Doli Armaanon Ki 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat’s lawyer, Niranjan, blackmails him to give him 10 lakh else he will send him to mental asylum. Samrat doesn’t bow down and tells Niranjan that he can do whatever he wants, but he won’t get a single penny from him.

Shashi and fake bhabhi bhai are eating samosas. Tani comes after waking up late and they hide all samosas. The fake bhabhi taunts her for waking up late. Tani says she normally wakes up this time and yesterday night she couldn’t sleep well either. They all are hungry and they try to make Tani cook. Samrat comes and he too joins them in their drama. Tani says she doesn’t know how to cook, but Samrat with his sweet talk convinces her. Tani doubts why Samrat’s bhai bhabhi speak different language. Shashi and Samrat are speechless. In end, Samrat saves himself saying they went to Tamil state and got used to that language. After Tani goes to kitchen, the fake bhabhi says she will take extra money for being hungry and all. Samrat makes fun of her asking if she takes money for every small thing from her husband as well. Tani comes back and all get excited to eat. Shashi starts praising her new bahu. She checks the food and it’s all burned. Tani says she said she doesn’t know how to cook. No one wants to eat now. The fake bhabhi again starts that she will take extra money for eating such food. Tani is confused, but Samrat again lies and saves himself. Tani says whether anyone eats or no, Samrat will eat because he loves her. Samrat has no choice and he eats burned food forcefully.

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Samrat is again threatened by Niranjan. Samrat asks him to stop dreaming as he is not going to give anything. Niranjan tells him that he will regret for this. Samrat doesn’t seem to care.

Damini and Anirudh question Ishaan why Urmi married when she doesn’t even love him. Ishaan says he wanted to marry her, not her, and she is a wonderful person. She doesn’t love him now, but soon she will. They are very good friends and he’s just giving her time and space. Anirudh says he is proud of Ishaan while Damini is not happy.

Later, Damini questions Urmi about the same and says men have expectations from marriage, they need love. Urmi says love is not everything, trust and support are more important things which is between her and Ishaan. Love can develop later on if there is trust and support, but without that marriage means nothing.

Damini then tells everything to Samrat. Samrat advices her to break the faith that Urmi is talking about which is not too hard. To save her son, she will have to become somewhat evil, at least in front of Urmi.

Next morning, Damini goes to Ishaan and apologises for her behavior. She then suggests to give some gift to Urmi. Ishaan says she doesn’t like it. She says every woman loves gift and who knows by giving surprises she might fall in love faster. She gives example of herself. Ishaan becomes thoughtful.

Damini again tells Samrat about it. Samrat says that idea is great and tells her to keep it up. His support is always with her. Samrat returns home and sees someone sitting with Tani. He goes inside and is shocked to see Niranjan.

Precap: Niranjan is now on Urmi’s side. Urmi tells Niranjan to expose Samrat in front of Tani and they will do what they have planned for Samrat.

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  2. Very nice to see that the lawyer is back. Now it ‘ll interesting again!
    Because i found it really boring.
    Send Trishna also back, for example as the lawyer wife. Hope that the show will stay interesting!

    1. fan of the show

      Who was Trishna- remind me I foget.

  3. This lawyer will help take Samrat down.He has all the information about him.If Samrat tries to attack him he will deal with him.URmi is right to gang up with the lawyer to put that beast away.Urmi do what it takes to be happy.What is the matter with these two grown women.Banging on someone’s door at night.No kind of privacy.Who does this aunt think she is? Urmi is a grown woman ,she is not a kid. please.

  4. fan of the show

    The enemies of samRat are going to get him. See, just be patient and the snakes get their heads chopped off. And don’t make too many enemies.

    1. fan of the show

      Doesn’t the actor playing samRat do terrific faces of anxiety?

  5. Its good to see that urmi gangs up with lawyer to catch samrat redhanded

  6. Yaaass !!

  7. Its not Trishna…but Trisha…she was playing Urmis cousin who Samrat humiliated

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