Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan saying this decision is right to save house’s respect and I apologize for this decision. He says I m helpless, Anjali is making me do this, I m seeing my traditions breaking all because of Anjali. He says Shlok, I agree with you, this year we won’t have Ganpati. Astha says fine, its about tradition and this won’t break in my presence, I will remove this rope. Shlok says wait, this rope will be removed when you apologize to Baba. Astha says why? Shlok says really? Do I need to say? For your mistakes.

Astha says she is ready, but not this time, only Lord can forgive him, he should be sorry, your eyes are blind, I know the truth and I will not apologize. Shlok says disgusting, you won’t change, why don I give you chance, as you always insult Baba. He says fine, its decided Ganpati will not come this year, you can go your home or apologize to Baba now. He says I can’t expect you will apologize, Its my biggest mistake to marry a girl like you. You don’t respect my dad and you don’t have any place in my life, I m helpless to keep up this relation. He says you look a burden to me now. Astha is shocked.

Kavya tries to break the rope. The vase falls. Astha comes and stops her. Everyone come hearing the sound. Kavya does not leave the rope. Varad asks whats going on. Kavya says she was cutting the rope, as Ganpati is not coming and Chachu Chachi fight because of it. Astha taunts Shlok for doing this and its affecting Kavya now. She says if anything happens to her then. Shlok scolds her and says you are being adamant. He says you should apologize. He leaves. Varad takes Kavya. Sojal says its good what happened and taunts Astha. Astha cries. Anjali consoles her.

Astha says she is feeling bad, Kavya is so sad. Anjali asks her to leave everything on Lord. Its morning, they pray to the Lord. Anjali tells about Hartalika fast. Astha says she kept the fast for Shlok, but don’t know I will break my fast by his hands or not. Anjali says I m sure Shlok will break it. Sojal eats food and hides the plate seeing Anjali come. Anjali asks her to come for the puja. Sojal thinks if she does puja in her area, she will have to work too. She says now house is divided, I will do puja here, Astha can go against Baba, I can’t, sorry.

Astha gets ready and looks at herself thinking about Shlok. She thinks Shlok gifted her this saree. She dresses as Shlok told her. She says I m dressed up as you wanted, I wish you could see me. Shlok sees Astha and she stops. Music plays……………………He thinks of the same moments. Khuda……………….plays………………….She thinks please Shlok end all this. He leaves. She says first I used to talk so much and you used to listen to me, and now you don’t talk to me, you don’t have time for me. She holds the rope and leaves.

Sojal gets ready and praises herself. She asks Varad how is she looking, and she kept fast for him, and asks for gift. He gets Mansi’s call and answers it as Sojal should no doubt. Mansi says I kept fast for you, I will break it by your hand, will you come. Varad says I can’t come, I will be at home. She asks is it Mansi’s call. He says its call from office and lies to Sojal. He leaves. Mansi says what problem does Sojal have with me, I don’t care, Varad has to come with me.

Anjali thinks she has to stop Shlok from telling Niranjan so that he can break Astha’s fast. She asks Niranjan and Shlok to come home early as Shlok has to break Astha’s fast. Shlok says he will not make anyone drink water, you can tell Astha. Astha hears this and is upset. Shlok says you don’t need to keep fast for me, if you cared, then this rope would not have been between us, stop showing off to world and stop expecting from me, lets go Baba. Anjali thinks she will not fail, Shlok will break Astha’s fast.

Niranjan asks Anjali will you not have food if I don’t make you eat, Anjali its fine. Even if you die by hunger, I don’t care.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shlok, i repeat once again; u r a fool and scoundrel.u thinks only from your part.

  2. Shlok is brainwashed by his father who is a selfish. But what we are all forgetting is that this is the story and Niranjans acting is excellent if we can hate him that means he’s good in what he’s doing and that is acting

  3. why people u r dragging the episode like hell

  4. Yeah he reacted the same way in aditi’s matter in fb!

  5. shamim kasim

    If this does drag then there will be no serial

  6. shamim kasim

    Sorry i meant if this does not drag then there will be no story

  7. sharam karo amena puri update kun ni deti hmn…u r stupid idiot rascal scroundrel

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