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Veera 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri scolding Veera and asking Baldev will he love such girl who does not trust him. Baldev says yes, I can’t love such girl, and can’t marry her, as she would have helped me in finding the culprit and not blame me, I was afraid of this that you don’t trust me, so I always asked you this. He cries and says you made me fears true. He says you never loved me, else you would have believed me and fought with the one who is saying I m wrong. He says its fine, your tension got less, you don’t have to think how to marry Baldev now, as Baldev will not marry you now. Amrit and Simran smile. He says the one who does not trust me, I don’t have to spend life with her, you take care of yourself and your Veer ji now. He leaves. Veera cries and leaves.

Rajveer is at his home and puts Baldev’s pic on the paper. He says Baldev you thought you are smart, now you are trapped in my Chakravyu, you can’t come out of this. He says you will lose Veera soon, she will be mine very soon. He says she will never know I m the one who made her away from you. Veera comes to the polyhouse and cries. She thinks about Ranvi and Baldev. Ranvi comes to her and sees her crying. She says she is crying as she did a mistake to love Baldev, who is not suitable for her. She says you were always right. He pacifies her and asks her not to cry. He says sometimes we get few things suddenly. He gives her the small teddy bear and says he thought he will give her when she does tika. She says tika? Yes, its Bhai Dooj today, see I forgot everything, I spoiled your and Gunjan’s first Diwali.

Ranvi says don’t think this. She says I became selfish, I forgot such day. He says now you know right, don’t cry. He shows the tika plate. Baldev is angry. Simran comes and talks to him. He says he is angry. She asks why. He says Veera does not trust me, she did this for my love. She says I trust you, I know you won’t do this. He says you know me in few days and she does not trust me. Gunjan comes and sees this. He says I did not trap Ranvi, how to make her sure. Gunjan says first tell me about it. Baldev says you also think this. Gunjan says why did you take revenge. Baldev says you also go to Veera, make a team. Gunjan says stop acting, I know your anger when Ranvi stopped you from meeting Veera.

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She says you gave me best gift for Bhai Dooj, you have sent my husband in jail and ruined my respect, why so much anger, did you not think he is my husband. Baldev says you just leave now, you are Ranvi’s wife and tell Veera to think anything, I did not frame Ranvi. I m innocent and I will not prove it, aas I don’t care. Gunjan says nothing can happen of you and leaves. Baldev says who can do this, who framed me. He gets a call from his friend, and asks is he fine. He says you come here, Teja is here. Baldev says what, and thinks that Teja has used his godown. He says stay there, I m coming. Simran tries stopping him and he leaves.

Veera does tika to Ranvi and performs Bhai Dooj rituals. She says you will always stay with me right, you always showed me right way and your decision have always been right, lucky people have brother like you, don’t be annoyed with me, I will pray this to Lord. He says I will pray that you are my sister in every birth and not be annoyed. He says lets go home, Biji is waiting. She says I have work here, I will end and come. He says I know, you want time to stay alone, fine, come home soon. He hugs her and leaves.

Ratan talks to Chai ji about the happiness gone away from home, don’t know what is Veera going through, she fought for other’s happiness and see her happiness has gone away. Chai ji says its good we got to know Baldev’s truth before marriage. Ratan says she can’t believe Baldev is wrong. Chai ji says no, I m sure Ranvi was right about Baldev, he is not suitable for Veera. She says she won’t let Veera marry Baldev now. Baldev beats Teja and asks how dare they keep illegal wine in his godown and also kept in Ranvi’s godown to frame him. He asks is it true, tell me. Teja says we did not do this, trust me, someone else did this.

Baldev asks are they saying the truth. He says yes. Baldev says if I know you did this, I will not give you in police, but break your legs first. Teja gets tensed. Ratan prays and Nihaal sees her. He says everything will be fine. She says when did you come. He says I just came. I came to know everything. They walk together and talk about Veera and Baldev. He asks how did the clock stop. She says I forgot to make it right. He says its not working and its with Baldev, his time is also bad, I know him since childhood, he can do mistakes, but sins, he can’t send Ranvi to jail, he loves Veera and hows how much she values Ranvi. Ratan says maybe Baldev did this. Nihaal says when a man is in love, he does not so low. He fixes the clock and she thanks him. She slips and he holds him. She says I will get tea, you sit and leaves. Veera sees the ring and cries. Baldev is on the way. She sees someone.

Veera shares her pain with Rajveer and speaks against Baldev. Baldev hears her and sees Rajveer holding her.

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  2. I hate veera now more than ever!!! She has no view of anything first she fought with brother because he is his life?! Is this called life… She doesn’t ask baldev about anything and made a desicion about what she heard (what we can hear and see, it can be the half true and complete lie) and just slap him very hard :(((( (i guess after marraige he have to do the whole homework and listen to her commands 🙁 ohh god baldev didnt u find someone else who deservs u!!!) veera is such a – fool… Irk
    Sry to all who love this serial, i ONCE did but no more… Sry

  3. Yea right…..were did all her trust go all of a sudden….stupid Veera..ppl think she’s smart but she isn’t…poor Baldev..its gud dat he left her…she don’t deserve his love..

  4. I love Baldev and his Character!!

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