. The way his pink lips curl talking to girls. Ah, of course those hormones kills him.

“you are so mean” Marcus says laughing. Twinkle punched him slightly. “so? Did you liked my acting the time at the food area and how you asked the number?” clara asks laughing. “for sure” Twinkle says giving them both a group hug.

“okay…so I have to act all lovey dovey with you..yuck..until kunj tells you that how he feels for you and whatever” Marcus states going back to finish his breakfast. “yes..and don’t say yuck to love..I bet you will find her her I mean the have been waiting for so long” Twinkle says while clara bursts into a fit of laughter. “I don’t think so..come on..I mean I didn’t felt anything special with any girl till when you see her you miserably want to be with want her to be with you forever” Marcus states.

“that’s right..hurry up..we have to go..I’ll meet you after uni..and wait are you really gonna be shifting to India with your family?” clara asks. Marcus nods in yes while they both go back to uni.
Twinkle and clara, as usual goes inside giggling. They goes towards to their first class but the professor still didn’t showed up until kunj and yuvi came inside.

They take a seat near Twinkle who harshly looked away from kunj. “shit..I have made a plan with you and Marcus..but what about his girlfriend?” Twinkle whispers. “we will see..if they really love each other’s okay..I mean anyways I don’t think you should act with we will explain him..and if kunj really likes you he will be jealous..what say?” clara asks.

“okay” Twinkle says as her meets kunj’s who looks at her without any expression. “kunj,babe” a raspy voice bangs in the room. Everyone turn to look, as they find a bimbo standing there,wearing a red knee length dress. Her cleavage exposed. With a painted face she comes near kunj and sits beside him, while kunj loops his arms around her waist.

“ she his girlfriend” comes voices behind her but she ignores it as she looks at them with curiosity. “kunj doesn’t deserve this..he deserves someone better” Clara states while tears form in twinkle’s eyes.

I close my eyes and I feel the anger boiling inside me. The pain, the curiosity increasing, like someone is hammering my heart rapidly. I can’t breathe. I need space and most importantly I need air. Without any other move, I storm out the room. I know what I’m doing is wrong.

Why am I feeling like this? Ugh, these stupid feelings. I hate these emotions. Stop it twinkle, it’s his life and his choice. I run through the corridors, not knowing where I actually was going, as I allow the tears to flow down. I feel eyes on me, watching every step I take.

But I ignore them. To hell with what they are thinking about me. I don’t care. I breathe hard running, until I feel someone pulling me abruptly by the elbow. I wanted to turn and kick the person but then it was Clara.

“what the heck is wrong with you?” she says trying to breathe. “you were running like a maniac, the past two corridors” she scolds me. I don’t reply anything. I hug her, hug her tightly.

Luckily, there was no one present at the corridor as Clara cupped my cheeks and asks. “you okay?”. Those words hit me again. Ugh, okay means related to how I was feeling. And at that moment, I wanted to crush the feelings.

I sigh, trying to calm myself down. I think for 5 minutes while she looks at me impatiently, the intensity and curiosity growing more. “ugh, I’m such a stupid freak. You know what, I’ll just show kunj that I don’t care..let’s see what happens..I don’t care..he is happy let him be…if he likes me he will do it..forget it…I’m strong” I state and this time I’m sure about what I said, no hard feelings.


They both head back to class to take their belongings as they see the girl, she was like a glue stick. Finding ways to stick to kunj. Clara gives a death glare to yuvi while he frowns. “what have I done?” he asks.

Clara rolls her eyes while twinkle sees the tension in between. “twinkle, I’ll meet you tomorrow okay..I have some classes..bye” Clara states as she goes out giving a death glare to yuvi again.

Twinkle sits in the food area, on her macbook. As immediately, a plate crushes the table. Twinkle squeaks and rolls her eyes. “what the heck yuvi? You scared me to death” Twinkle complains while yuvi grins.

“sorry…I’m already too flattered” yuvi says pouting. Twinkle tries to hold back her laughter. “by whom?” she asks grinning. She knows exactly whom he his talking about but plays along.

“stop it okay..of course Clara” yuvi says clasping his hands. Twinkle laughs and nods. “stop laughing and help me out” yuvi complains shutting her macbook.

“yuvi! I have told you so many times…the only possible way is that you tell her” Twinkle says resting her head on her right hand. “okay” yuvi says and sighs. They both talk until Twinkle eyes catches a couple coming in.

She feels the knot in her stomach and clinches in her seat. Kunj and the girl comes, while they take a seat on the table yuvi and twinkle where sitting. He swings the chair while the girl sits there.

“Hi ! I’m alia” the girl greets Twinkle, who immediately shooks her head up from the macbook. She examines her features. She was hot, obviously kunj likes her. Her blonde dye hair, with a few brown locks, her large brown eyes pop out, her lips shaped in a fake and forced smile. Her dress up to her knees, with an exposed cleavage.

She extends her hand with a fake and forced smile. Obviously, it was not genuine. “Hi..I’m Twinkle” Twinkle shakes her hand, giving a genuine smile. Kunj and yuvi tensely looks at the current situation.

They both back off while Twinkle says. “guys…I know we had planned a road trip..but yesterday I thought why don’t we go to Florida,’s gonna be great actually…my friend sanjana (she is the character from my other story “the masquerade”) called me too..and she said Miami is a great place..I have been what say..I have already booked mine, clara’s and mahi’s ticket. Now, if you both agree..I mean sorry you three because as per as kunj, alia is also you agree?” Twinkle asks while the three looks at her surprised, at how much she speaks.

“yes!” yuvi exclaims. “for sure” alia states while Twinkle rolls her eyes. “okay then” Twinkle says. After 20 minutes, she says “done..bye yuvi..and make sure you do it” Twinkle says as she passes him a wink.

“how rude..she didn’t greet us, babe” alia states saying to kunj. Yuvi get up and says “better luck”. Kunj looks at Twinkle who disappears from the area and sighs.
I see her going out of the food area, helpless I can’t do anything. She is so mad at me, like so mad. I saw the way her smile disappeared as me and alia entered. The sweet laugh, which I adore, vanished as her eyes fell on alia. Who was clinging into me.

I hate alia, not that I have some personal motive, but she is too clingy. I don’t know she is just, always being by my side and trying to stick with me. Of course, I don’t have a serious relationship with her and she knows that.

Then why did she behaved likes this with Twinkle. Alia can never compete Twinkle. Twinkle is pretty, in her own way. She doesn’t dress up to impress anyone. Her eyes show it, her eyes shows the love for everyone.

She examines Alia and everything about her. I don’t know how she does it, but Twinkle can known whatever is going on in a person’s mind. On the other side as Alia showed the fake smile, Twinkle gave her a genuine one.

I feel so stupid and I don’t know why am I doing this drama. But I want to know her feelings. I know she can get anyone, anyone better than me. But the least I can do is to know her feelings.

She goes out and I miss her at the exact moment. I miss her eyes, her eyes show the loneliness and emptiness. I want to fill those spaces and love her. I can hear her laugh all life ..and yeah her tantrums, I can bear them too. I shove the thoughts away as I make my way outside leaving Alia. I don’t want her with me. I make my way towards my car and start the engine, as I go towards home.

Clara flinched as she reaches home and throws her bag away. Letting out the frustration, the anger. She sighs, and breathes out relaxing herself. She crawls on the bed and closes her eyes as her phone flashes a light.

“oh phone was on silent ..let me see” she says as she takes the phone and is boggled to find 28 missed calls from yuvi.

She calls him back until the call is received from the other side. “what the heck yuvi? So many missed calls…where the bl**dy hell are you?” she asks frustrated but is more shocked when she heard another man’s voice.

“who are you?” Clara asks abruptly. “hello,ma’am. Actually, this phone belongs to the man over here whom met with an accident..and I saw your number in the log and called you….I would like you to come now” the man on the other side declares.

“what?? He..he m-met.. wi-with an accident?” Clara asks shocked. “you please be there…I’ll be there soon” Clara says starting the engine.

“I’ll just message you the address” the man says. “sure..but call the ambulance please” Clara cries out. “sorry ma’am I’m in a rush”the man says as he messages the address.

“what the f**k? Someone’s dying there and he is busy ugh..” Clara let’s out a frustrated groan. She reaches the place and storms out of the car, running fast. She tries finding yuri but doesn’t seem anyone until she is blindfolded and her hands are tied.

“what the heck? Leave me…I said leave me” she yells, trying to get free from his clutch. She is forced as she finally pushes the person away. Someone, unties her hands and her hands reaches the cloth on her eyes and removes it.

She sees a man standing there but is unable to see him due to the blurry vision. She rubs her eyes and settles. She opens her eyes and is surprised to find yuvi there. “you? What am I doing here and••” she begins but is boggled to find the ship decorated.

“what’s all this?” a boggled Clara asks. “why did you brought me here like this? I thought you had a accident…the man over the phone said it..but you are perfectly fine..what kind of joke is this? You seriously got on my nerves” Clara yells at him.

Yuvi sighs and moves closer, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her closer. She immediately felt the his scent and closes her eyes.
I take a look at the surroundings and the ship. The ship was beautiful and decorated incredibly. But why did yuvi brought me here. As he pulls me closer, my heart skips a beat. I’m so close to him and I’m really frozen.

I push him with full force as he stumbles and loses his balance but settles himself. “what do you want?” I snap at him. “you” is what I get an answer. Me? Why would he want me?. Did all the girls in this world died.

“huh?” I ask crossing my arms. Why would he say that. He closes his eyes and take a deep breath. “I’m sorry..I’m sorry for being an idiot..I’m sorry for always troubling you but I did it because..” he begins as he hesitates in the end. What’s he gonna say? My heart starts beating fast. It’s not normal.

“because I love you” he says looking at me straight in the eye. I freeze at his words. He…he loves me..he loves me..he does love me..oh my God, my hormones. I stand there dumbly while yuvi looks at me with hope.

I do nothing but jump into his arms while he holds me tightly against his body. Finally, the day I had been waiting for years has come. Tears flow down as yuvi backs off. He wipes them and strokes my cheek with his thumb.

“I love you so much..I have loved since childhood but I thought you never..” he begins to say but I crash my lips onto him. For a while, he was taken aback but he gives in. He kisses me gently as his grip tightens. He kisses my neck as a moan escapes from my lips.

He pulls back while I dumbly bite my lower lip. “don’t do make me..” he begins until he kisses me again. He pulls me closer as his deepens the kiss. My hands ruffle his hair as I see him smiling in the kiss.

Yuvi (POV)

I pull back so that we both can breathe. I had always imagined this moment, the moment when I’ll kiss her and she will let me do it. I love her and obviously I had loved her since God knows when. The way her eyes sparkle right now and the her flushed pink cheeks, makes me chuckle.

She was nervous and biting her lower lip and that made my hormones crazy. And she was so worried about me, that I really met with an accident. I immediately pull her for a hug and she buries her head in my chest. Her vanilla scent hits me. She is so beautiful inside, out.

“I love you” she whispers while I rub her back and kiss the top of her head. “I know” I reply and pull back. I pull out navy blue small box while she looks on boggled. I open it while she is surprised to see what’s in the box. I bought it for her today. It was a light silver chain, quoted with diamonds and two letters “C.Y” were written.

I make her wear it. It’s fits flawlessly on her. Like it’s made for her. She has enhanced it. Tears roll down her eyes again and she smiles. “it’’s beautiful..but I can’t take it” she says looking at me. I sigh and say “ugh..don’t be dramatic..I bought it for you”. While she nods and hugs me.


Twinkle and kunj romantic fight… meeting Marcus…the jealous Kunj..boarding for Miami… jealously on top…


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