Doli Armaanon Ki 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Niranjan wonders where is she, and decides to call tani, and is more surprised when her phone is switched off.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
samrat puts on a fake pretense, and he along with his family, run her on the stretcher, to be rushed into the hospital theatre. the doctor asks them to relax, and let him check tani. He goes inside. Outside, samrat hopes that tani doesnt die, as everything would be ruiend then. shashi asks whats he mumbling. He asks why is she after him always, and asks her to go pray in the temple. She grumbles, but he sends her off to pray. She resignedly complies. After she leaves, he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and in the hospital
Over tea, damini is instigated by sandhya that urmi didnt leave for her house. damini tells sandhya that soon she shall see new drama unfolding. meanwhile, samrat calls up damini and breaks down into sobs and muffled screams, and she asks why is he crying. He pretends to be distraught, and tells them of the accident. Damini asks him to speak up. urmi rushes down and asks how is tani. damini is shocked and gets dizzy hearing the accident. She asks him to speak clearly. He narrates everything, while shashi hears from behind. He starts going berserk. damini meanwhile has a fainting spell. she asks him where’s tani. Damini tells anirudh about it, and all are shocked. urmi says that she shall take the phone and talk. damini gets to know that tani is in the hospital, and again reminds her that he had told her not to send them to jhansi, as this has happened now. anirudh takes the phone, and asks. Samrat gets into fake crying mode, and says that tani is critical and if anything happens to her, he wont spare anyone. he cancels the call. anirudh is distressed. samrat smiles and turns around, and finds shashi, asking why is he overacting, as if their heart fails, he would lose all claims in the property. samrat however is unaffected and smiles and says that now all of tani’s family would come to take them all back, and that their return to mumbai is confirmed. shashi too is happy. samrat thinks that when things didnt turn his way, he made them to. he guffaws, while shashi says that she is scared that if tani dies, his plan would be spoiled, and asks him to take care that tani doesnt die. He asks her to speak nice, and warns her not to do so again.

Damini meanwhile is super tensed, while anirudh asks her to cool down and compose herself. He asks urmi to call ishaan, while she says that she is trying, but isnt going through. Sandhya continues pointing out that since ishaan and urmi got married and urmi stepped in this house, things have been bad for them. sandhya and damini’s husbands reprimand sandhay to stop talking like this. ishaan comes in and rati tells them. they all turn to him, who’s tensed already. Damini goes berserk, asking and pleading ishaan to find out about tani. Urmi tells him that tani has met with an accident, as samrat called. he angrily eyes urmi. ishaan says that happened which he was so scared of, and they didnt listen to him at all, as he knows samrat is an animal capable of going to any lengths, and hence kept saying that tani shouldnt go with samrat to jhansi. He vents his frustration out on all, asking why they didnt hear. He looks at urmi disgustingly, and angrily, and hence had warned against this, time and again. He asks urmi if she is happy and satisfied and did she achieve what she wanted. urmi stands hurt and disappointed, while damini eyes her accusingly and disbelievingly that it was her plan all along. Damini asks ishaan what he means, and if he didnt want to send, then who did. urmi and anirudh stand tensedly. ishaan stands helplessly. urmi speaks up that she had suggested that tani be sent with samrat. damini gets angry and screams at her asking why she did so, forcefully. urmi says that she wanted tani to see samrat’s true side herself, and be free from him, as he is a monster. damini tries to vent her anger at urmi, while anirudh comes in saying that it was his and urmi’s plan, and for tani’s benefit, and convinced ishaan too lately. Damini asks how couldnt he discuss with her, before taking such an important descision, as she is tani’s mother, and asks ishaan how could he not tell her. all are tensed and enraged. Sandhya again says that this is due to urmi, who’s directing anirudh and ishaan, as they both didnt know. Anirudh asks her to shut up, while damini says that she is right, as urmi has already captivated ishaan, and now anirudh too. urmi is shocked. damini bad mouths urmi, while anirudh points out that she did this for the benefit of this house, and damini says that she doesnt need it. damini asks ishaan to go and get tani, safe and sound. he promises her that nothing would happen. ishaan too blames samrat. anirudh asks how can samrat be after this road accident, tani was in. ishaan says that he doesnt know samrat. Anirudh says that maybe he is right, but it could just be tani’s mistake too. damini is berserk for tani. ishaan asks damini to calm down as nothing would happen to tani, and he shall go to jhansi rightaway to get tani.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
In the temple, in the hospital, the bengali wife and shashi are relieved that they didnt go with tani, or else they would be on the death bed too. samrat comes sipping, and shashi says that he should get something for her too. But he says that she wont get anything, as she shall fast for tani. he blames her for tani’s accident, and says that she shall not drink water, till tani comes to to senses. the bengali lady begins to go aside. Shashi asks samrat to get the bengali lady also to do as she took the necllace if she took the bangles. He calls her too, and asks her to keep fast along with shashi. the doctor comes and tells him that tani is critical, and her Bp and pulse is elevated and she shall have to be under observation. he says that they shall have to wait, and finish some formalities in the meanwhile. He asks them to ardently fast, and then goes with the doctor.

Scene 5:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan begins to leave, while sandhya takes care of damini. Sandhya’s husband asks ishaan to leave, as he too shall drop him at the airport. ishaan warns her not to even think lik that, as she wont go anywhere now. urmi tries to stop him. he turns and says that if anything happened to his sister, he wont ever forgive her. Ishaan leaves. urmi is shocked to hear such hatred in ishaan’s voice. All are tensed, while damini eyes her venomously. The screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: Urmi tells niranjan that tani met with an accient. he says thats why she couldnt come to meet him. She says that she is sure that samrat is behind this, and scared what worse he could do. He says that till the time samrat knows he is here, he wont risk that at all, and in fact they could use this as an oppurtunity. he says that infact he has himself called trouble, and that he smartly thinks that he has played a safe bet, where infact he shall use this against samrat to catch him in his own trap. She is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I cannot believe Ishaan is spitting out all this hatred against Urmi.His mother has really given him a dose of poison.Capacity never lacks opportunity.It cannot remain undiscovered because it is sought by too many who are anxious to use it.This is what Samrat and Damini are doing.They are scoffers.They both believe that they are excellent in what they are doing but excellence is not a skill ,it is an attitude.The mask they are all wearing will soon come off.Urmi will see the light shining over her very soon.

  3. No more watching, just reading updates. Ishan has turned out to be a total fool…not sure why Urmi married him for.

  4. rosey and sharmi I do not agree with you all like you forgetting how urmi went off of a tantrum like a mad woman on Ishaan when she opened the box and saw that it was not an evening dress inside she urmi did not give him a chance to explain so as we would say do so doh like so come on be fair you two I felt so sorry for Ishaan the way she accused him telling him about his character anyway writers mend your storylines they are all toooooooo monotonous and boring

  5. Urmi should leave and let everyone sort out all issues with Samrat. Damini deserves to be punished cannot stand Her character. Tanu was the victim lets hope she comes to get senses upon recovering

  6. gloria keil ure right but ishaan shuld have forgiven her by now one thing is 4 sure urmi is a victim of all circumstances i feel so sorr for her weeping soul wat a bad world she came in.

  7. Ishaan is like a green lizard or a chameleon he his changing fast, he was a part of the plan why is he turning everything on Urmi…i think Urmi has suffered enough, i can’t believe Ishaan is taking in everything his mother is saying you know Urmi better than everyone else this is bull always the same thing in these soaps the mothers are always poisoning the son mind against their wife

  8. I cant belive Ishan is also treating Umri like this, i never thought he could change like that, he knows umri very well better than anyone.

  9. I was so happy when Ishaan and Urmi go married. Since the marriage, Urmi has not had a minute’s worth of peace. Ishaan is the one that was so adamant to marry her. He is acting so wimpy now. Everyone in the family is openly attacking Urmi exept Ishaan’s Dad. Damini is so worried about Urmi’s marriage, she does not have time for her own. I saw a part of another serial today and it was so adorable because there was romance in it, not all this hatred. Can Indians not laugh anymore?…..or smile?…..or be romantic? We have some of the most romantic music, pretty outfits, great artistry and most beautiful people on earth and it is all going to waste! The writer of this serial loves to portray Indians as if we are about 99% hate and 1% romance.

  10. Gloria I am speaking about the accident with Tani and how Ishaan lashing out at Urmi and blaming her for his sister’s accident.This is not about their romantic tiff.I hope You understand the difference.

  11. I can’t understand y ishaan is turning against Urmi now he should no better how Urmi is n wat she went true with samrat

  12. Is urmi ever going to get any happiness in this show ever ?

  13. *heavy sigh*
    Poor Urmi… she has a beautiful smile but we rarely see her smiling in this serial.
    Maybe her character meant to be like this until the end.. suffering, suffering and more suffering…

    I really hope to see her to be smarter, stand up & be strong, brave and fight for her own happiness against the evil souls surrounding her by her OWN wits and cleverness. Forget abt how he fought Samrat in court that was (with help of Ishaan).

    Writers, pls write more inspirational storyline which suffering women like Urmi can learn from and be proud of…pleaaseeeee!

  14. Why are Indian mothers-in-law such b*t*hes??
    Many of them do such pathetic jobs of raising their sons (weak, incompetent men), yet they are ever ready to hate someone else’s daughter & pass the blame onto the daughters-in-law when things go wrong.

    The daughters-in-law are never good enough and they ill treat them but they expect their own daughters to have a wonderful life in someone else’s home once they get married & go.

    Damini should stop acting like a young one, showing off her tattoo (which is so b*t*hy to have in Indian culture) and should do a better job of raising her daughter.

    What she fails to see is that everything that she does to Urmi, is coming back tenfold to her own daughter.
    That’s the law of KARMA!! Nicely depicted in the serial.

    1. Nice one….

  15. Pathetic story line these last episodes but i can’t help to watch and read i realy like doli armaano ki and qubool hai but those days these writers are giving us hell of time

  16. Just make sure to catch Samrat soon Urmi, or the situation will get even nastier. Samrat is a very desperate man.

  17. Oh no I felt bad for Urmi every day she is the one that suffer always for samrat deed, I don’t like that always samrat success his plan not urmi

    1. fan of the show

      samRat does not always succeed. He lost his father, his mother, his brother and wife, his sister and husband, his other sister, his first wife, his son, his second wife, his job, his girlfriends, his money, his freedom, his peace of mind, his plans to get back to Mumbai and live off his third wife, etc, etc, etc. He’s just the biggest loser there is in any of the soaps.

      1. fan of the show

        And don’t forget he lost his second child, his court case, his in-laws, and his sanity. Soon he will lose his third wife as well.

  18. Why can’t urmi live peacefully??? Is every indian mother in law sooooooo mean???

    1. fan of the show

      No. But some ARE.

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