around love life is so beautiful (Episode 15)

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hi, thank u fr commenting
it was a pleasant morning
Mrs bhalla was in hurry to go some where Mr bhalla ask her where are u going
Mrs B. : I had an appointment in marriage buearo
Mr b: OK I will drop you
they both go to marriage bearo
manager : it was our to see a match for Raman sir
he give some phone & says these are ” vvip ” photos
Mrs b: this girl was so beautiful see bhallaji
he also signs yes
she asks who is this girl
manager see the photo & says this is a perfect match for Raman sir
her name Nidhi & she is educational minister’s only daughter
Mrs bhalla flet happy & says I will talk to Raman then I will you later she leaves
NXT scene it’s dinner time all bhalla family sits at their table
jee: I have some thing good news for you
VI : what is that

jee: ishu was returning from dehradon she completed her trainning & she got post in Delhi only
Raman : when she coming
jee: day after tomorrow
Viren observers the Raman’s excitement
Raman goes after finishing dinner
Viren follows him

VI : what Raman r u hiding any with me
ra : nothing like that bro
VI : I know Raman I was also felt love with jeevika don’t hide any thing
but I want to say something don’t lose a girl like ishitha
ra: bro do u help me to win my love
VI: do u have any doubt in that
ra: no
they both have hug
NXT day
jeevika prepare ishus favorite sweets she also calls amma & apps to come to Delhi
Raman also egarly eating to talk to ishu the day finish like that
NXT day morning all goes airport to receive ishitha
ishu comes from immigration
all see ishu she was talking with a handsome guy they come near bhalla family
ishu hugs jeevika first then introduce him as he is Mr abhishek new acp to Delhi
ab: OK ishu I will leave now I will meet you tomorrow
he leaves

Viren plans as ishu & Raman will CO.ein one car all bhalla family moves in another car
in car Raman : ishu I think still you didn’t forgive me right
ishu : I know what r yu talking about but I forgot everything I have moved in my life plz don’t disturb me again in that time ishu comes a call from abhishek they were talking funnily Raman think that I am not a correct person to ishitha they come to home
Viren & Raman goes to room
VI: what ishi said do you told your love to ishu
ra: no she was moves in her life may be I am un lucky
by crossing ishu sees viren & Raman she stands outside of room here’s their words
Raman says I don’t want to disturb her life for second time
she hides there & he leaves frm there
ishu felt bad hearing Raman words
it’s bed time time
Raman do his work in laptop
Mrs bhalla comes there
Mrs b : Raman I have seen yu a match see this photo if you like her I will talk to her parents Raman recalls all ishu words & says your wish mom do as u like I don’t have any interest to see the photo

Mrs bhalla felt happy & goes from there
ishu sats on her bed & think about raman ” why I am angry with him he already said sorry for what happens that I think I had gave a huge punishment for that ” ” OK then I will express my love by seeing a good time ”
NXT day morning Mrs bhalla talk to marriage buearu manager in phone ” OK I will meet Nidhi in coffee shop & I will give her ramans photo ”
manager: she already seen Raman’s interview she agreed for marriage also , you just meet once and complete the formalities thats it
Mrs bhalla says OK and put the

mihika comes there & asks why r u so busy maa
Mrs bhalla says iam only busy but you are very happy why
mihika says tomorrow is raksha bandan and I can receive my gifts from brothers that why I am happy
Mrs b: OK then I have work I will soon
she leaves from there
Mrs bhalla met minister & his daughter nidhi in coffee shop and talk about Raman Nidhi’ s marriage

Nidhi: sorry aunty I want to talk with then I Wii say my decision
Mrs bhalla says OK putter & they have achit chat
NXT day
mihika ties rakhi to viren & Raman
ishu says I was very happy by seeing this
abhishek comes there and says by seeing your relatives you have forgot me right
ishu : how can I forget you I have a gift for you
she take a rakhi frm her bag and tie it to abhishek

he gives a gift to ishu
raman felt happy by seeing this abhishek comes closure to Raman and say so your are a lucky fellow
ra: what do u mean
abhi: yu will understand soon
in that time jeevika comes in hurry and says on the TV
they on the TV in that
” breaking news this year best CEO of Asia award winner is Mr Raman kumar bhalla & tomorrow is award function ” all felt happy by seeing this news

precape : Raman proposes his love to ishu in front of media in award function

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