Swaragini 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Surya Prasad Maheshwari tells Garodia not to apologize to him. I have full faith on you and Ragini. We can easily know her values looking at her. He says he likes Ragini. Badi maa says shall we do the shagun and tika ritual. Surya Prasad agrees and hugs Dada ji. Dadi maa takes Dada ji to a corner and tells something. Shekhar says if you don’t mind, can we see your son. Surya Prasad says this is not possible. As we all are here, he is handling business. Shekhar says it is ok. Ragini sits down while Badi Maa do the aarti and gives the shagun thali. Ragini smiles and takes their blessings. Maheshwari says we shall fix the engagement. Dadimaa says ok. Maheshwari says we will inform you once fixes the mahurat. Ragini smiles.

Sumi comes home. Dida asks why you didn’t pick my call. Sumi says she didn’t see. Dida says she is worried about Swara. Sumi says she will come. Swara says right, you are a drama queen. They hear Dadi Maa saying that they fixed her grand daughter’s alliance. Dida gets sad. Sumi looks at Ragini and blesses her quietly. Shekhar comes and looks at Sumi. He tells Dadimaa that he is going out. Sumi’s smile vanishes. She goes inside her house. Dada ji come to Dida’s house. Dida gets shocked to see him. He asks where is Sharmistha. Sumi comes and congratulates him for Ragini’s alliance. Dada ji says he came to tell her about Swara. She crossed all the limits today. Sumi asks what did she do? Dada ji says she tried to malign my reputation today. Sumi and Dida get thinking. Ragini keeps on calling Swara, but her phone is unreachable. Ragini thinks it is her mistake. She says sorry and hopes Swara is fine.

Swara returns home with teary eyes. Dida asks where was you? Sumi asks why did you come late? Swara rushes in and hugs Sumi. She bursts into tears. She tells them everything. Sumi is shocked. Swara asks whether it is a sin to be fatherless girl? She says you both are enough for me. You gave me good lifestyle. I am fed up of the taunts. Dida gets angry and says how dare you slap my grand daughter. I won’t leave him. She takes out big knife from the kitchen and tries to go. Sumi says today I will go. She says today someone raised hand on my daughter and questioned on my upbringing. Dida asks her to go now itself. Sumi says it is night. I don’t want to stoop to their level. I will asks answer in the morning.

In the morning, Sumi gets ready and starts walking. Jai Jai Kali Maa………..plays…….She comes to Shekhar’s shop and asks for him. Chotu points out at Shekhar. Sumi comes to him and says I need to talk to you. Shekhar says I don’t want to talk to you. Sumi says then I will talk infront of everyone. They go to a side. Sumi asks why did you slap my daughter. Shekhar says she pushed my mother and interfered in my daughter’s life. Sumi says it is called concern. Swara was concerned about her. You raised questions on my upbringing. She says 20 years have passed, but you remains the same. That time you insulted me infront of everyone and now you insulted my daughter infront of everyone. You called her fatherless girl. She tells that she was helpless before, but not anymore. She tells that Swara’s father is alive and that is you Shekhar. Swara is your daughter. Shekhar gets shocked.

Swara hears from far and is shocked. She opines that Shekhar uncle is my Papa. Sumi asks him not to be scared. She says I have to tell you today so that you realized your mistake. Shekhar asks her not to lie, so that he hates her. Sumi says truth won’t change anyway. She warns him saying if my daughter get a tear in her eyes because of you, then I won’t spare you. She walks off. Shekhar recalls Sumi’s words and walks on the road shockingly. Even Swara is shocked. Sumi is seen walking after confessing the truth. He recalls Ragini and Swara’s childhood. Shekhar gets in bus. Swara recalls her childhood moments.

Shekhar and Swara are shaken with the truth. Swara comes to a place and recalls Shekhar slapping her. She recalls Sumi’s words that Shekhar is her father. She wipes her tears and thinks to tell the truth to Ragini. Someone come there and takes her in his arms. Swara tries to slap, but he holds her hand. Swara calls him cheap. He turns and asks her to see if he is cheap. He tells that he called his girlfriend here and hugs her mistakenly. He says my girlfriend is possessive about me and asks her to wish him luck. Swara looks on. He goes to his friends and says he won the bet. His friend says you hugged a stranger girl and she didn’t slap you. You are lucky. He turns and sees Swara.

Shekhar apologizes to Swara. Swara asks him not to say sorry. Ragini asks Swara to go back. Swara tells that she found the reason for the enemity and tells her that they are sisters. She says Shekhar is their father. Dadimaa hears them.

Update Credit to: MA

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