Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
Soham remembers his time with rajji and grows nostalgic, their friendship, their fights and their memories, and kuki and everyone else in the family trying to show rajji’s concern to him. he says that when rajji was with him, he couldnt understand rajji’s love, and now that she isnt there, he has understood his own love. he takes out the scarf that rajji had got for him, and wears it, remembering her intimacy with him. He gets teary eyedand emotional. He thinks that now he would get rajji’s love and then noone would be able to separate them. soham comes out of his room, while everyone outside is tensed. He gets his bags, and takes blessings from everyone in the family, who all are teary eyed and emotional. Simran asks him to take care of himself and rajji too. He too asks her to take care of herself and the family. buaji too says the same thing to him. Soham says that he is just going there for rjji, and would soon return and with rajji. Hopefully, they all bid him a teary farewell. soham goes to kuki, and hugs him tightly. Kuki tells him that he is sad but is happy that he is going to rajji, to get her back and also tell her how much he loves her. Soham says that he was late in understanding rajji’s love but wouldnt be late in getting her back to this house. Soham picks up his bags, and moves out along with angad, offering to leave him till outside. The ladies all break down. buaji composes simran that soham would return soon with rajji.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Gagan calls up the lawyer, and asks about his whereabouts. He says that he would meet them in a few days. gagan asks him to come today and finish all the pending work today only. She also asks him to get dadaji’s will as they have to finalise it today only. the lawyer agrees.

In her room, Rajji prays to the lord, that soham has realised his mistake, but this is her helplessness that she cant tell him that she has forgiven him, as she doesnt want him to stay here, as she has already left the Mann house, and she cant deprive them of the son of the family too. She thinks that once everyone realises that soham wont come for her, then they would ask her to go, and in the meanwhile, bani would get her rightful place in the society. She prays to be given the strength to be able to do it.

At the dining table, rajji is tended to by bani and reyman too. They offer her juice insistently. Balbir gets the lawyer’s call and excuses himself. Moving aside, he talks to the lawyer. He tells balbir about gagan’s call. Balbir is tensed. He thinks that people are beginning to doubt. He goes back and calls rajji. She comes to balbir, who asks her about soham, after much pretense as to how much is he liking her being here, and how soham’s arrival is awaited to complete his family. just then, a servant announces someone’s arrival. Soham reaches Bhullar mansion and Balbeer looks overwhelmed that his saviour has finally come. They are all shocked, while rajji is stunned. soham comes in, while they still cant digest that he’s here. Balbir goes on his false pretense of how grateful he is to soham, to be able to make him do his penance. soham says that he came back for rajji, and noone else, and doesnt believe in any relation whatsoever otherwise. bani is happy while others are tensed. Balbir tries to cover up saying that nevertheless their family is complete now, even though soham is angry at him. reyman too supports him. Soham eyes rajji, who looks at him sternly. Surjit shows soham his room, along with rajji’s. She tells him that she is happy that he came here for rajji, and asks him to take care of her always. Soham eyes rajji. Surjit and bani leave, blessing them and asking them to rest. after they are gone, they silently stand awkwardly. rajji breaks the silence. rajji says that she’s pretending to be happy but she isnt. She says that the house has changed, family has, but they would still live the same way, under the same roof, but in the same bed, and asks him to tell where he wants to sleep, on the bed or on the floor. as she gets to her work, soham is tensed.

Downstairs, bani comes face to face with parmeet, who remembers bani’s protests recently. Finally, bani walks past him, and upstairs to her room. He eyes her angrily and takes his phone out. Parmeet talks to an unidentified person on the phone, asking if he got the pic. he takes bani’s pic and says that he got it. parmeet asks him to wait for his next call now, to be told what to do, when and where. he thinks that in some time all his troubles would go away. the screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: Randip asks the lawyer, in front of the entire family, that this means that the property shall be divided to his two sons, randip and Parmeet. The lawyer comes and tells them that there would be 3 heirs to dadaji’s property, Randip, parmeet and soham too. All are shocked to hear this including soham.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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