Doli Armaanon Ki 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Samrat’s place, his niece is making poster of her family tree. She told her Dadi that Urmi will always look beautiful than her. Dadi say few awful words against Urmi.

Mandari stare at her Dadi.

Same moment Samrat walks in drunk with two girls supporting him.

Family shock!

Samrat say few misbehave words to his family.

Urmi come to her place tensed.

She doesn’t know how to survive without job after loosing her old job. She share her problem with Meena.

Meena gave her paper and ask her to search up jobs. Urmi calls one person uncle seeking for job.

Uncle ask Urmi to come and meet him.

Urmi share news with Meena.

Next morning,

Amirt calls his wife and express his emotions.

Samrat wake up and ask for lemon water.

He check the phone and lift up newspaper to read.

Father and son have argument on right and wrong.

Urmi goes to meet her uncle..

She get the job at first, but after some moment uncle ask Shaurya to leave and tries to get physical with Urmi.

Urmi give him lecture on humanity.

Samrat get happy finding letter that contain Urmi’s adderss. He call her hostel and come to know about the rules. He feel happy.

Precap: again his mother try to set him up for alliance. Samrat threat the pandit.

Update Credit to: MistiofMistz

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  1. When will dis nonsense stop!

  2. hadiza yusuf

    It’s high time for Samrat 2 learn his lessons

  3. We re gitting boring with this nonstop inhumanity action of samrat

  4. what the hell is wrong with the writers of this serial??
    why can’t they stop showing Urmi so unlucky!!
    Samrat, i want to spit on your blo*dy face :/

  5. Bored of this nonsens get rid of this seri i want punar vivah back

  6. When will the writers of this serial stop this nonsense where Samrat has no respect for anybody and he keeps getting away with anything. Are you telling me that India is so backward that there is no help for abused women? Are the writers of this dumb shows on Zeetv for real or do they think it’s only illiterate housewives and their unschooled children watching their serials? They need to do some checking on what’s going on in their country before writing stories and stop portraying their country as a backward country. Your shows are being watched in other countries stop this ridiculous line of stories, if Urmi can have Samrat arrested when he beat her up how come she is not lodging a complaint against him now? Pls just stop these abuse and someone pls teach this jerk a lesson about life once and for all.

  7. on behalf of mama she wants to know does this really carry on in india and cant they show an episode where urmi gets the better of samrat atleast it will atleast it will encourage more woman to stand up for themselves. at the moment u r conveying a msg that man can carry on abusing woman and no matter what they do they cant win.

  8. I agree with what u said Victoria…writers people from other countries is watching this serial i can name a view and not only indians people from all different race…people love your culture don’t give us the wrong impression about your country because i know it’s not like that…when will Urmi have her victory day?

  9. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Victoria i so agree with u. I also wonder if india s so way behind. Where women has no right nor respect. The sons r treated like rajas, whereas the one that end up killing there parents for property.

    1. Dhanna Sarjoo

      Sorry. I mean where as they r the ones killig their parents later on for property. A daughter will never do that.

  10. Too bad

  11. it better to watch cartoons than to wtching this stupid episod now is over too much for samrat and i think . Now day and night they lose fans come wth another story be like others writers since this episod started no changing of story like PAVITRA RISHTA look JAMAI RAJA and KUM KUM BAGYA the new series with alot of fans congratulations EKTA KAPOOR keep it up

  12. While I admire the actor for their excellent performance, I cannot the same for the script writers. Agreed that there are lots of people mistreating women n general and wives in particular, the purpose of the story is lost if it is overdone. Writers, please understand this.

  13. While I admire the actors for their excellent performance, I cannot say the same for the script writers. Agreed that there are lots of people mistreating women in general and wives in particular, the purpose of the story is lost if it is overdone. Writers, please understand this.

  14. Urmi should divorce Samrat then seek police protection as this is the only way he will leave her alone. When is he going to get it that she Is not coming back. Writers please change your scripts already.

  15. The writes make samrat seem to b so very above the law and everybody else,apparently he doesno’t have to answer to anyone,even urmi father is afraid of him.he is a major BULLY,hold on urmi don’t give UP.

  16. Hey all j have a suggestion why don’t we all call zee india and launch a formal complaint! Is Dr Subhash Chandra listening?

  17. Seriously, where are we going with this serial??

  18. We do watch these serial in Suriname and I think its getting boring because do you men in India mistreat women like that? I think there is no respect for women so pls let urmi be happy and samrat stops his misbehaving.

  19. This serial potrays Indian in a very poor light. This serial highlights all the wrong doing of men and where woned as soo weak. We Indian stand tall in our belives. So give women some credit and strenght to stand up for them selves. This story very shameful towards women. Very dissapointing. Hate is when women take all this nonsence quitely plz stand up for yourselves. Rajini. South Africa

    1. Im also in south africa 😀

    2. that’s exatly what Urmi’s doing standng up for herself.
      The writer had her pychologically mistreated and humiliated by her in-laws as well as her own family (father, sister in law,grnd mother, etc) —that truly happens
      he had her verbaly and physiucally abused—that truly happens
      he had her under full control and house arrest — that truly happens
      he had her framed for having an affair—that6 truly haappens
      he had her family harrassed—thet rally happens
      he stalked hertil h found her address—that rely happens
      he had her blacklisted so she wouldn’t get a job— that hapens
      he cheated on her with other women—that happens
      he lied to her — that cerainly happens
      he was arrogant — happens all the time
      he tried to use their child to get back at her – yes
      he mde it hard to find support anywhere- yes
      h showed how men think they can take advntage f women’s helpoessness – yes

      I think the writer is doing a good job covering all the sick behavior of a sam-RAT.with one character…

    3. I also think the writer is doing a good job showing how not to let this get to you and how to deal it it asit comes, without resorting to tactics that are below your principles. If you los your priinciples in the game, you might as well give in right at the beginning..

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