Doli Armaanon Ki 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and samrat’s residence
Urmi runs vehemently on the road, crying out shaurya’s name, but is unable to find him. she is distraught, as she continues to ask about him, from the people on the road. She starts hallcunating others’ kids as shaurya, and is shocked and apalled, not knowing what to do. Finally, she finds shaurya, crying on the road, and screams out to him. he too is happy to see her, and they both rush to each other, for a happy reunion. Urmi hugs shaurya tightly, kissing him hurriedly. she asks where had he gone. he says that he was coming to meet her, but got lost. She apologises as she didnt know that he was coming to meet her, or else she would have waited for him. He says that he was missing her. She says that she was missing him too, and hence she came. He asks her to take him with her. she eyes him overwhelmed with emotions and nods her head in a yes. she happily hugs him.

Meanwhile, samrat is super angry at his family, and asks shashi where is shaurya. she denies having any knowledge of it. Samrat hollers at her, and she is tensed. All the other members are tensed too. Samrat threatens her that he would teach her a lesson, if shaurya isnt found. kanchan points out that she was so busy immersed in his play, that she didnt have the time to look for his son. They are all tensed, while samrat hopes that shaurya isnt kidnapped. As shashi is tensed about the ransom money involved then, samrat asks her to stay shut. Aditi comes to her room, tensed to tell amrit what happened, and asks him to get lost, as if samrat finds him, he wouldnt be alive. he tries to flee, but due to the fear of being observed, aditi hides him in the almirah. Diwaker asks mandira nicely where is shaurya. shashi too angrily asks her. Samrat finds mandira very scared and asks her where is shaurya or if she has any knowledge where he might be. Mandira is scared. Devi asks him not to be strict on the little girl. kanchan asks them to calm down and asks mandira calmly if she has any knowledge. Rudra asks her too calmly, that she should tell whatever she knows, as all are tensed for shaurya, and that they wont do anything to her. They all wait for her response.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Annu comes to her room, and remembers her talk with tanya and decides to look at her birthday pics. She is excited. As she views the pics, she posts a comment, on the beautiful pics, and then hinks that she just saw Ishaan in one of the pics. When she confirms it, she is overjoyed to have finally found him, and is seventh heaven. Granny comes and gives her a Kajal, that she herself made, saying that this has special powers. Just then, aryan’s cousins come in to invite them for aryan’s birthday party and also promote the new show. They happily agree. Granny leaves asking her to come soon for dinner and she agrees, but makes her mind to call tanya first asking about rehaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma is overjoyed to find them both together, as urmi and shaurya have a nice mother-son time, when she feeds him. Sushma and her husband start commenting on shaurya’s oversmartness. Shaurya refuses to eat Tiwary Ji’s handmade snacks, and as they start playing, urmi overhwelmingly eyes him. Tiwary Ji gifts him a pistol, and when he points it to sushma, she asks him to shiw it instead to Samrat. urmi gets tensed. tiwary distracts the topic, and takes him outside to burn firecrackers. Shaurya vsays that now she is there with him, and he wont be scared.

The entire family spends Diwali together, singing and dancing, in the festive spirit. As all are busy to burn crackers, shaurya is scared to see someone, and hides behind urmi. She thinks he is scared of crackers and asks him not to be. When he continues to be scared, she looks at the direction in which shaurya is staring. Urmi turns in that direction, and is shocked to find samrat standing there. Sushma and her husband are tensed too. The screen freezes on Samrat’s angry face.

Precap: As samrat forcibly carries shaurya in his arms, while he cries vehemently, and is about to step in his car, he is shocked, to find himself being hollered at by urmi. He turns around tensedly, as urmi comes upto him. urmi asks him to listen carefully, that she is nomore living in his shadows and his name. She says that shaurya maybe his son too, but he is her life, and she wont let that be given to any other person, at any cost. She says that she would see to it, that her son belongs and remains to her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Samrat has no right to take Shaurya as he came back to his mother on his own. Now the police should be involved as this is child abuse.

  2. I am really fed up with samrat now it is about time he gets what is coming to him how dare he go to sushmas home and forcibly take urmis child. this man is too bold faced and wicked he do not love the child nor his mother yet he wants to be in control of them bull. urmi please fight back for your child show samrat that you are not afraid of him and take what is yours shauyna. shauyna please kick up a rumpus and make samrat miserable all the time. shauyra please make samrats life a hell let him dread the day he ever came into sushmas home and take you by force. shauya should have put a good bite on him sending him into one of his moods where he blames his mother shastri. samrat needs to be placed in the police station and get a solid beating from the police you know how he is afraid of jail let him see urmi and shauya together and wish he had not ever laid eyes on them. let him be jailed for illegal prostitution with those ladies of the night he keeps calling up his friend to set up for him. jail and a beating is the best thing for samrath.
    as for amrit he is just as bad he needs help too like samrats father place them also in a looney bin.

  3. I salute urmi for her love towards shaurya . Today’s episode filled tears on my eyes, especially the moment when mom & son met again & also I never felt that Iam watching a serial. Hats off to the brilliant acting of urmi & I love shaurya. Delighted to see the precap & hope urmi succeeds in her life & become a good as well as equal opponent to that characterless samrat both professionally & socially. All my best wishes to urmi and shaurya.

  4. A happy reunion between urmi and her son. Urmi should stand strongly against all injustice metted out by samrat. His evil days are numbered.

  5. I am amazed at the actor samarat and actress urmi they are the best actors zee tv has ever seen samrat should be givien best actor . he makes u cry,laugh and hate him and at no time u feel u are watching a serial samrats brings the show to reality he’s such a good actor that u would hate today but love him tomorow hats off to him zee tv plzzz keep him on dont let himm leave it would be a huge lost to zee tv.

    1. I agree….as much as Samrat is evil…I just love to hate him!!!!

    2. I agree, they’re all fine actors!

  6. amazing acting by first of all sharia…..hats off to him to his brilliant acting….Samrat and Urmi too are very good actors….good show…hope urmi wins in this serial….

  7. I mean Master Shaurya is a very good actor…

  8. This serial is da best,coz it depicts real life situation.They haven’t exaggerated on anything,its not easy for a woman who has no further education or work experience to get a job easily,plus Urmi is from a small town n ha parents still abide by old traditions dat a gal once married shuld kp living wit ha husband come rain come sunshine.This show shuld b a lesson to all,not all marriages r a bed of roses n its very important 4 women to study,they shuldn’t just rush to marriages wit da hope that they will live happily ever after!!!!!

  9. I am glad to see so many positive comments about this show today. Usually it is people complaining. But they are yet to realise that this is the reality of so many woman today, and not just in India. The writers of this show have allowed us to see the worse of a man and the best of the woman, and the impact that it has on not only the kids but the entire family. Excellent actors, clever writing. Must admit some scenes are hard to watch given I see reality in it, but such as it is…reality, it is meant to get that reaction from me…from us. Although the ratings aren’t the best, I hope this show continues to be around. 🙂

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