Doli Armaanon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 7th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Ishaan tries to make up for the situation, when he finds urmi overhearing the entire conversation. He goes onto praise urmi and the female in general, by saying that Behind every successful man, there’s a woman. He pretends to be surprised that urmi is here too. He says that samrat couldnt tolerate that ishaan was praising urmi, where he himself was doing so for the last some time. urmi smiles at that, while samrat is tensed at ishaan lying for him. Urmi tells that she would go with gaurav for the pagphere rasam. Samrat again gets into a banter about how useless these relations and rituals are. But ishaan points out that he’s very lucky to have urmi. Urmi asks them to eat first and them go and meet gaurav. Samrat agrees. Urmi leaves, a little disappointed. After she’s gone, ishaan reprimands samrat for being so cold and rude.

Outside, all congratulate samrat’s bhabhi, diwakar’s wife to be blessed with a boy soon and blessing them all, they begin to leave. She teases urmi’s family to come back by the evening for samrat’s sake, as he would be very distressed at that. Rashmi’s mother also points that out. Samrat’s family remarks that Urmi should come soon after the Pag phere rasam but Samrat tells that she can stay for some days there,it would not make any difference and in fact he would be more content in his bed, shared by none. Urmi is saddened, while others are tensed. as usual, ishaan lightens the mood, saying that once she doesnt return, then samrat would go running after her. Samrat’s bhabhi too points that out. Shashi asks gaurav to keep urmi ready in the evening, and samrat would come and pick her up. urmi looks up at samrat expectantly, while he doesnt look up from his phone. urmi takes everyone’s blessings, and still finds samrat busy in his mobile only. she sits in the car wanting one last glance from him, before she leaves, but he doesnt. Urmi is tensed, when samrat doesnt even cast a glance at her.

Ishaaan shows the wedding pics, when everyone wants to see it, and offers to show it on thelaptop for everyone to see. Shashi comes in with a precooked idea, asking samrat to tread carefully, and not do something that he would regret later. Samrat asks her to speak clearly. Shashi starts reprimanding samrat for telling urmi to stay for three days if she wishes, as if given the relaxation once, will loosen his grip on her. samrat and ishaan are amused at her concern. Ishaan however is tensed at that too. He starts protesting in urmi’s favour. She says tht all girls are good, but this applies to everyone. Her husband tries to put some sense into shashi, also pointing out along with ishaan saying that urmi didnt like samrat’s idea at all. samrat is as usual careless about it, liking what he did. Samrat’s father tries to teach samrat some marriage advise, and asks him to try and understand women, who dont want to say everything aloud, but wants to be understood. Shashi is called in the kitchen. though frustrated, she again tries to tell samrat not to pat heed to what he said, and follow his gut instinct instead.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s and samrat’s residence
Anu is anxiously awaiting Urmi’s arrival and is excited when she has come. She calls the entire family. as her car screeches to a halt, they all welcome urmi, who also meets her family happily. rashmi takes urmi inside, after saroj and nirmala does the puja and the arti. Rashmi starts asking about lavish lifestyle at Samrat’s place. Urmi nods. saroj comments that she’s looking very beautiful, and asks if everything’s okay and she didnt have any problem. Urmi gets emotional at hearing this. She breaks into tears and hugs saroj tightly, while saroj is tensed. All are slightly upset. Anu asks what happened. She tries to cheer her up, but urmi doesnt let go of saroj. saroj asks her to speak the truth if everything is okay. urmi nods. They ask her to be happy then, as its a time of happiness. they all think that these are tears of happines, while rashmi again gets into a banter about the lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Buaji says that samrat and his family are equally fortunate too. Rashmi’s parents too are teased about it. Urmi starts smiling at this. They are happy to see this. Granny asks urmi to take the Lord’s blessings and then eat something. as they all go on, saroj still looks tensed. Later, while nu and others are chatting teasing her about samrat, urmi remembers his dry behaviour.

Urmi sends message to samrat asking if he really wants her to stay here. She is tensed about the answer. Samrat reads it and messages back that if she doesnt have a problem, then why would he, and she may do what she wishes. She is saddened at samrat’s careless and dry attitude towards her. The screen freezes on urmi’s distraught face.

Precap: Rashmi’s parents are discussing with rashmi, about how samrat doesnt listen to anyone let alone urmi. She warns rashmi that tomorrow if anything happens, then rashmi would have to respond, having been the intermediator for this marriage. Saroj overhears their conversation and is tensed to hear about all this. Meanwhile, urmi is tensed and sad sitting in her room.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Samrat I hope you will not lose urmi. If you did them you will not get any beautiful and intelligent girl like urmi that she is lovely. You will get the girl that will not give you rest of mind.

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